Beer Beauty Tips

Woman having beer.

The idea of having a decent beer and relaxing after a long day isn’t entirely unfamiliar to most people. Relaxation is good for the body and soul. It gives you time to rest and readjust after a long day of being who you need to be rather than who you are. But beer can do more for you than just help you unwind after a long day. It has a few surprising benefits if you’re trying to look after your appearance as well. These do rely on you being careful about how you apply them. OROGOLD recommends holding to the idea of “everything in moderation” if you opt to try any of the following beer beauty tips. You can get some effects out of them, but too much in the way of a beer treatment can hurt your hair or skin.

Facial Cleanser or Mask
Some products use beer as one of their primary ingredients. Those that often seem the best are cleanser and masks meant to clean the skin. The alcohol content of the beer helps to dry the skin out of the natural oils as well as help clear out any forming bacteria. Some credit it with being able to balance out the pH of your skin, but this is less clear. OROGOLD recommends you stick to products created by skin care companies as the various do-it-yourself options in these matters are not the most controlled in their recipes. Too much of the beer can and will dry your skin out more than you intended. This will lead to further skin issues instead of curing them. Remember that the quality of the product remains important in skin care and even well-meant recipes that should work can be wrong or miss the negative effects of chosen ingredients.

Beer Rinse
One useful aspect to beer is that you can use it as an impromptu rinse for your hair in a pinch. It is known to help strip away the natural oils. This isn’t the best approach for all hair though. Oily hair will get the most out of this as it will be harder for the beer to entirely strip the hair. By contrast, fine hair will suffer as losing what oil it has will make it easier for the hairs to snap. A good exception to the rule is if you’ve been using a lot of products in your hair and have noticed excessive build up that you’d like to get rid of to restore natural vibrancy to your hair. Beer can do that as well, but you should avoid doing this if you’re using a color or similar product in your hair as those don’t mix well. You will want a scented oil or something else to follow up with to help remove the smell of beer, though.

There are a couple of possible ways to look at beer being useful for fighting acne. Some people swear by inactive supplements of brewer’s yeast, but we’ve previously discussed why that makes little sense. There are some that use beer as a component of acne-fighting products though. This was touched on in the previous section with the anti-bacterial properties of beer and how it can dry out your skin some. There is something to be said that there are also beneficial nutrients in the beer that help boost your skin’s health following that was well. Some of them can help the skin repair itself and move towards fading acne scars when paired with the right products as well. The exact mechanisms by which all of this supposedly works aren’t always clear, but the benefits are noticeable enough that acne-fighting products using beers certainly don’t lag behind their counterparts.

Using beer for beauty is something with a relatively long tradition. People have been finding ways to use it since they discovered how to make beer in the first place. The catch is that the modern beauty industry has had a long time to make products more specialized than raw beer for skin care. OROGOLD recommends favoring products that use beer as an ingredient rather than using beer directly on your hair or skin. This will help emphasize the better parts of beer and remove any potential negatives.


Summer Beauty Problems and Common Fixes

You might love the summertime months where the sun is bright, the winds are calm, and your favorite thing to do is get outside to enjoy all the season has to offer. What about your skin though? Are you having any common summer beauty problems? Here is a list of possible beauty obstacles in the summer and how to fix them fast.

Woman swimming in a pool

Problem: Hair with Swimming Pool Damage
If you are blonde especially, you might have problems with pool water turning your hair that icky greenish color. Or if you are brunette, but color treat your hair then it might be orange or a faded tone. To avoid this, you will want to wear a swim cap when you go into the pool. There are plenty of adorable ones you can buy online, so you don’t look like a little old lady, but more like a 1920’s film star. If you can’t hack the cap, then you need to wet your hair before you enter the pool with tap or bottled water. This helps your hair to absorb less chlorinated pool water since it can only absorb so much water in general. Try to rinse your hair immediately when you get out of the pool since that will also help to rinse the chlorine out of it. Once a week, try to cleanse with a deep cleansing clarifying shampoo, like Frederic Fekkai Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo ($28) which won’t strip the hair, but will get that layer of pool chemicals out of your hair in a flash.

Closeup of woman with beautiful legs wearing slippers.

Problem: Cracked Heels from Flip Flops or Sandals
Our recommendation? Regular professional pedicures every week during the summer. This will eliminate the cracked heel problem, when a pro buffs your feet to total smoothness. You can also work on caring for your feet at home. At night, lather your feet with a heavy moisturizer, even petroleum jelly will work its magic overnight. Then in the morning, exfoliate with a salt-based body scrub, like the OROGOLD Scrub, and using a pedicure foot file, buff away any remaining jagged skin by your heels. Do this at least 2 or 3 times a week to keep them smooth.

Woman sunbathing in a beach.

Problem: Sunburn!
First you are a bad, bad girl for getting a sunburn in the first place. Just kidding! It happens even when we seem to be vigilant with sunscreen. So when you get home, and feel that telltale warmth creeping over your skin be sure to apply an aloe based after sun product. Make sure that actual aloe is the first ingredient listed, and it’s not just dyed green goop you are putting on your skin posing as aloe vera. This will help to hydrate, and soothe the burn. Apply morning and night until the burn goes away. If you are in some serious pain, then you might want to soak in a lukewarm milk bath to help cool the burn. The amino acids in the milk are calming, in the same way that if you eat a hot pepper, you can kill the burn by taking a big swig of icy cold milk to neutralize the pain.

