Extend the Life of Your Jewelry

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Jewelry tends to be an investment for many, which is why it is important to care for it in the right way. By doing so, you will be able to extend the life of all of your pieces, ensuring that they stay in top condition for years to come.

Separate Soft Compartments
If you usually keep your jewelry heaped together in a box or a drawer, this is something that needs to change if you want to prolong the life of all of your pieces. Jewelry that is kept cluttered together will only end up scratching and damaging each other, which is why it is best to keep items separately, in soft containers or compartments, when you are not wearing them. You should then store these containers in a dark and dry place, avoiding areas such as your bathroom, as this will expose it to prolonged moisture.

Keep It Dry
Not only should you take your jewelry off when bathing, but you should also ensure that it does not come into contact with salt water or chlorine, as both of these can be really harsh on metal and cause a reaction. Sweat is something else that you should try to avoid, as this can cause discoloration in your jewelry, especially if your sweat is quite acidic, so remove any jewelry before exercising. If you usually put on your jewelry before applying your perfume, it may be worth doing this the other way round, as the chemicals within the average perfume can cause quite the reaction with metal and finishes.

Items of jewelry that feature engravings are usually tied to special, meaningful moments, and it can be quite upsetting when the engravings begin to fade. However, many people do not realize that you can actually get these pieces re-engraved, which will give them a whole new breath of life.

Cleaning pendant with toothbrush

Keep it Clean
No matter how much you take care of your jewelry, it is still important to give all of your pieces a clean once in a while. For precious metals, such as silver and gold, a toothbrush with some baking soda on it will really scrub it clean, and can be followed up with a polishing cloth to enhance its shine. Mild soaps are also great, but be sure to use harsh detergents, as the chemicals in these can often end up causing more harm than good. When it comes to pearls, these are slightly more delicate, making them challenging to keep clean, but a damp cloth can be used on each individual pearl. Try not to get the string wet, as this can weaken it and make it more susceptible to breaking. It is important to clean your jewelry quite frequently and regularly, as this prevents dirt from building up, which would otherwise cause more damage.

When purchasing new items of jewelry, you likely want these to last for as long as possible. To ensure that your jewelry does not end up damaged, discolored or faded, give these tips a try.


Accessorize with Pearls

Pearl jewelry
Synonymous with class, taste and sophistication, pearls are a truly timeless accessory that adds a sense of elegance to an outfit. The beauty of pearl accessories is that they can be styled in so many different ways, and can be incorporated into everything from a casual weekend outfit to an avant-garde evening gown.

Pearls for Casual Wear
Now that the colder months are approaching, pearls are a great way to add a touch of decadence to a casual jumper, instantly making your look appear much more refined. A chunky pearl necklace works beautifully with a turtleneck, while pearl earrings complement a jumper that has a unique neckline. Pearls are also a great way to break up an outfit that contains bold colors, as they provide a fun outfit with a sense of elegance.

Pearls for Professional Wear
The sophistication of pearls works brilliantly in professional wear, making pearls fantastic accessories to wear to work each day. However, since you want to keep your look professional, simple and understated pieces are best. These should never fall beneath the bust line, and should always complement, rather than overpower, your look. Since you want your clients to be focussing on you rather than your accessories, you should also avoid wearing more than one pearl accessory to work at a time, as this will usually end up looking slightly over the top.

Pearls for Formal Wear
There is no denying that pearls are luxurious, which is why they work so well with formal wear. An extended pearl rope, or an opera necklace, are both great choices in the evening, as they are sleek but sexy, and have quite a contemporary feel to them. For some Old Hollywood glam, try doubling over a long pearl necklace, or tying a knot into it at the end, as this will give your look a fabulous vintage touch. When it comes to earrings, teardrop pearl earrings are a simple design that allow the quality of the pearl to really shine through, and will not distract from the rest of your outfit, although if you really want to go for a glamorous look, do not be afraid of long pearl earrings that sweep your shoulders, or of sexy chandelier-style pearl earrings.

