Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Summer

Woman with braided hair

This summer, hair trends are leaning towards the free-spirited, boho vibe, meaning that there is so much room for experimentation. From different types of braids to a curly bob, here are some hairstyles that are absolutely perfect for this summer.

Braids are one of the hottest hair trends for this summer, and, when it comes to braids, there is so much to choose from. Whether you opt for a French braid, small and subtle accent braids, Dutch braids, or even a simple messy thick braid, you cannot really go wrong here.

Low Ponytail
The low ponytail is a low-maintenance hairstyle, making it perfect for busy summer days. This is a style that can be easily dressed both up and down, depending on what you wear it with. To mix this look up a bit, try adding in a few braids to your low ponytail, or even knotting your hair around your hair-tie to add some extra texture and interest.

Woman with curly bob

The Curly Bob
The curly bob is a wonderfully carefree summer style that is so easy to maintain, meaning that it will look just as fabulous each and every day. This style needs plenty of short, vertical layers in the hair, as this prevents the curls from forming an outwards triangle. To make this look even more show-stopping, add in some wispy bangs as well, but keep them quite minimal, as you do not want too much extra hair on your face during the summer months.

The Wet Look
For those spending their summer by a beach or a pool, then the wet look is a hairstyle that may be perfect for you. Simply keep your locks slicked down with some gel, deciding whether you want to leave it loose and sleek or tightly tied back. To add to the look, try creating a sleek, wet look side fringe, as this will help to really frame your face.

Woman with deep side parted hair

Deep, Side Part
The deep side part is a hairstyle that was all over the major fashion runways for this summer, and this is a perfect one to try, as it works with every hair type and cut. From long and loose with a 70s vibe to a sleek, slicked back side ponytail, the deep side part works in so many different ways.

The Modern Pixie Cut
Pixie cuts are back this summer, and are a great option for those with short hair, as they can be styled in a number of interesting ways. Each of the styles mentioned above would work with a pixie cut, be it bouncy curls or sleek and slicked back, and this is because the pixie cut is one of the most timeless styles out there.

While there are certain hairstyles that are very much in trend for this summer, these are all quite broad, meaning that they can be interpreted in so many different ways. So, whether your hair is short and straight or long and curly, give some of these hairstyles a try this summer.


Choosing the Perfect Shade of Grey

Woman with grey hair

Grey is a complex color, with each shade in the grey spectrum being quite unique. When it comes to choosing the perfect shade of grey for your hair, there are a number of options available, depending on the final outcome that you are trying to achieve.

Blonde Grey
The blonde grey shade was perfectly demonstrated by Leona Lewis at the Zac Posen 2017 Fall presentation during New York Fashion Week. Lewis sported a head full of bouncy curls, which were dyed in a blonde shade that had been tinged with a bit of grey. The shade that was picked was ideal for Lewis, as it complemented her green-grey eyes, while exuding a glamorous vibe at the same time.

Grey Ombré
For those who do not want any grey at their roots, because, let’s face it, you will be experiencing more than enough of that as you age, a grey ombré color is perfect. Look to Rita Ora for inspiration, who has rocked this look before, with dark roots, followed by blonde, pink and a blue slate grey shade towards the ends of her hair.

Ocean Grey
Ocean grey shades look different depending on the light. It can sometimes look more blue-green, just like the ocean on a sunny day, but it can also take on moody grey tones, reminiscent of the ocean on a stormy winter’s day. Hilary Duff has showcased this look before, in her Sparks video, so take a look at that if you need some extra inspiration.

Woman with grey and pastel colored hair

Electric White
A shocking shade of electric white is definitely dramatic, and Nicole Richie is the best celebrity to take a look at if you want some more ideas for how to style this shade. Richie’s hairstylist used hair paint to create the look, applying this white paint to sections of Richie’s hair, using a brush. After each section had been painted, it was then pinned, so that it could dry in place.

