Exclusive Shopping Experiences

Stylish woman in high fashion in fron of luxury store

Shopping, like chocolate, coffee, and music is essential to every woman’s life. We thrive on it, and need to have our shopping almost as bad as we need the air we breathe. Here at OROGOLD we believe it should be added to the basic needs list, along with water, air, food, and shelter.

Exclusive shopping experiences are some of the most fantastic experiences a woman can encounter. High end stores tend to offer high end clientele the royal treatment, and provide the ultimate in service. For women who live for luxury and the finer things in life, these types of shopping experiences are perfect – and once they experience them, they will never want to go back to mediocre.


What Makes Exclusive Shopping Experiences Different

Exclusive shopping experiences are completely different from your typical run of the mill, mediocre shopping trips. They take place in stores that are of high quality with large price tags, and cater to the needs of women willing to spend a pretty penny on their fashion.

Most women who partake in these types of shopping trips are either professional women, or those whom are blessed with wealth and are looking for an outlet to spend money on high fashion. They appreciate simple, streamlined shopping without all of the nonsense, crowds, and low quality products that regular stores have to offer.

Many of these luxury retailers will provide their customers with a glass of wine or champagne as their orders are being rang up, or as they shop. Sometimes, in lieu of alcohol, fine chocolates will be provided instead. There is typically no music playing throughout these stores, and if there is, it may be classical or instrumental. If you are in a popular culture themed store, however, you may expect to hear upbeat music playing over the speakers. Exclusive shopping experiences tend to take place in the city, in areas with high volume traffic and many people abounding. Think New York, which has a few major shopping districts as well as an OROGOLD store, or places like Los Angeles, Boston, London, Paris, and Milan.

These stores offer superb customer service, with sales associates ready to answer to your every beck and call. They offer assistance in fitting rooms, as well as exchanging articles of clothing to find you something more your style or size, and offer their professional opinion – almost as if you have your own personal stylist for the time you are shopping there. This in and of itself is unlike any experience you will receive at any mainstream shop, store, or boutique.

Many of these stores allow shoppers by appointment only, to offer superb customer service that caters to your needs. Then again, many of these stores do not require appointments at all. It’s always best to call ahead and find out a stores policy if you are in the market for high end fashion – unless, of course, you are a regular, and know the established policy.


Once you go High End, You Never Go Back

It’s been said earlier in this article that if you are given the experience of shopping with one of these fine stores, you will never again want to shop at the lower end bargain stores you had been used to. There is something extremely special about walking out of a luxury brand with your bags in hand at the end of a fantastic shopping trip. The products are of the finest quality, and are made to last for the most part. You will be amazed at the difference in an exclusive shopping experience.


OROGOLD wants to know what your favorite luxury brands are. Chime in below, and tell us your thoughts!


I Will Take All of the Above

Town&Country - The Over-Indulgent Beauty Gift GuideTown and Country Magazine, formerly known as the Home Journal and The National Press, is an American lifestyle magazine that boasts of being the oldest general interest magazine that has been continually published in the US. The Magazine became a rage in the 1900s and it mostly featured works of poetry, fiction and essays. Once more and more influential people began to get into the fold, the magazine began to add things about gossip and society news into its pages. Today, the magazine is published on a monthly basis and its readership is full of middle class professionals, cafe society and socialites. The Town and Country Magazine mostly features articles that focus on fashion, interior design, parties, extravaganzas, travel, arts and other interests that concern the rich and the famous.

You can obviously imagine our delight when OROGOLD was featured in this prestigious magazine. The Town and Country Magazine featured Orogold in an article titled “The Over-Indulgent Beauty Gift Guide” that was written by Megan Cahn. The article talks about being extra nice to your loved ones by spoiling them with some of the most luxurious beauty products on the planet – products made with 24K gold. And this is where Orogold got a chance to shine.

As most of you’re already aware, OROGOLD perfectly uses the wondrous powers of gold into skin care and uses 24K gold in all of its skin care products. This helps us to allow our users to not only address specific skin care concerns, but also get younger, brighter and supple skin in the process.

Megan talks about the OROGOLD 24K Cyrogenic Restoration Cream in her article. “Who wouldn’t appreciate a cream made with 24K gold? Especially one that will take years off your skin” is what Megan has to say about OROGOLD. To check out the article, click here.

It gives us immense pride and joy to be featured in Megan’s article in an esteemed publication like Town and Country Magazine and we hope to keep coming up with revolutionary skin care products that help in transforming the way your skin looks in the future as well.