Getting Your Skin Crop Top Ready

Crop tops have recently been seen on all of the major runways, with experts predicting that the crop top will be one of the hottest looks for this summer. While there may be a number of different ways to wear and style a crop top, you are most likely going to be baring some flesh, which makes now the perfect time to begin to get your skin crop top ready.

Woman getting an exfoliation treatment

While you may exfoliate your face on a regular basis, chances are that you often forget to do the same for your stomach, but this is necessary if you plan on adding a few crop tops to your summer wardrobe. Not only does exfoliating clear away the dead skin cells that build up on the surface of the skin and lead to a rough complexion, but it also ensures that the skin is able to receive all of the vital nutrients and oxygen that it needs. When it comes to your stomach, there are many exfoliating body scrubs that you can choose from, or you could also opt for dry brush or a mineral or salt scrub, as this will also help in tightening the skin while reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Skin-Firming Ingredients
The stomach is an area where many women tend to experience loose skin, but there are a number of ingredients that you can look out for that are able to help with this. Products that contain vitamin A and vitamin E will help in tightening the skin, as will products that contain collagen, as this is the protein that forms the main structure beneath the skin.

Skin Masks
Skin masks are designed to target all sorts of different issues, and while you may not see many that are aimed specifically at the stomach, there is no reason why you cannot use a mask here that is intended for another part of the body. These masks will not only provide your skin with a deep clean and some extra nourishment, but will also work to strengthen the skin, leaving it firmer and smoother.

Woman adding bath salts in the water

Salt Water Bath
Salt water is known to bring about some fantastic benefits, and spending a bit of time soaking in a tub that contains a couple of teaspoons of sea salt can make quite the difference to your stomach. The salt works by drawing out any toxins or impurities that lie within your skin, clearing away anything that may be blocking the production of collagen, and resulting in skin that feels and looks firmer and tighter.

Nutrient Rich Foods
The food that you eat has a huge impact on the state of your skin, and if you are seeking skin that is healthy and glowing, you need to pay more attention to the ingredients that you are putting into your body. Citrus fruits, strawberries and vegetables are great at boosting the body’s production of collagen, while healthy fats add to the skin’s moisture content, helping to prevent your stomach from looking dry, cracked or stretched. From salmon and olive oil to nuts and seeds, try to incorporate as many nutrient-dense foods into your diet as possible.

Before wearing a crop top, you need to ensure that your skin is ready to be shown off, so that you can rock your new look with confidence and style. Whether you dry brush your stomach three times a week, or apply a skin mask to it every few nights, these tips will ensure that your skin remains crop top ready all summer long.

Tips for Living a Wellness Lifestyle

For those who want to make long-lasting improvements to their health, it is usually necessary to make drastic changes to your lifestyle. From a healthy body to a balanced mind, these tips will help you to live more of a wellness lifestyle.

Exciting but Healthy Ingredients
The foods that you put into your body have a huge impact on your overall health, but the idea of healthy eating can often put many people off from a wellness diet. However, rather than focussing on the foods that you should not be eating, try to seek out new and exciting foods that are nutrient dense, because there is a whole world of fascinating, and extremely tasty, ingredients out there.

Woman seasoning fish with herbs

Herbs Instead of Salt
While a portion of herbs may be small in size, they are absolutely packed with antioxidants, are able to reduce blood pressure, and can often be a great replacement for a big shake of salt. For a sweet and spicy flavor, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon are great, while Italian seasonings work well for a light lunch. For stronger flavors in the evening, opt for basil, thyme, pepper, or garam masala.

Reduce Stress
Many may think that stress is just a mental or emotion condition, but it actually physically affects the body in many detrimental ways. In order to avoid this, you need to take steps to severely reduce the amount of stress that you experience, whether by meditating every day or by identifying the factors that cause you stress, and working out how best to eliminate them.

Woman exercising

Daily Exercise
The healthiest people out there are the ones that have some sort of exercise each and every day. Exercise does not need to be boring, and there are so many different forms of it that just about anyone can find a way to exercise that excites them. From learning a new water sport to signing up for a gardening club, staying active, and outdoors as much as possible, will help you to achieve a wellness lifestyle. As long as it gets your heart pumping and your joints moving, it will not be long before you begin to see the benefits that your regular exercise is bringing to your body.