Cinder with Pastels
Dascha Polanco was the first one to try a rich cinder shade, but, as she did not want her hair to be completely grey, she decided to add in some subtle color. This was in the form of a pretty purple pastel shade, which gave the sombre grey an infusion of femininity.

Antique Grey
Antique grey is a look that will only suit some skin tones, so be sure to take some time to ensure that this shade will suit you before continuing. Take a look at Zosia Mamet for inspiration, who became bored with the brown hair that she had been sporting for her whole life. While she loved the antique grey, it did take her a while to get used to it, and she ended up going blonde a few months later.

When it comes to hair colors, grey can be a tricky one to work with. In order to ensure that it truly accentuates your appearance, rather than washing it out, make sure that the shade that you choose is complementary of your skin tone, eye color and other features.

Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger

The anti-aging industry is a booming one, with so many people trying to put a halt to their aging process. However, for those looking to turn back the clock instantly, switching up your hairstyle may be the way to go.

woman with ribbon in her hair

Ribbons and Bows
There is nothing quite as feminine as a ribbon or a bow, and this is a trend that is often seen on major fashion week runways. The easiest way to add a ribbon to your look is by using one to tie off a high ponytail, preferably with a large bow so that it really stands out. Alternatively, use a mini bow to finish off a half-up, half-down look, or style your hair into a braid but incorporate a ribbon running through it.

woman with hair bangs

Bangs are a quick and easy way to instantly look younger, and while you may think that bangs will not suit your face shape, this all depends on the type of bangs that you choose. Those who have a heart-shaped face should opt for graphic bangs, while those who have an oval-shaped face should choose a choppy, below-the-brow style, as this will help to widen your face and enhance your youthfulness. If you have a round face, shorter bangs will help to add some structure while drawing attention to your eyes, while those who have a short forehead should also give shorter bangs a try, as this will frame the face, or, alternatively, a longer, side-swept look. For those who are battling forehead wrinkles, then bangs are definitely the way forward, as not only will they provide your face with a youthful appearance, but they will also hide any wrinkles.

woman with long layered hair

Long Layers
Long hair is extremely youthful, and styling this with layers makes it even more flattering for just about every face shape. The layers should graze your cheek and chin before getting longer, ending at the collarbone. This added softness at the top will help to open up your face, while the length will highlight your collarbone, which is a flattering area on women of any age. The length of this style is important, as going too long or too short will detract from the youthful appeal of this look.

choppy bob

Choppy Bob
Many older women tend to opt for shorter hairstyles, as these are much easier to maintain. However, if you are seeking a short style that will not age you, then a choppy bob is the way to go. This style features shaggy layers and defined angles, all of which hit the middle of your neck, and this will really make your face look fuller and younger, while hiding any thinning areas of hair that you may have.

A hairstyle that can instantly make you appear ten years younger may seem too good to be true, but this is definitely possible, and so easy to accomplish. From child-like bangs to cute ribbons, give these styles a try if you have been trying to shave a few years off of your age.

Tips for Updating Your Look

Woman of high fashion

Spring is all about fresh starts and new beginnings, making this the perfect time to update your look and add something new to your personal style. Whether you are seeking a few subtle adjustments or a huge dramatic change, here are some tips to help you get started.

Part Your Hair on the Other Side
If you have been parting your hair in the same place for years, flipping this over to the other side is an extremely easy way to update your look. While this may seem simple, a new part will add volume to your roots while changing the way in which the front sections frame your face. If your hair keeps flipping itself back over to the original part, try using some hair-setting tape to secure your new part in place before you go to bed, as this will help it to set overnight.

A New Lip Color
Everybody has their go-to lip shades, but trying out a new lip color can really help to shake up your look. If you tend to stick to classic shades, opt for something bold and bright instead, or, for those who are used to taking risks with lipstick, try swapping this for a subtle nude gloss. If lipstick is something that you never really wear, start off by experimenting with shades of red, as this is timeless and you are likely to easily be able to find a shade that complements you.