What Not to Wear with Pearls
While wearing neutrals or pastels with pearls can sometimes give you a delicate feminine look, this is difficult to accomplish, and outfits can often end up looking old-fashioned and matronly, making it best to avoid this unless you are truly confident in your fashion styling abilities. To keep your pearls looking youthful, always pair them with brighter colors whenever possible, although avoid anything neon or florescent, as this will make the coloring of the pearls appear quite washed out.

When it comes to accessories, pearls are a classic, whether you opt for a traditional string of pearls or a more avant-garde piece by a top contemporary jewelry designer. From the ornate to the simple, pearls can be worn with just about every outfit, instantly bringing your look some extra elegance and polish.

Stylish Ways to Mix Silver and Gold

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There are many different so-called fashion rules out there, and, for many years, mixing silver and gold has been considered to be a big no-no. However, this is far from the case today, because, if you do it right, mixing silver and gold can look exceptionally chic and stylish.

The Stacking Trend
The stacking trend has been around for a while now, and is a great way to mix and match different types of metals. Simply stack, or layer, a few different pieces of silver and gold over each other, making sure to keep each piece within a similar style, so that it is only the metal providing contrast rather than the actual design of your jewelry. Whether you do this with delicate necklaces or chunky rings, stacking is a fun way to wear silver and gold together.

Combination Pieces
Combination pieces of jewelry, meaning items that contain both silver and gold, are an easy way to wear both of these metals together. This also then means that any subsequent gold or silver items that you wear will work well with your outfit, enabling you to really mix and match your accessories. For example, if you decide to wear a necklace that contains both silver and gold, then it would be easy to then style this with a gold ring and a silver bracelet, as the necklace would tie all of the metals in the outfit together.

Experiment with Different Ratios
When wearing gold and silver together, you will end up with different looks by experimenting with different ratios of the two metals. Rather than wearing an equal amount of each metal, try using mostly one, but also wearing a single item of the other, as this will add some contrast to the main metal that you have chosen.

Aesthetically Similar
As mentioned above in relation to the stacking trend, when mixing gold and silver, you should try to make sure that the pieces that you choose are aesthetically similar. This means that if you have chosen a delicate piece of gold jewelry, any silver that you wear should also be quite delicate. Likewise, if you have opted for some chunky, graphic items, make sure that all of the other jewelry that you wear is along these lines.

Bring in a Third Color
Another great way to tie together silver and gold is by bringing in a third color. Black is a great neutral color, and contrasts beautifully with both silver and gold on jewelry, so if you can find a piece that combines silver and gold with black, the black will act as an anchor, holding the other types of metal that you wear together.

These days, there are no longer any firm rules on which metals you should, and should not, be wearing together. While you may still prefer to just stick to one metal at a time, mixing silver and gold will give your outfit some stylish contrast, and you are also likely to have plenty of fun experimenting with different looks.

Round-Out Your Wardrobe with Pastels

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Soft and feminine, pastels work well with just about every skin tone, but they are still shades that many choose to avoid. If pastels are not something that you usually wear, check out these tips for how to beautifully round out your wardrobe with pastel-colored garments.

Color Blocking
For those of you who are already comfortable with wearing pastels, color blocking is something that you could try. Rather than pairing your pastels with a neutral or contrasting color, embrace these gorgeous shades and wear pastels together. To keep your outfit from looking too matronly, opt for pastels from the same color family, choosing a lighter shade for the top and a darker one for the bottom. The results will be feminine yet chic, classy and sophisticated.

Woman enjoying the spring weather.

A Neutral Base
When it comes to wearing pastels for the first time, it is always easiest to start with a neutral base, as this is something that most people will be comfortable with. A crisp white shirt always works well with some pastel shorts, while a pastel dress can be worn with a smart black blazer in order to make it suitable for an office environment.