Overhaul Your Morning Routine
Your morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day, and can have the effect of either building you up to be as productive and efficient as possible, or going in the opposite direction and wrapping your brain in a thick, dense fog. There are many ways to improve your morning routine, from taking five minutes for some peace and quiet to lower stress levels, to sipping on a glass of warm lemon water to give your body a hydrating boost to organizing your home in a way that makes life more convenient for you in the mornings.

It is so important to take care of your body, but many people make lifestyle choices that do just the opposite. By implementing each of these tips, you will soon be well on your way to living a wellness lifestyle, and enjoying the many benefits that come with this.

What’s in That Gourmet Food Box?

Gourmet food

Food delivery subscription services make it extremely easy to eat healthy, delicious meals throughout the month, and there are now so many companies out there that offer this service, meaning that you are sure to be able to find one that you truly love. From fresh, pre-portioned ingredients with chef-created recipe cards to inspiring food and music pairings, these gourmet food boxes are able to instantly transform your home dining experience.

For those of you that dread that weekly trip to the grocery store, HelloFresh is the food subscription service for you. After signing up, HelloFresh will provide you with some recipes to browse and choose from. Once you have picked the ones that you like, you will receive a box containing fresh, pre-portioned ingredients, along with recipe cards, giving you everything that you need to create that gourmet meal.

Try the World
Try the World is quite unique in the way that they collaborate with notable chefs from all over the world. Each month, they pick a chef from a different country to curate a gourmet food box, picking items that are only of the highest quality, as well as truly authentic to their country. The products chosen are sourced from small family-owned business who use artisan methods of production, creating products that cannot usually be found elsewhere. Each box also comes with a culture guide to that country, as well as recipe ideas on different ways that you can use your gourmet products.

Bon Appetit Box
This subscription food box is aimed at those who appreciate French food, delivering the finest gourmet foods from France straight to your doorstep. Bon Appetit offers a few different types of boxes, such as the Paris Aperitif Box, the Café Gourmand Box and the French Breakfast Box, each focusing on a certain range of products.

Peach Dish
Peach Dish focuses on fresh Southern produce, putting their own unique twist on classic Southern dishes. The chosen ingredients are always locally grown and seasonal, with the menu featuring dishes such as Herbed Hanger Steak with Green Beans, Red Onions and Grits, and a Corn, Summer Squash and Basil Risotto. All of the ingredients are pre-measured to work with the recipe cards provided, and the dishes on the menu change weekly as well as seasonally, ensuring that you always enjoy a fantastic variety of fresh and healthy meals.

Turntable Kitchen
For those who enjoy good music with their food, Turntable Kitchen will be a new favorite. The company’s Pairing Box is a specially curated food and music experience, with each box containing an exclusive 7” vinyl, a digital mixtape, a few premium, unique ingredients, seasonal recipes and tasting notes. Themes that past boxes have been based around include A Bistro Dinner, A Farmhouse Feast, A Scandinavian Gathering, and Pizza Party, with many customers choosing to expand on these inspired ideas and create entire dinner parties around each theme.

Gourmet food subscription boxes allow you to try new and exciting foods and recipes in a way that is ever so convenient. Whether you want to sample a few unusual ingredients each month, or would prefer full meals with ingredients that have been perfectly prepared and portioned out, each of these food boxes could add a new element to a standard home-cooked meal.

Healthy Summer Meals – OROGOLD Reviews

With plenty of fresh produce now in season, and lighter meals being so much more appealing in the heat, it is definitely easier to eat healthily in the summer. Whether you’re a big meat eater, a strict vegan, or just simply picky about what you like, OROGOLD has put together some fantastic ideas for healthy summer meals that you can easily take inspiration from for the next time you cook.

Zoodles with chicken.

Zoodles, which stand for zucchini noodles, are all the rage this summer, as they can be eaten raw or cooked in such a variety of ways. Unfortunately, you can’t create zoodles with a simple kitchen knife, but, if you don’t have the right appliance, a spiralizer is cheap to buy and can be used for other vegetables too. For a quick summer lunch, mix your raw zoodles in with whatever veg you have on hand, and top with some pesto. Zoodles can also be used as a lighter replacement for pasta, mixed into any sort of sauce, or even as a noodle alternative, and is delicious stir fried or cooked into a noodle curry. If you are cooking with zoodles and aren’t sure of the serving size, OROGOLD recommends one zucchini per person.