Woman applying blue lipstick

Experiment With Belts
Belts are an accessory that many people only use if they really need to, but they can really add a whole new element to your outfit, even if they are not necessarily needed. Using a belt to cinch in a blazer or fitted jacket can really enhance your feminine shape, while a belt on a loose dress can instantly turn it from casual to preppy.

Invest in a Pair of Pointy-Toed Shoes
While the tapered toe may come and go in terms of shoe trends, this is a classic style that many would consider to be the most flattering of all shoe shapes. The reason for this is because of the way in which pointed-toe shoes visually elongate the leg, especially when paired with an elegant pencil skirt or wide trousers. No matter what you wear them with, ensure that your shoes fit comfortably around the toes, without any pinching, and opt for a color that is similar to your skin tone if you want to elongate your legs as much as possible.

Pointed heels

Overhaul Your Skin Care Routine
Your skin is constantly on show to the rest of the world, and a great way to freshen up your whole look is by giving your skin a bit of a boost. Whether this means adding a few new serums and essences to your skin care routine, or trying out a new method of exfoliation, making a few changes at such a basic level will have a huge influence over your look.

Now that the dreary days of winter are just about over, this is the perfect time to think about updating your look. Whether this means styling your hair in a new way, or experimenting with different accessories, give these tips a go if you have been wanting to try something different.

Add Festive Flair with These Sparkling Hairstyles

Woman enjoying a party

Whether you are dressing up for a Christmas party or styling your hair for some New Year celebrations, it is always fun to add some festive flair to your look. While you likely already have your outfit all planned out, here are a few hairstyle ideas to really make your locks sparkle.

Glitter Roots
Glitter roots is a trend that has made its way around the festival circuit over the year, and is now making a comeback just in time for the festive season. A few different types of glitter will really help to make this look stand out, especially if you can find festive shapes and varying sizes. Once you have chosen your glitter, simply spray your roots with a layer of hairspray, and then sprinkle the glitter over this while it is still wet. You can style your hair in just about any way that you want with this look, and choose the placement of the glitter depending on where your roots are showing.

Ribboned French Braid
A French braid is a classic hairstyle that is perfect for the holidays, and adding a sparkly ribbon to it gives it the perfect festive twist. Choose a ribbon that is a few inches longer than the hair that you are braiding, and use this as one of the four sections of hair that you braid. In addition to creating a standard French braid, you can also use the ribbon technique with many of the other French braid variations out there, whether this may be twisting it up into a bun or tying it around your face into a crown.

Textured Middle Bun
A textured middle bun is a romantic festive updo that is perfect for a holiday party or a special Christmas date. To begin with, you need to create gentle tousles through your hair with a curling iron, making sure to use a heat protecting spray beforehand, before twisting this up into an airy bun that has a slightly messier feel to it. Pull a few strands of hair out from either side, as this will beautifully frame your face. To finish this look off, decorate your bun with a sparkly hair accessory, either in metallic or jewel tones.

Glittering Headband
If you simply do not have the time to spend on a complicated holiday hairstyle this year, then invest in a festive, glittering headband instead. This will add an element of chic to just about any style, and will also hide any hair flaws that you may be dealing with, whether this may be flyaway strands or a layer of frizz. Headbands actually work much better with styles that are slightly messy, as perfectly finished hairstyles paired with a headband can often look quite stiff.

When it comes to adding some sparkle to your hair for a festive event, there are so many different options out there. Whether you want to sprinkle glitter onto your roots, invest in a few sparkly hair accessories, or go for sophisticated jewel tones, these styles are all perfect for the holidays.

Wet Setting Hair for Beachy Waves

Wet setting is a method of curling hair, setting it in place while it is still damp, and allowing it to dry before releasing it. This method can be used to achieve a number of different looks, but it is most popular when it comes to giving yourself some beachy waves, as there are a number of different wet setting techniques that you can use for this.