Woman touching her dehydrated skin.

Problem: Dehydrated Skin
Maybe you are peeling from a bad sunburn, or just are dry in general from time out in the sun. Get in the habit of using a strong moisturizer for your body skin. Try OROGOLD’s 24K Body Butter. This super rich moisturizer feels so thick and emollient, body butter is the perfect name for it.

Woman with frizzy hair.

Problem: Frizzy Out of Control Hair
Summer is notorious for high humidity in most areas across the United States. Luckily for us, the hair care industry is on top of things. There are many products geared towards frizz prevention. Living Proof, the hair care line co-owned by celebrity “Friend” Jennifer Aniston has just come out with a Living Proof No Frizz Humidity Proof Shield ($22). This patented product works even on dry hair to block out the humidity and correct the first signs of frizz. Its frizz-fighting molecule (OFPMA) together with an anti-static agent, UV protectants and soothing emollients help to smooth hair to perfection. It’s the only product you’ll need for frizz this summer.

Quick Fixes for Summer Hair Problems – OROGOLD Reviews

The extra heat and humidity that summer brings can quickly result in dry, damaged hair, as well as plenty of other hair problems. To keep your hair looking its best during these warmer months, take a look at OROGOLD’s quick fixes for common summer hair problems.

Woman wearing a swimming cap in a pool.

Protect Your Hair From Chlorine
Often, the most refreshing way to get away from the heat on a scorching day is to jump into the pool. However, swimming pools are filled with chlorine, which can easily, and quickly, damage your hair. Applying oil in your hair before stepping into the water is a great way to protect it, especially if you don’t want to be wearing a tight swimming cap. OROGOLD also recommends that after your swim, you do not use shampoo in your hair, and just rinse it with plain water.

Woman conditioning her hair

Use Hydrating Hair Products
The sun will severely dehydrate your hair, and the best way to put some of this necessary moisture back into it is to use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. These are packed with essential oils and plant extracts that will nourish your hair and leave it looking healthy, even in the hottest of temperatures. A conditioning treatment is also a useful product to have in your bathroom during the summer, as this is basically the same as giving your hair a facial! OROGOLD suggests applying a hydrating, deep conditioner before lying out in the sun, as this will not only enable the conditioner to penetrate deeper into your hair, but will also protect your hair from the sun.

Woman using a hair spray

Invest in an Anti-Frizz Spray or Serum
Humidity can bring out the worst in hair, and a huge tangle of frizz is not what anybody wants while trying to make the most of summer. A serum that is rich in vitamin E will help to control wavy hair, smoothing away any frizz. An anti-humidity spray is also extremely useful, and should be the last thing that you apply to your hair, after you have already styled it. Rather than applying it straight onto your hair, OROGOLD recommends spritzing some into the air and walking through the mist.

Woman wearing a broad rimmed hat in a beach

Sunscreen For Your Hair
When exposed to the sun, hair can often lighten, especially if it has been highlighted. Dark haired people aren’t exempt from this either, as the sun can turn their hair brassy, or slightly red. The best way to avoid this is to wear a wide-brimmed hat whenever you’re out in the sun, or even a scarf tied around your hair. However, when that isn’t an option, OROGOLD recommends using a hair product that has UV protection and contains vitamin E and sunflower oil, as this should give your hair sufficient protection.

Depending on where you spend the summer, the heat that your skin and hair will experience will be much more intense than usual. Taking good care of your hair and preventing any problems from occurring is the best way to ensure a carefree summer vacation!

Canadian Beauty Bloggers – OROGOLD Reviews

Woman wearing a beautiful gold necklace with her laptop in a cafe

When you need hair advice, makeup tutorials or up-to-date style tips, beauty blogs will be one of your best sources of information. Whether it be for their infectious personality or industry makeup secrets, OROGOLD reviews some of our favorite Canadian beauty bloggers.

Beauty Editor
Beauty Editor is a blog by Michelle Villett, who used to be the beauty and health editor for ELLE Canada. The beauty team, of which there are several different contributors, each with their own area of beauty expertise, regularly share their beauty know-how, and tackle many of those issues that people don’t like to draw attention to, such as grey or thinning hair. Beauty Editor also shows readers how to create many of the latest celebrity looks, reviews hot products and shares any new insider beauty knowledge that they may have gained. Since Michelle has experience writing for magazines, the tone of her blog manages to be the perfect balance of informative and fun.

Glitter Geek
Glitter Greek was created in 2007, by makeup enthusiast Arianne de Guzman, from Ontario, Canada, who soon went on to study makeup artistry. Arianne now works as a freelance makeup artist who posts step-by-step photo makeup tutorials, from casual vampy lips to the classic smoky eye. Arianne also blogs about new beauty collections and does frequent product reviews, sharing her latest product success stories with her readers. One of the reasons why OROGOLD loves Glitter Geek is because of the way Arianne’s vivacious personality shines through in all of her posts.

