Choosing the Perfect Shade of Grey

Woman with grey hair

Grey is a complex color, with each shade in the grey spectrum being quite unique. When it comes to choosing the perfect shade of grey for your hair, there are a number of options available, depending on the final outcome that you are trying to achieve.

Blonde Grey
The blonde grey shade was perfectly demonstrated by Leona Lewis at the Zac Posen 2017 Fall presentation during New York Fashion Week. Lewis sported a head full of bouncy curls, which were dyed in a blonde shade that had been tinged with a bit of grey. The shade that was picked was ideal for Lewis, as it complemented her green-grey eyes, while exuding a glamorous vibe at the same time.

Grey Ombré
For those who do not want any grey at their roots, because, let’s face it, you will be experiencing more than enough of that as you age, a grey ombré color is perfect. Look to Rita Ora for inspiration, who has rocked this look before, with dark roots, followed by blonde, pink and a blue slate grey shade towards the ends of her hair.

Ocean Grey
Ocean grey shades look different depending on the light. It can sometimes look more blue-green, just like the ocean on a sunny day, but it can also take on moody grey tones, reminiscent of the ocean on a stormy winter’s day. Hilary Duff has showcased this look before, in her Sparks video, so take a look at that if you need some extra inspiration.

Woman with grey and pastel colored hair

Electric White
A shocking shade of electric white is definitely dramatic, and Nicole Richie is the best celebrity to take a look at if you want some more ideas for how to style this shade. Richie’s hairstylist used hair paint to create the look, applying this white paint to sections of Richie’s hair, using a brush. After each section had been painted, it was then pinned, so that it could dry in place.

Cinder with Pastels
Dascha Polanco was the first one to try a rich cinder shade, but, as she did not want her hair to be completely grey, she decided to add in some subtle color. This was in the form of a pretty purple pastel shade, which gave the sombre grey an infusion of femininity.

Antique Grey
Antique grey is a look that will only suit some skin tones, so be sure to take some time to ensure that this shade will suit you before continuing. Take a look at Zosia Mamet for inspiration, who became bored with the brown hair that she had been sporting for her whole life. While she loved the antique grey, it did take her a while to get used to it, and she ended up going blonde a few months later.

When it comes to hair colors, grey can be a tricky one to work with. In order to ensure that it truly accentuates your appearance, rather than washing it out, make sure that the shade that you choose is complementary of your skin tone, eye color and other features.

Stand-Out Celeb Haircuts of 2015

Celebrity haircuts are always evolving, from styles that we desperately want to recreate to others that we can’t quite understand and would be happy to see the end of. While there have been a huge number celebrity hair transformations over the past year, there are some that have really made their mark, so read on for some of OROGOLD’s picks of the stand-out celebrity haircuts of 2015.

Naomi Campbell

Tinseltown /

Naomi Campbell
For years, supermodel Naomi Campbell has had luscious long hair, but this changed in November 2015. At the British Fashion Awards that month, Campbell showcased her new look – a short, layered bob that is fun, flirty and extremely stylish.

Lauren Conrad

Tinseltown /

Lauren Conrad
Fashion and style icon Lauren Conrad has rocked her blonde locks for so long that we almost didn’t recognize her with her new hair color. 2015 saw Conrad say goodbye to her signature golden color and opt for a romantic strawberry shade instead. For those of you who have been wanting to experiment with a new hair color, let 2016 be the year that you do so!

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez is another star that swapped her long locks for a textured bob in 2015. Jlo’s was first seen showcasing her new cut in May, with the shoulder-length texture giving her a sophisticated vibe.

Kendall Jenner

DFree /

Kendall Jenner
Fashion model Kendall Jenner’s new haircut was debuted at the AMA’s in November 2015, and featured long, sleek bangs. Her new fringe gave her quite an edgy vibe, and, due to its length, can be styled in quite a few different ways. While Jenner may have had a number of different cuts and styles over the year, this is one that OROGOLD thinks will really catch on in 2016.

Kerry Washington

Tinseltown /

Kerry Washington
Kerry Washington was another celebrity that showed off some new bangs in 2015. While it can sometimes be off-putting when the same style is frequently seen, each of these gorgeous ladies have shown us that bangs can be so flattering when done properly, for just about any face shape.

Donatella Versace
Donatella Versace’s signature hairstyle for the past decade has been long and platinum blonde, but she decided to change that in June 2015, and her decision definitely paid off. Instead of her long, straight strands, Versace now rocks a textured bob, still in her signature platinum color. Her new bob is shoulder-length and extremely stylish, giving her a trendy and youthful vibe without going over the top.

Charlize Theron

Helga Esteb /

Charlize Theron
In September 2015, Charlize Theron shed her shoulder-length locks for a pixie cut, a move that many of us would certainly consider to be very daring. However, Theron’s stunning bone structure works with just about any look, and OROGOLD thinks that she definitely suits her new style.

From flirty, textured bobs to sleek, long bangs to vibrant new colors, 2015 saw a variety of different haircuts on our favorite celebrities. If you have been inspired by any of these stars to switch up your own style, OROGOLD suggests doing it soon, so that you can begin 2016 with your fresh new look.