Fresh pesto in a cup

Originating from Genoa, Italy, pesto is a sauce that consists of basil, olive oil, pine nuts, garlic and parmesan. It is extremely simple to make, by just blending all of the ingredients together, and can be created either in a food processor or in a pestle and mortar. The great thing about pesto is that there are so many different alternatives that you can make, depending on ingredients in your kitchen. From a pesto made with arugula and parsley to a pesto made from sun-dried tomatoes and peppers, the options are endless. If you’re not a fan of pesto pasta, OROGOLD suggests trying it as a dip, a marinade, a salad dressing, in a stew, or even simply spread inside a sandwich.

Grilled kebobs.

Grilled Kabobs
There is nothing more satisfying than cranking up the grill on a summer evening and enjoying the aroma of your food cooking on an open flame. Grilled kabobs are one of the easiest dishes to make, whether on a barbecue or on your indoor grill, and can be adapted to suit your tastes. Meat is the obvious choice when it comes to kabobs, but experimentation is always fun, and OROGOLD has some great kabob ideas for you to try. Shrimp that has been marinated in garlic, olive oil and herbs, always taste fantastic when skewered and grilled, as does a mixture of scallop and bacon. For the vegetarians out there, marinated eggplant, bell peppers and halloumi only taste better once they have been charred by the grill.

Summer meals should be light, refreshing, hydrating, and packed with vitamins and minerals to help your body thrive in the warm temperatures. OROGOLD highly recommends that, whenever possible, you shop for produce at your local farmer’s market, as everything will be much fresher, meaning that less work will be needed to make you dish taste absolutely amazing.

Is it Worth Buying Organic? OROGOLD Reviews

Rather than dying down after a few years, the hype around organic food is still steadily growing. Ten years ago, it would have been hard to find a good selection of organic produce in the shops, but now, not only are the shelves full of organic products, we are being actively encouraged to choose these over the regular varieties. ORO GOLD tries to help you understand whether it makes sense to buy organic.

Fresh red and yellow capcicums

What Exactly is Organic Food?
Before the growth of industrial-scale farming, organic food would have just been called ‘food’. It is generally assumed that organic food has been grown without the use of any chemicals, but this is not exactly true. Instead, organic produce is grown with a minimal use of chemicals, with farmers still having access to a small selection of pesticides. In comparison, non-organic produce is repeatedly sprayed with many toxic chemicals, which work their way into the plant, ending up in your body.

Does Organic Food Cost More?
You will generally find that organic food costs more, often being 10% – 100% more expensive than the alternatives. The reason for this is because organic foods are much more labor intensive to grow, and can often result in smaller yields. The high price of organic products is usually what steers many people away, which, for some items that do not contain a high level of pesticide residue, is absolutely fine. However, certain products soak up much more of the toxic chemicals, meaning that by prioritizing the organic products that you buy, you will be able to keep your ingestion of these chemicals to a minimum.

Fruits and Vegetables
The most common fruits and vegetables that contain high levels of pesticide residue are celery, apples, carrots and lettuce. Any non-organic products that have been made with these ingredients, such as apple juice or carrot cake, would also contain the same chemicals. To keep your shopping simple, opt for organic varieties when you plan on eating the outside as well as the inside of a fruit or vegetable, and choose non-organic for the rest.

Cheese and ham on a chopping board.

Meat and Dairy
The term ‘organic’ applies to meat and animal products as well as to fruit and vegetables. In this case, non-organic meat production involves injecting antibiotics into the animals, which end up in your body when you eat the animal products. The growth hormone that is commonly given to cows has been linked, on numerous occasions, to the development of certain cancer cells in women. When it comes to meat and dairy, it is usually best to buy organic whenever possible.

Imported Organic Foods
If a product with an organic label has been made in another country, be sure to do some research before trusting in that label. Many countries, such as China, export common organic products, including tea and tinned tomatoes. However, their standards are much lower when it comes to organic rules and regulations. If you are unsure, it is best to stick to a variety that is made as locally as possible.

Organic food has been proven to have many more health benefits than non-organic, so in many cases, it really is worth buying. However, keep in mind that these still do contain some level of chemicals, so be sure to thoroughly wash all fresh produce before cooking or eating.

