How to Create a Holiday Wishlist

Holiday season

While you may no longer be writing a letter to Santa, a holiday wishlist is still a great way to let your friends and family know exactly what you want this year. For those who have never created a digital wishlist before, here are some great places to get started.

Pinterest is loved by many due to the way in which it is so easy to use, as well as being plenty of fun. When it comes to a holiday wishlist, Pinterest lays everything out in a beautiful visual format, meaning that your loved ones will be able to quickly skim through to view all of the items. You can add content to your wishlist from any website on the internet, and, once you are done, you can then share it with anybody that has an email address, even if they do not have their own Pinterest account.

Amazon Wish List
Amazon is one of the largest stores on the internet, meaning that you are likely to be able to find just about anything you could want on there. The site’s wish list feature is extremely popular and can be accessed by anyone that searches for your username. Once an item has been paid for, Amazon takes care of all of the delivery details and will ship it straight to your door, with this streamlined process being one of its main advantages. For those who want to create more than one wishlist, Amazon makes this easy, enabling you to control who has access to each list.

One of the top wishlist apps for smartphones, WishMindr has a pleasant interface that is easy to use, and allows you to save items from every website out there in a variety of different ways. When it comes to sharing your list, there are so many ways in which you can do this, from email to text message to social media, meaning that you will be able to share it with just about anyone.

Wishpot is one of the top wishlist websites out there, and, after signing up for an account, you will quickly understand why. In addition to being able to add items from any website, Wishpot also offers a ‘reserve’ feature, which means that once your friends and family have decided what they want to buy, they can easily reserve it until they are ready to make the purchase, and nobody else will be able to buy it in the meantime. Wishpot also monitors the pricing of your product across the internet, and will send you a notification if there are any price drops.

There are many different ways in which you can create a digital holiday wishlist, and the website or app that you choose should depend on the types of gifts that you are hoping to receive. While the Amazon wish list feature is the most convenient, this limits you to products sold by Amazon, whereas most other sites will allow you to add products from all over the internet, so do spend some time exploring your options before picking one.


Gifts for Significant Others

Holiday time is here, and it’s time to get cracking on gift ideas for your significant other. Though it should be easy, in reality it’s a lot more difficult to buy for your spouse than one might imagine due to the fact that you really want to impress them. OROGOLD would love to help you out by providing you with a few ideas in which you can utilize based on your spouse’s personality type.

We hope this guide helps, and provides some great ideas that you can use when it comes time to doing your shopping for them.

Beautiful wife opening her holiday gift


Gifts for Wives



Jewelry is the number one item you can buy a girl for Christmas, and you can never go wrong. Adored by women far and wide, jewels show your respect, love, and dedication. They symbolize different things for different people, but ultimately they say, ‘I love you, and this is forever’. Be sure to choose high quality stones and materials such as gold, white gold, or platinum to really melt her heart. Take her favorite color into account, and accommodate her with a piece of jewelry that has her personality written all over it. If she’s shy, opt for something subtle, like a gold necklace with a small charm. If she’s outgoing, get something that speaks volumes that’s full of color and vibrancy.


A Trip to the Spa

If you want to provide her with the ultimate in luxury, why not indulge her with a trip to a luxurious spa? It doesn’t even have to be local! How exciting it would be for your special lady to find out she is going to be traveling to an exciting spa destination, where she will receive a day or more of pampering that is 100% all about her. From facials, to massages, to makeup, and pedicures, manicures, hot stone treatments, and far beyond, spa’s offer the ultimate in relaxation and are the best way to unwind. Do some research for something you think fits her needs. If she would benefit from something remote and quiet, try searching for something in a remote location where she can truly get away from it all. If she needs something with a more interactive approach, with classes of some sort, there are options available for that, too. Take her personality into account, and treat her to the spa experience of a lifetime.


Clothes, Shoes, and Purses- Oh My!

If you want your wife to love you forever (of course, she will anyway) then be sure to gift her some designer clothes, a designer purse, and some designer shoes. There is no better gift you can give than the gift of fashion! She will adore this, and best of all, you won’t have to hear the incessant, “I have nothing to wear!” argument every day if you buy her some new clothes. Use your best judgment when it comes to what styles to buy. Look through her closet and see who her favorite designers are. You can also take into account the style of clothes she likes to wear, and her favorite colors. Work around that, and you certainly can’t go wrong.


Husband with a huge stack of gift boxes


Gifts for Husbands



Guys love tools. Nearly every man in America has some sort of obsession with collecting them, and having them to show off as trophies. Not only that – but then you won’t have to hear him complain that he doesn’t have the right tools needed to get jobs done around the house. Sweet! A good idea is to take a picture on your smartphone of what he already has, bring that with you when you go to make the purchase, and show what he has to the sales representative. They will be able to recommend tools in which he doesn’t have and help you to build his proud collection. Now, if you could only get him to build you that book shelf he has been talking about for three years…


Sports Tickets

If your husband is a sports fan, chances are he would love the opportunity to make it out to see his favorite team live and in person. It’s football season – so make the most of that and buy him a couple tickets for him and a friend, or even for you and he to attend. He’d most likely be at your beck and call and doing some serious butt-kissing for quite a while to come. What could possibly be a better gift? He’d brag you up to all of his friends, and believe us – they’d be jealous!


Musical Equipment

Nearly every guy has the itch in his bones to try to play an instrument. Most men are partial to the guitar. Why not get him a cool new guitar to either learn or perfect his craft on? There are many different types of guitars to choose from. From acoustic and electric to many different brands, colors, and options. Be sure to grab him an amp and cable if you choose to give an electric, because he will need that to power his guitar. If he’s a first time guitar player, try to stay away from Floyd Rose pickups because those tend to become a pain in the butt, and can throw the entire guitar out of whack in a hot minute. Fixing the tuning could be exceptionally stressful and time consuming. If he’s not really a guitar kind of guy, dry a drum set. Every guy loves to rock out, and the drums are a great way to release built up tension and stress he might be carrying around at the end of the day.


Nobody knows your spouse better than you do. Be sure to get them something that fits their personality. By getting things that you know they love and are into, you will be sure to give a gift they’re sure to love. This time of year only comes once, so be absolutely sure to make it count. Show them how special they are, and how much you love them, with a gift from the heart.