Woman with braided hair

Braid Waves
Using braids to achieve beachy waves is one of the most popular methods out there, and is one of the easiest to do. Begin by applying your favorite styling product to damp hair, before parting it down the center and clipping half out of the way. The Dutch braiding technique is one of the best ways to start your waves from higher up, and detailed tutorials for this can be found online. Once you have created your braid, use a hair tie to fasten the end, before doing the same with the other half of your hair. Once this is done, gently pull on the sides of each braid to loosen them slightly, before waiting for your hair to dry. Then, simply remove the elastic bands and tousle your hair gently to give your waves some extra movement.

Twisted Waves
There are many different ways to wet set your hair into twists, but this is one of the easiest. Once you have applied a styling product to your damp hair, divide it into four sections, by parting it down the middle and then parting each half from the top of your head to behind your ear. Take the two back sections in each hand, twisting them towards each other before fastening the ends together with an elastic band. Do the same with the front sections, twisting them away from your face before fastening. Once your hair is dry, remove the bands and release the twists, shaking out your gorgeous new waves.

Woman using hair rollers

Rollers are a great tool when it comes to wet setting hair, with sponge rollers being the best, as they are soft and comfortable enough to remain in your hair for a longer period of time. Choose the size of your rollers carefully, as this will have a huge impact on the size of each of your waves. After applying a styling product to damp hair, section off your hair into different sections, before winding a roller into each one, and securing with a hair pin. Once dry, release the rollers and give your waves a quick shake.

Compared to the techniques that use heat or a multitude of different products, wet setting is a styling method that is much gentler on your hair, and, since your hair is naturally setting into that style, it will also last much longer. While it is possible to use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process, this can often result in a slightly flatter finished texture. Whether you simply braid your hair after showering, or put in some rollers, these are some of the easiest wet setting styles out there.

Outdoor Wedding Outfits

Beautiful bride

Choosing an outfit for an outdoor wedding can be quite tricky, especially during the summer, because not only do you have to take into account the weather and the time of day, but you also need to make sure that your outfit is well-suited to the actual location. From the most breathable fabrics to the most suitable colors, here are some tips for putting together fabulous outdoor wedding outfits.

Breathable Fabrics
Enabling a good rate of air flow around your body is important in the summer, but this can only be done if your outfit has been made from breathable fabrics. A quality, lightweight cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics out there, absorbing moisture, while polyester should always be avoided, as its water resistant qualities mean that any sweat will be trapped beneath your clothes, causing discomfort and irritation. Linen is another natural fibre that will not cling to your body, whereas rayon is another synthetic fabric that repels water, meaning that any sweat will end up gathering in unsightly places. Silk and chiffon are also great fabrics to wear and are often more suited to a wedding than cotton or linen.

Beautiful bride

For a summertime outdoor wedding, keep your outfit’s colors as light and airy as possible. Floral dresses are often an obvious choice during the summer months, but opt for pastels or bright colors rather than dark and moody prints, as these are much better suited to the happy ambience of a wedding.

Location of the Wedding
Of course, your wedding outfit needs to be well-suited to the actual location of the wedding. If it is going to be somewhere hot and dry, a breezy dress will work well as you will need help staying cool, while if the location is somewhere that is known to be quite windy and blustery, you will need to pick an outfit that will not be affected by any strong gusts.

Bride with natural makeup

When it comes to your accessories, as well as your hair and makeup, it is best to keep everything as minimal as possible. Chunky or large jewellery is likely to only end up irritating your skin in the heat, while any heavy makeup will just slide off, requiring plenty of tiresome retouching sessions.

While stilettos may usually be your footwear of choice for a wedding, these will not work so well for an outdoor wedding, as they will cause you to keep sinking into any grass. If you do not want to wear flats, then look for some stylish wedges instead, as this will keep you steady on your feet while still giving you a bit of extra height.

Everybody wants to look their best at a wedding, but this can often be more difficult to accomplish when the wedding is being held outdoors in the summertime. Fortunately, by knowing which fabrics and styles to pick, you will be able to put together an outfit that not only looks stylish, but will also keep you comfortable and happy throughout the day.