Winter Skin Care Tips from OROGOLD Cosmetics

Dewy skin might seem to be a fantasy in the dead of the winter. The frigid and dry air on the outside, the horrendous heating on the inside, icy temperatures and harsh winds makes it very difficult for your skin to repair itself. And unless you do something about it, it soon ends up becoming a vicious cycle and leaves your skin looking dead and dry. So, in order to prevent your skin from drying up during the winter season and ensuring that it keeps looking dewy and beautiful, you need to adhere to these simple winter skin care tips that OROGOLD Cosmetics has to offer.

Add Salicylic Acid in your skin care routine

Make sure that you add a lotion or cleanser that contains salicylic acid into your winter skin care routine. This helps to exfoliate the dead skin cells from the outermost layer of your skin, gives you a thorough cleanse and diminishes the appearance of those bumps. The use of Salicylic acid further prevents a common winter skin issue known as keratosis pilaris, also known as rough skin.

Handle your skin with care

Start using moisturizing soap-free and alcohol-free cleansers and hand sanitizers to prevent chapping or parched skin. These products are less drying when compared to soap and also work wonders in preventing the skin from losing its moisture content. It is also important to lather on some lotion right after washing.

Cover up

Anything that creates a barrier and prevents your skin from coming in direct contact with the external environment works wonders during the winter months. Slip on some cotton gloves over your moisturized hands to prevent the appearance of parched hands. Don’t forget to add mufflers and scarves either.

Make the most of honey

To soften those horrible patches on your knees and elbows, all you need to do is to use a mix of honey and sugar. Studies show that applying honey on your skin helps to diminish inflammation and sugar increases the circulation in your skin. This can be particularly helpful during the winter months as the blood flow typically gets diverted to keep the body core warm.

Use products that contain lactic acid

To prevent scaly looking skin, add products that contain lactic acid. The use of lactic acid dates all the way back to the ancient Egyptian civilization and this ingredient works as a powerful exfoliant as well as an effective moisturizer to help you get rid of scales.

Use gentle exfoliators

Switch to using gentle exfoliators or gentle deep peels that allow you to exfoliate your dead skin cells without removing moisture from your skin.

Keep your showers short

Long hot baths might seem to be extremely relaxing during the winters, but they strip away the moisture from your skin. Restrict your showers to a maximum of 10 minutes and don’t bathe more than once a day during the winter season.

Wear the right pyjamas

The softer your pyjamas, the better your skin. You don’t need silk. All you need are tightly woven fabrics like cotton flannels and cotton. Stay away from blends of synthetic fibers and cotton as they can really irritate the skin.

OROGOLD Brings You the Trendiest Skin Care Ingredients Right Now!

The body care market shows no signs of slowing down. Despite seeing whopping levels of growth the previous year, the market still manages to grow some more in the next year as well. Moreover, to satisfy the constant clamoring by beauty and skin care customers, brands continue to churn out alluring product lines, focus on trendy additions as well as sticking to proven ingredients. However, with more and more women insisting on becoming trendsetters and not trend followers when it comes to skin care, there is no shortage in the demand for trendy skin care ingredients. That being said, if someone like Victoria Beckham gets a bee venom facial done, everyone else wants it done as well. OROGOLD reviews some of the most unexpected, surprising, strange and yet, trendy skin care ingredients in the world through this article. And mind you, most of these ingredients have proven to make your skin look tighter and more beautiful.


Bee on a flowerBee Venom

Bee Venom facials seem to have taken the world by the storm ever since celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton swore by its benefits. It is believed to fill in the fine lines on your face because of a plumping effect. The reaction is quite similar to getting a bee sting.


Caviar is considered to be one of the most luxurious skin care ingredients in the world. It is believed to help in smoothening the skin and erasing the signs of aging as your skin rejuvenates itself while you sleep during the night.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds seem to have become the latest trend in the world of skin care. These omega-rich ingredients are known to offer amazing antioxidant benefits and are suitable for those looking to reduce the signs of aging.



Plantains are like the brothers and sisters of bananas, they are very similar in appearance. They are known to have amazing beauty benefits as they can help you to get rid of acne or dandruff. There are a number of products that contain plantain extracts and are believed to be super beneficial for oily skin.


