Look Your Best for Valentine’s Day

Woman at Valentine's Day

There is not long to go until Valentine’s Day, meaning that now is the perfect time to begin planning your look. Whether you want to look sweet and flirtatious or sexy and mysterious, here are some hair, makeup and outfit tips to help you to look your very best.

Woman with beautiful updo.

If cute and feminine is the direction that you are wanting to go in, then an updo is absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day. There are many that you could opt for, although this does depend on your skill level and the amount of time that you will have. A French twist is a timeless hairstyle, and this can be created in a slightly messier way than usual, to make it more relaxed for Valentine’s Day. A chignon is also elegant, and is actually one of the easiest updos to put together, while a braided bun will give your hair some extra texture. For those of you who are going for the sexy and mysterious look, cascading waves are perfect for this, and can be easily achieved with a curling iron, but be sure to also curl the roots of your hair in order to give your look the right amount of bounce.

Woman applying makeup

For a sweet and flirty makeup look that perfectly sets off the updo that you have created, begin by applying a bronze cream eyeshadow to your lids, before adding a shimmery champagne powder to your inner eyes and just below the brow bone. Line your eyes with a brown eyeliner before swiping on a few layers of mascara, and then apply some bronzer to your forehead, cheekbones and jaw bone to give your face a warm glow. Finish the look off with a rosy pink blush and some pink lip liner and gloss, as this will sweeten up your look even more, but in a subtle way. For a more dramatic but vintage-inspired makeup look, winged cat eyes drawn along the top lash line are beautifully sultry, and should be followed up with quite a few coats of mascara to emphasize this. Use a matte bronzer to contour your cheekbones, and go for a vibrant, bold red for your lips.

Woman wearing a pastel dress

When it comes to choosing an outfit the flirty, girly look, there are many options to pick from, but a printed dress featuring sugary pastels will work perfectly with your hair and makeup. Alternatively, opt for a ruffled skirt, but pair this with a toned-down top so that it does not distract from the ruffles. If you have decided to go for the sexy and mysterious look, then you need to be careful with your outfit choice, as your hair and makeup are already quite bold. A classic little black dress is a great garment to consider, as this is timeless and will allow your hair and makeup to really stand out. To give your outfit an extra pop of color, look for a bag or other accessories that make a statement.

Everybody wants to look their best for Valentine’s Day, which is why it is always a good idea to spend some time planning your look. From your hair to your makeup to your outfit, each element needs to be carefully thought out in advance so that it can all be perfectly brought together on the day itself.


Summer Hair Inspiration

No matter how you may be spending the summer, it is the perfect time of the year to try something new with your hair. For those of you who are stuck for ideas, OROGOLD has picked out some of the hottest styles for this season to give you some exciting summer hair inspiration.

Woman with highlights on her hair.

Nothing says summer like highlights in your hair. Although it can be damaging to your hair to let the sun naturally lighten it, highlights take no time at all when done by a professional. For those looking to save some money, OROGOLD recommends purchasing a highlighting kit that you can use at home. This may take some practice before you truly master the technique, but once you do, it will be worth the effort.

Woman with sweeping side parted hair.

Sweeping Side Part
The deep, sweeping side part works for all hair types, whether you’ve got a short bob or long curls. This look has been seen all over the catwalks lately and works well for the summer, especially for slightly messy, beachy hair. After washing your hair, blow dry it in a deep side part and finish it off with a spritz of finishing spray.

Woman using a tropical flower as a hair accessory

Don’t Be Afraid to Accessorize
Hair accessories are huge this season, and with so many different types available, you are sure to be able to find some that suit your personal style. Whether you go for something simple, such as embellished hair clips, or something more seasonal making use of tropical flowers and summer prints, hair accessories can be incorporated into almost every hairstyle, giving even the simplest look a new dimension.

Woman with slicked back hair.

Slicked Back
Many people suffer from frizzy hair in the summer due to the extra humidity, and a sleek, slicked back look is the perfect way to avoid this. Whether you slick it up into a tight bun or down into a low but elegant ponytail, applying a gel at the end to achieve the wet look will ensure that you don’t have to worry about the humidity, or any strays that may ruin the look.

Woman with disco-inspired curls.

Disco-Inspired Curls
For those of you with thick, curly hair who can’t seem to keep the frizz away in the summer humidity, even with the slicked back look mentioned above, it may be time to simply embrace your curls and emphasize them even further. Many stars, such as Solange Knowles, are going for big, disco-inspired hair, and it is a look that is easy to achieve. Simply step outside on a steamy day and allow the humidity to do its work, before brushing out your curls until they have doubled in volume. If you want to take this even further, OROGOLD suggests using a volumizing shampoo beforehand.

The change in climate during the summer months make them the ideal time to try something new with your hair. While a tightly slicked back look will keep everything in place, embracing the frizz will also enable you to have a great time without having to worry about your hair. Take the time to experiment with different styles, and, most importantly, have fun with it!