5 Signs You’re In a Beauty Rut

Woman applying lipstick

It can be all too easy to fall into a beauty rut, especially if you have found a look or routine that really works well for you. However, these habits can often end up feeling stale and boring, so if you find yourself relating to these following beauty rut signs, then it may be time to shake things up a bit and refresh your look.

Your Nails and Lips are Always the Same Color
Using the same shade of nail polish or lipstick can quickly make your look seem dated, even if the shade may work perfectly with your skin tone. If new colors tend to scare you, opt for different shades of the color that you use, for example, a bright pillar box red instead of a deep, dark red. Your lips and your nails are a great way to begin experimenting with other colors, so once you have tried a few different shades, move on to new colors.

Your Skin Care Routine Has Remained Unchanged for Years
Your skin changes in so many different ways as you age, and if you are still using the same skin care routine that you did a few years ago, it is likely that your skin lacks the radiance that it could otherwise be sporting. Not only does age affect your skin, but so do the seasons and many other factors, so you should try to update your skin care routine every few months, paying attention to the evolving needs of your skin.

Woman looking at her hair

Your Hair Always Looks the Same
If you tend to always return to the same haircut time and time again, or style your hair in the same way everyday, then this is another sign that you may have fallen into quite the beauty rut. The next time you are having your hair cut, ask for a bit more variety, or, if you would still prefer to stick with the same cut, experiment more when it comes to styling, as you will likely find a few looks that really take your hair to the next level.

You Can Apply Your Makeup With Your Eyes Closed
If you know your makeup routine so well that you can pretty much apply it with your eyes closed, then this means that you may be slightly stuck in your ways. While it is always handy to have a go-to makeup routine, pull yourself out of your rut by either trying a new look, or simply making a few small but noticeable changes to your existing routine.

You Cannot Live Without Your Black Eyeliner or Mascara
Black eyeliner and mascara make for classic beauty looks, and work well with just about every outfit, making it all too easy to become too dependent on these products. If going without is just too frightening a prospect, try to mix up the way in which you apply them, swiping your liner on both your top and bottom lids if you usually only just go for one. Colors can also be experimented with here, as a dark navy or a smoky gray are often great alternatives to standard black.

People that find themselves in a beauty rut are usually those that are quite resistant to change, for whatever reason. Rather than being afraid of change, it is time to begin embracing it and taking the time to experiment with some of the many exciting beauty looks and styles out there.

Makeup Mistakes That Age You

When applying makeup, the majority of people aim to look as young and fresh as possible. However, many do not realize that, often, the way in which you apply your makeup can actually make you look older rather than younger. OROGOLD takes a look at some of the common makeup mistakes that age, as well as what you can do to turn this around.

Woman wearing a dark lipstick color.

Lipstick That is Too Dark
As you age, your lips will begin to start losing definition, which means that in order for your lips to appear more youthful, a lipstick that adds fullness and volume is necessary. However, most dark lipsticks do the opposite, and will make your lips look even less plump, and much smaller. OROGOLD suggests opting for a mauve or pink tone, and applying a plumping gloss over this.

Woman applying foundation.

Wrong Shade of Foundation
Many women don’t realize that, much of the time, the foundation that they are wearing doesn’t truly match both their face as well as their neck, making it look as though they are wearing a mask. Foundation that is too light will make you skin appear lifeless, adding years to your age, while foundation that is too dark will shadow your features, creating a heaviness that is also extremely aging. When testing out new foundations, OROGOLD recommends not blending it into your skin too much, and simply tapping it on instead. If your neck and body is more tan, then add some bronzer to your face. The main aim is to connect the skin on your face and your neck by blending any products evenly across.

Woman with thin eyebrows

Not Defining Your Brows
As you age, your eyebrows will get thinner, and won’t grow back in the way that they used to. OROGOLD would suggest always filling them in, either with a pencil or with an eyebrow powder, as this will help to lift your face and give your features more of a definition. When choosing a pencil or powder for your brows, opt for a shade that matches your hair color.

Woman applying blush.

Applying Blush in the Wrong Place
Many people apply blush to the apples of their cheeks, which only further emphasizes sagging skin. Instead, you should be applying your blush to the highest point of your cheekbones, lifting it upwards with a brush that is large enough to cover your whole cheekbone in one swipe. Choose a blush shade that matches the natural shade that your skin turns when it actually blushes, pinching your cheeks to get a good idea of what this shade actually is. Avoid dramatic colors, such as cinnamon or wine, and opt for a neutral rose shade, as this flatters nearly all skin tones and will help to brighten up your complexion.

Nobody wants their makeup to make them look older than they actually are, let alone give them a duller, more washed out complexion and mask the beauty of their natural features. By ensuring that you are using the right products in the right places, your makeup will be able to give you a fresh and youthful glow.