OROGOLD Tips for Decorating the Guest Bathroom

Guest bathroom interiorYou want your guests to feel as welcome as possible when they come to stay at your house. That is why in your guest bedroom you have created a warm, inviting space that makes any guest feel welcome and at home. But what about the guest bathroom? As this is a room many people never even enter it can be easily overlooked and can often be a little neglected as far as home decor goes.

Guest bathrooms are often smaller than a regular family bathroom so there may be a lot less space to play with. Keep walls nice and light to create the appearance of more space. Creams and whites always work well but if you are a fan of color any light pastels will do the trick. If you want to incorporate bolder colours go for neutral walls with bold accents. If you have tiles you can accent with sporadically placed bold or patterned tiles amongst the plain ones. Like any bathroom the flooring should be wooden floorboards or tile as carpet in a bathroom can be unhygienic.Light colored guest bathroom

As space is often the biggest issue you need to consider the fittings carefully. For instance, a guest bathroom doesn’t really need a bath as it takes up space you do not have. A corner shower unit is ample. Putting a basin in can sometimes mean you can do longer shut the door; not ideal for a bathroom. Corner sinks are perfect for this as they fit into the smallest corner.

Enough about space though, the most important thing is to create a nice atmosphere. The accessories and little finishing touches are often forgotten about and yet these are the things that can make or break the whole feel of the room. Make sure the guest bathroom is stocked with fresh towels and anything they may need that could have been forgotten; shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste etc. If you have guests staying for longer than one night a laundry basket is really helpful. There is one thing that nearly all bathrooms have, something that we use on 99% of all our bathroom visits (usually without realising) and yet is a feature most often left out of a guest bathroom – the mirror. They work on many levels; not only are they practical but ensure walls are not blank and boring and reflect light making any space appear bigger.

Guest bathrooms can sometimes have no windows. Firstly, you need to fit an extractor fan for ventilation reasons. Then, try and make it look as light and airy as possible opting for white walls, tiles and appliances. Good lighting and mirrors can aid with this. Or, if you are feeling brave, for a really contemporary look, how about a wall covered in mirrored tiles? Windowless bathrooms can be dark so could definitely take this much reflective surfaces!
It may not be a room that is used much but when designing and decorating it give it the same love and attention as the rest of the rooms in your house. This way, people will feel welcome and comfortable; something we want for any guest.


OROGOLD Helps You Solve Common Home Decor Issues

Home décor is such a subjective thing that it is not always easy to know if you are doing the right thing. With do it yourself decorating we can all stumble and make mistakes on the way or simply not know where to begin. Here we take a look at some of the most common issues people face and offer some helpful solutions.
The most common issue out there is color. Many of us struggle to find a happy medium; either plastering the walls with eye-popping bold hues or simply being too afraid to ditch the biege. The reason we get it wrong is the fact there are lots of factors to consider. First and foremost, what it the room used for? A bedroom painted bright orange will not create a relaxing atmosphere. Second, what size is the room and how much light does it get? Large, light rooms can take a bit of color but anything too dark in a small room will leave it feeling closed in.Bright red accent wall
For anyone wanting to add some color to their life (and their walls) without going overboard can find a happy medium with the accent wall. Just one main wall painted in a bright, bold color can look really effective. When teamed with a complimentary neutral color on the other walls it gives you the best of both worlds. You can use accents in another way by having walls a more neutral color and the accent color introduced with furnishings such as curtains and cushions.
Color is not the only common issue many of us face. Most of us have at least one room that is just too small. These small spaces can seem impossible to decorate nicely as they can often feel cramped whatever you do. There are ways to create the illusion of space. One light color throughout, maybe cream or white, with a mirror opposite the window to reflect light can make a big difference. Also, even though it’s hard in any room, keep it as clutter free as possible which will also help give the look of more space.Large painting hanging in living room
Sometimes you look at that big plain wall and cannot help but be bored. You want something to grab your attention and become the focal point of that wall. A big piece of wall art such as a large canvas or painting can look great but do keep a couple of things in mind. That large psychedelic print that caught your eye in the store is great but take your time. Is it the kind of thing likely to give you a headache looking at it day after day? For those who can’t make up their minds or like to change things regularly posters are a really good idea. You may well associate them with kids’ bedrooms and student dorms but you can now get a whole host of posters from fine art to film posters. In a large black frame they can look really classy without breaking the bank.