Beer Beauty Tips

Woman having beer.

The idea of having a decent beer and relaxing after a long day isn’t entirely unfamiliar to most people. Relaxation is good for the body and soul. It gives you time to rest and readjust after a long day of being who you need to be rather than who you are. But beer can do more for you than just help you unwind after a long day. It has a few surprising benefits if you’re trying to look after your appearance as well. These do rely on you being careful about how you apply them. OROGOLD recommends holding to the idea of “everything in moderation” if you opt to try any of the following beer beauty tips. You can get some effects out of them, but too much in the way of a beer treatment can hurt your hair or skin.

Facial Cleanser or Mask
Some products use beer as one of their primary ingredients. Those that often seem the best are cleanser and masks meant to clean the skin. The alcohol content of the beer helps to dry the skin out of the natural oils as well as help clear out any forming bacteria. Some credit it with being able to balance out the pH of your skin, but this is less clear. OROGOLD recommends you stick to products created by skin care companies as the various do-it-yourself options in these matters are not the most controlled in their recipes. Too much of the beer can and will dry your skin out more than you intended. This will lead to further skin issues instead of curing them. Remember that the quality of the product remains important in skin care and even well-meant recipes that should work can be wrong or miss the negative effects of chosen ingredients.

Beer Rinse
One useful aspect to beer is that you can use it as an impromptu rinse for your hair in a pinch. It is known to help strip away the natural oils. This isn’t the best approach for all hair though. Oily hair will get the most out of this as it will be harder for the beer to entirely strip the hair. By contrast, fine hair will suffer as losing what oil it has will make it easier for the hairs to snap. A good exception to the rule is if you’ve been using a lot of products in your hair and have noticed excessive build up that you’d like to get rid of to restore natural vibrancy to your hair. Beer can do that as well, but you should avoid doing this if you’re using a color or similar product in your hair as those don’t mix well. You will want a scented oil or something else to follow up with to help remove the smell of beer, though.

There are a couple of possible ways to look at beer being useful for fighting acne. Some people swear by inactive supplements of brewer’s yeast, but we’ve previously discussed why that makes little sense. There are some that use beer as a component of acne-fighting products though. This was touched on in the previous section with the anti-bacterial properties of beer and how it can dry out your skin some. There is something to be said that there are also beneficial nutrients in the beer that help boost your skin’s health following that was well. Some of them can help the skin repair itself and move towards fading acne scars when paired with the right products as well. The exact mechanisms by which all of this supposedly works aren’t always clear, but the benefits are noticeable enough that acne-fighting products using beers certainly don’t lag behind their counterparts.

Using beer for beauty is something with a relatively long tradition. People have been finding ways to use it since they discovered how to make beer in the first place. The catch is that the modern beauty industry has had a long time to make products more specialized than raw beer for skin care. OROGOLD recommends favoring products that use beer as an ingredient rather than using beer directly on your hair or skin. This will help emphasize the better parts of beer and remove any potential negatives.

Most On-Trend Men’s Hair Styles

The good thing about hair is that it is a highly mutable way to express your personality and sense of style. If you get tired of one look, then all you need to do is wait a bit to change it or go to a barber shop and shave it off to start anew. Changing your hair style can help get you out of a personal rut when you feel nothing will change, but you can also just change it briefly to match an outfit or an occasion. The problem comes in trying to figure out exactly what’s in style at a given time. As a result, OROGOLD has assembled a list of some of the currently trendy hair style to give you an idea of popular looks at the moment.

Buzz cut.

Buzz Cut
These minimal hair style come in a lot of variation. A general rule of thumb is that the hair is short, but not shaven so close that you can’t run your hand through it. This gives you a lot of options when it comes to styling the hair further. Some popular versions utilize shaved areas of the head to better highlight the section that is just a buzz cut. The key feature to a buzz cut is the relative simplicity of its care. You don’t need a lot of products and just need to wash it now and again to keep it clean. Product use is up to you. You can also readily spike the hair with a bit of product to give yourself a debonair look for a night out and then wash it out before work for a more business friendly look.