Add Some Edge
Unless you prefer your outfit to look ultra-feminine, it is always a good idea to give your outfit a slightly edgy vibe, incorporating a few elements that contrast with, but still complement, the pastels. Leather always looks great with pastels, as do complementary pieces in contrasting colors that are simple and clean – pastels are already feminine so you do not want to distract from them with garments that have too much detailing. Metals are also great for giving your outfit a contemporary edge, whether you opt for metallic garments or metal jewelry. Don’t forget that metals are neutral, meaning that you can wear both gold and silver with pastel colors.


Pastel Shoes and Accessories
Accessories are a great way to add some pastel shades to your wardrobe without fully committing to the colors just yet. Having hints of pastel running through your accessories will help to build your confidence in learning how to incorporate these colors into your wardrobe. When it comes to bags and scarves, as well as jewelry, you will soon find that pastels are shades that work with almost every outfit, no matter your personal style, while pastel-colored shoes will make even more of a statement, but are just as easy to style.

Don’t Overdo It
When wearing pastels, it can be easy to get carried away, but it is important to remember not to overdo it. Since pastels are so soft and feminine, your hair and makeup should also reflect this, but should still be simple enough to not overpower your outfit.

Pastels work throughout the year, channeling the warmth of the hotter months while adding some much-needed color to an otherwise dull winter wardrobe. Whether you opt for soft powdery blues or sorbet pinks, timeless pastel pieces will always be on trend, making them a great investment to add to your wardrobe.

Weddings on the Fly

Couple in Las Vegas

Not only is Las Vegas known as ‘Sin City’ and ‘The Entertainment Capital of the World’, but it is also extremely famous for being ‘The Wedding Capital of the World’, with over 50 chapels that process more than 100,000 weddings each year. When trying to arrange a wedding on the fly, Las Vegas is usually the first destination that comes to mind, but, if you are not a Vegas local, this can often be quite difficult, so here are some top tips to make planning for your Vegas wedding much easier, whether you have a month or a day to do it in!FashionStock.com / Shutterstock.com

Avoid Holidays
Needless to say, Valentine’s Day books up quickly at all of the Vegas wedding chapels, as do other holidays when the Strip is usually flooded with tourists. Although it may feel romantic to get married on Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve, standing in line for hours will take much of the magic away, so try to avoid any holidays when picking a date.

Prepare for the Weather
Many people tend to forget that Las Vegas is a desert, and while the summer months may be the most popular months to visit the city, they are also the hottest, and can easily put a damper on your wedding if you do not plan it carefully. Indoor weddings are usually the best option, while outdoor weddings should be arranged for evenings or night time.

Little Church of the West, Las Vegas, USA

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Explore Your Options
While Las Vegas may have an abundance of chapels to choose from, there are some unique wedding options that you can explore. The world-famous Drive-Thru Wedding Chapel will always be memorable, as would getting married on board a helicopter with the city’s lights twinkling below you. If you would like a more traditional chapel, The Chapel of the Flowers has a beautiful garden, while A Special Memory is a New England-style chapel with 24,000 square feet of manicured grounds, and is one of the only free standing wedding chapels in Las Vegas.

Don’t Forget About the Legalities
It can be easy to get swept up in the romance of a wedding on the fly, but you must not forget about all of the legalities involved with getting married. Marriage applications can be filled out beforehand and brought with you on the day, and this will help to speed up the whole process. You also need to check the legalities with your home country if you live abroad, because while most countries do recognize a marriage performed in Las Vegas, many require extra information, such as a formal notification of overseas marriage.

Last Minute Extras
Depending on how much time you have until your wedding, you may want to look into a few extras. Many of the stores in Vegas have special opening hours to accommodate unusual wedding times, and they also accept orders on a short notice. This applies to everything from jewellery to wedding cakes, ensuring that you have everything that you need for your big day, no matter how last minute it may be. Many of the hotel spas and salons will also accept late bookings, so that you can pamper yourself beforehand and have the perfect hair and makeup for when you walk down the aisle.

With everything that you need all in one place, planning a wedding on the fly in Las Vegas is much easier when compared to other cities. From the location to the cake, there are so many options available, even at the very last minute, making it no surprise that thousands of couples every year choose to get married in the Wedding Capital of the World.