Snake poised to strikeSnake Venom

Serums and creams that claim to contain snake venom in them don’t actually contain the real venom, but contain ingredients which create a similar numbing effect on your face by freezing your fine lines and wrinkles. Lovers of snake venom procedures claim that you can easily forget about Botox treatments if you choose to get a shot of snake venom instead.



Yes, the dark green vegetable which is considered to be very healthy for your body, is also considered to be healthy for your skin. Popeye might want you to believe that Spinach is the most powerful green in town, but kale is believed to be way more powerful. It is full of Vitamins A, C and K and is highly beneficial for boosting keratin production.


Mink Oil

Mink oil is usually used to protect leather from getting damaged from water. This trendy skin care ingredient is believed to be very beneficial for your skin as well. It basically consists of the sweat, fat and oil of the outer skin of a mink and is known to ensure that your skin stays hydrated, irrespective of the external weather conditions.


Snail Slime

Snail slime promises its users with enhanced elasticity and a better skin tone. But, this doesn’t mean that you need to have snails crawl all over your face. There are many skin care companies that offer creams and serums which contain snail slime.


Salmon Hatchery Water

Salmon Hatchery Water, the liquid that is released when a salmon egg hatches, is believed to contain an anti-aging enzyme that helps you to stay wrinkle free. There are a number of skin care companies that use this trendy skin care ingredient in their products.


Stem Cells

When you have someone like Kim Kardashian endorsing your benefits, you don’t really need to worry about being popular. This seems to be the case with stem cells and stem cell facials. Women have taken the facial to heart ever since Kim spent more than $500 on this facial before her wedding with Kanye West. Stem cells are believed to lift and firm up the skin.



Kim isn’t just endorsing stem cells. She’s also been advocating the use of blood in looking younger. Blood facials, also known as Vampire Facials, involve a process that draws blood from your arm, separates the platelets and injects it into your face. Talk about gruesome skin care procedures.


Bird Poop

Bird poop is being used as the main ingredient in a facial that has been attracting celebrities by the dozens. As odd as this treatment might sound, it has actually been used for centuries by Geishas in Japan. Bird poop is believed to ensure that your skin becomes smooth and shiny and with celebrities like David and Victoria Beckham swearing by its benefits, it must definitely be effective outside Japan as well.

Mound of gold nuggetsGold

24K Gold is being used in solid and liquid form for a number of facials. There are numerous skin care products and lines that also use gold as their main ingredient. This trendy skin care ingredient is believed to help out with acne and inflammation.


Sea Buckthorn Oil

Sea buckthorn oil is believed to help you to combat the signs of aging by stimulating the production of collagen. It is also believed to be a very powerful antioxidant that has been introduced into the world of skin care very recently.  Moreover, Sea Buckthorn Oil is very rich in Vitamin C as well as essential fatty acids such as the rare Omega-7 fatty acid which helps in repairing the collagen.

Better than Botox

Botox might be popular around the world, and while it has many advantages it definitely also has some disadvantages. The biggest benefit of Botox is its ability to erase your fine lines and wrinkles almost instantly and it also offers results which last for a while. However, the downfalls include an extremely painful process and the possibility of bruising along with the inconviencing of needing to visit a medical professional for administration. As a result, a number of people have been left searching for alternatives for Botox. And considering the demand for wrinkle free skin, a number of cosmetic and skin care manufacturers have researched for years to create products as effective as Botox minus the drawbacks.

Luckily for you, now many products exist which claim to give it is now can get wrinkle free skin and boast of Botox-like results by simply using topical beauty products that are packed with the right ingredients. However, don’t go about expecting immediate results as it could take up to 6 months of serious efforts on your part to get wrinkle free skin. A small price to pay for a painless way of removing your wrinkles, don’t you think?

Modern day skin care products like the ones offered by OROGOLD Cosmetics consist of a number of sophisticated ingredients that can offer a number of skin care benefits such as removing fine lines and wrinkles, promoting cell renewal, smoothening the skin and lightening the skin tone. In fact, the results are far better than Botox, considering the number of problems that get solved by using these products. Here is a list of some of the best ingredients that can allow you to lead a Botox free as well as wrinkle free lifestyle.

1. Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)

Gamma Aminobutyric Acid, also known as GABA, can do wonders for your skin because it can have a freezing and tightening effect on your skin. This makes it quite similar to Botox injections in terms of the effects offered. However, the effects offered by GABA are temporary. Therefore, unlike Botox, you must be regular in your use of products that contain GABA. However, GABA cannot offer the wonders it promises on its own. It only works when it is mixed with a number of active anti-aging ingredients such as peptides, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid.

2. Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is often used in combination with GABA, but it is an amazing product in itself. Hyaluronic acid helps your skin to retain its moisture and plumps out fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps with collagen production and skin hydration.

3. Retinol

Retinol, also known as Vitamin A, is one of the most effective ingredients when it comes to anti-aging. According to studies, retinol acts as a skin cell hyponist by attaching itself to the skin cells and convincing them to behave the way a younger skin cell would do. Retinol is also famous as one of the best antioxidants that helps in increasing collagen production and removing free radicals from the skin. It also helps out with things like strengthening the skin, repairing sun damage, unclogging pores, eliminating acne and reducing the occurrence of wrinkles.

4.  Palmitoyl Oligopeptide

Palmitoyl Oligopeptide is a peptide that basically functions as the building block between amino acids. It helps out with skin repair and renewal and also has the ability of binding itself to the skin. Once the skin forms a bond with Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, it can perform a number of functions such as increasing collagen production, increasing elasticity and boosting the glucosaminoglycan.


Life can be better under the sea — but even if it isn’t, your skin will still look fabulous. The benefits of salt water on your skin range from increased moisture retention to cellular regeneration. Swimming in it regularly can help treat skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. So why shouldn’t the same ingredients that heal you be applied to your daily skincare routine?

The ocean is filled with plenty of ingredients that can make your skin glow as brightly as the waves in sunlight. Many of these ingredients absorb the nutrients the salt water has to offer and bring them directly into your skin. OROGOLD reviews the five of the most common sea ingredients found in skincare lines, some of which you may recognize from the products you use on a daily basis:Bowl of seaweed

SEAWEED EXTRACT. This popular skincare ingredient doesn’t have roots in the sand on the seafloor, so the nutrients of this plant come directly from the ocean. The result is a potent combination of zinc, iodine, potassium and beta-carotene. There are many different types of seaweeds that offer benefits for your skin, ranging from kelp stimulating collagen production to green seaweeds serving as astringents. Either way, you’re in for a world of benefits with this ingredient.Pearl necklaces in a shell

MOTHER-OF-PEARL. Taken from the abalone shell, this ingredient has been used in skincare remedies for centuries throughout Asian and Latin American cultures. This ingredient often acts as both an exfoliant and skin brightener. The proteins in this ingredient help brighten the skin while the coarseness of this ingredient is not too big where it could irritate delicate facial skin. Together, it makes this ingredient not only luxurious but also effective in anti-aging skincare.Spoonful of black caviar

CAVIAR. The popularity of caviar facials in recent years has skyrocketed, and for good reason. Another ingredient directly from the lap of luxury, these fish eggs often feature Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, both of which are important in helping skin retain moisture and protect it from free radical damage. Combined with caviar’s potassium and selenium, these fish eggs are potent aging fighters, and their water structure makes it a perfect match for your skin’s with algae growing

ALGAE EXTRACT. Algae Extract is becoming one of the most popular new ingredients in skincare, and with good reason. Alguronic Acid, a byproduct of microalgae found in the ocean, has recently been isolated and found to protect your skin just as well as Vitamins A, C and E in terms of UV damage and other signs of aging. Like most sea ingredients, this extract absorbs a lot of what the ocean has to offer and brings it directly to your skincare.Bowl of Sea Salt

SEA SALT. This coarser form of salt has a different chemical composition than your normal table salt. While table salt is made up of Sodium Chloride, sea salt also contains plenty of the nutrients from the ocean that are beneficial for your skin. It can detoxify your skin and serves as an exfoliant for tough skin. In its coarsest form, it’s best to avoid sea salt on your face, as it can become very irritating. However, it is the perfect ingredient for body scrubs, and combined with natural oils like jojoba and Shea Butter, it can be moisturizing as well.

What sea ingredients are your favorite? Do you like seeing ocean ingredients in your skincare lines? Let us know in the comments below!