Fringe hair

Style It Forward
Fringe is experiencing an increased popularity among stylish men. Generally, this involves letting your bangs grow and styling them lightly. The increased popularity of fringe is leading to a degree of experimentation with the look though. OROGOLD found that currently one of the most popular variation is combing fringe forward and giving it a casual point to either the left or right of the head. Nothing prevents you from using a more even look though. Only use a little bit of product to give the fringe a lightly tousled look and a little bit of guidance. You don’t want it plastered to your forehead with excess product as it will ruin the look.

Beachy hairstyle

Beach Hair
If you’re a gentleman with longer hair, then don’t feel left out. Even the comparative rarity of long hair on mean doesn’t stop there from being a trending style in that direction. Find products that focus on making your hair act as if you’ve been to the beach recently. Most of these products are design to cause similar reactions in your hair to those that salt water would cause. This light, bouncy rough and tumble look doesn’t require that much of you and keeps your hair looking stylish. You can add extra waves to your hair if you put it up or, if you’re feeling brave, braid it before you rest. Either one will shape your hair as you sleep and add to the overall waviness of this look.

Trying out a new look is a bit nerve-wracking the first time you’re considering it. OROGOLD encourages you to try to update your look now and then despite nerves though. Changing your appearance can help give you and the world a fresh perspective on yourself and encourage growth as a person. If you’re too worried about what others will think, then try it out the next time you go on an extended vacation on your own. Then you only have to answer to yourself and can change it back before you return home.

European Hair Trends

European women are known for their sophisticated style, and this is the same when it comes to their hair. OROGOLD takes a look at some of the latest European hair trends.

Woman with a loose, messy updo.

Loose, Messy Updo
A loose, messy updo is one of the most popular of European hair trends, and looks sexy and stylish for both day and night. It is an easy one to do, although OROGOLD recommends that you wait for a couple of days after washing your hair before attempting it. Begin by backcombing your hair with a teaser comb in large sections, before creating volume at the top and smoothing your hair into a ponytail. Then, take and curl different sized sections before twisting them and pinning them up, working your way from the bottom to the top of your hair. Once done, use your hands to twist the curls into any pattern that you like, before giving your hair a spritz with a finishing spray.

Woman with a bob cut.

The Bob Cut
This is a famous, classic style that is always making some sort of comeback in different forms. With a bob cut, you can never really go wrong, and just because you have short hair, this doesn’t mean that you still can’t experiment with new styles. A tousled, textured bob always looks great, as does a bob that is sleek, straight and Cleopatra-inspired. Bangs also work well with a bob, whether they are straight and blunt, long and layered or swept to the side. To take this even further, OROGOLD suggests looking at pixie styles, as this a cute style that will usually make any face look more youthful.

Woman getting a half twist hairstyle in the salon.

The Half Twist
This hair trend looks extremely modern, but also a little eccentric, and is perfect for those of you who want to try something new. To create this look, take two large sections from either side of your hair and criss-cross them over the back, so that one is overlapping the other. Pin this into place with bobby pins, before pulling out a large section of hair to overlap the layers you have already created. Finish the look off with a strong finishing spray.

Woman with a braided bun hairstyle.

A Braided Bun
A braided bun works best with long hair, although those with medium length hair may also have success with this. To create this bohemian-inspired look, begin by braiding your hair into any sort of braid that you like. Wrap this braid around, pulling it into a bun and securing with a hair tie. Using your hands, gently move around pieces of the braid, pinning them up with hair pins, creating a slightly messier look. To make this style a bit softer, OROGOLD recommends loosening some of the strands near the front so that they are able to frame your face. This style always looks great with hair accessories, especially flowers, as they only enhance the bohemian feel.

A hot spot for fashion and style, there is no better place to look than Europe when you want to discover some new hair trends. Take the time to try each one out and adapt them to suit your own style, incorporating hair accessories for an even more dynamic look.