Daly Beauty
Jane Daly is a beauty expert who started her blog, Daly Beauty, in 2010. In addition to being an expert beauty consultant for Dove, Jane is also a regular guest on radio and television shows, providing beauty and lifestyle advice. Daly Beauty covers the latest beauty and fragrance products from an informative yet objective point of view, which many of her readers have grown to really trust over the years. Jane’s blog was named Best Beauty Blog by ELLE online, and she has also been listed as one of the best beauty insiders by Huffington Post.

Lipstick Powder n Paint
In 2006, Lesley Ellen Mirza founded Lipstick Powder n Paint, and quickly became the go-to blog for recreating runway and celebrity inspired looks. In addition to being a spokesperson for GARNIER, collaborating with major brands on beauty projects and earning mentions in magazines such as WWD, Lesley also created an eye shadow named Parisian Skies, which sold out in the first 2 days of its first production run. In addition to blogging about beauty, Lesley also covers fitness and health trends, fashion, and travel, as well as reviewing some of the most luxurious spas around the world.

All of OROGOLD’s favorite Canadian beauty blogs also have their own social media accounts, from Facebook pages to YouTube channels to Instagram feeds, making it possible for their readers to get their beauty advice on the go. Some blogs are best for their industry beauty secrets, while others are loved for their detailed makeup tutorials, so take the time to have a look at what each of the different beauty blogs can offer you.

OROGOLD Brings You High End Hair Products

If you are in the market for some new luxury hair products but aren’t quite sure what you want to buy or where to begin, OROGOLD would like to offer you some tips and advice on products we highly recommend. These are some of the best products on the market as of right now that we know of, and we would like to share that information with our great fans and readers. Enjoy, and be sure to implement at least some of these products into your hair regimen.

OROGOLD Brings You High End Hair Products


Lionesse Hair Serum

The Lionesse Hair Serum is a fine blend of luxury ingredients to provide you with sleek, manageable hair while providing plenty of shine and taming frizz and flyaways. This hair serum is a fantastic addition to your daily hair regimen whether you straighten your hair, blow dry your hair, or wear it wavy or curly. Add healthy shine and sheen with this fantastic product. Retail value is $70.


Herstyler Hair Straightener

Herstyler has some fantastic hair straighteners in both ceramic and tourmaline. Both of these types of straighteners provide high heat for a smooth finish without damaging the hair in any way. You will only need to make one pass through your hair with one of these amazing straighteners for fast, effortless and time-saving straightened hair. They come in a variety of colors and with many different options and upgrades. The Herstyler Straightener retails at $200+.


Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment

Moroccan Oil Hair Treatments from the Moroccan Oil hair company will make your hair feel silky smooth and frizz free. It won’t weigh your hair down like some other Moroccan Oils, and doesn’t feel greasy or heavy. Just a small bit does a big job. It also works wonders for damaged, overworked hair. Retail value is $36.


Serge Normant Meta Lush Volumizer

For those with flat, lifeless and dull hair, this great volumizing spray will provide you with all the volume you could possibly want. Just a simple spray to the roots of the hair and a quick tousle will give you more lush, voluminous hair in a snap. Infused with botanicals, UV protection, and proteins to strengthen the hair, this is a top notch product for any woman with thin hair. Retail value $23.


Living Proof Prime Style Extender

As a newer and innovative product in the hair care line, hair primers are a fantastic way to keep your hair style longer and keep your style looking fresh all day long. We love this particular version due to the fact that it is virtually weightless, and smells fantastic. Retail value $20.


The Proof is ‘in the Pudding’

Whether you choose to use one of these products or other high end products, choosing luxury products far supersedes opting for those which are lesser in price and quality. Splurging on great-for-you products is how you can guarantee perfect style every time.

High End Beauty Gadgets

When we think of beauty we don’t typically think of gadgets – but that’s all about to change! OROGOLD would love to get you intrigued by introducing you to a few of the hottest beauty gadgets that you can get your pretty little hands on right now. Some are simple, while others are a bit far out. Either way, we know you will love them – so, you’re welcome!

High End Beauty Gadgets



The Q-Redew is an innovative, amazing just plain fantastic tool for any curly-haired girl. A must have to keep in your bathroom or even in your car, this spiffy little gadget will transform the way you feel about your curly locks in a snap. The Q-Redew allows you to fix and touch up your curls when you are pressed for time or on the run. You can style and refresh your style all with one tool! The best part? Even girls with straight, thin hair can use it and it will give them waves to be envied. On the lower end of the price spectrum, this gadget sells for about $70.00.



Goodbye, crow’s feet, and hello youthful skin! PaloVia is a fantastic FDA approved laser treatment tool that you can purchase and use in the comfort of your own home whenever you have a few minutes. The results are well documented throughout many reviews and before/after pictures – and we must agree, it really seems to work wonders! PaloVia’s current retail value is $499.00.


PMD Microdermabrasion System

Exfoliation is one of the best things a woman can do for her skin. It can provide a clean, flawless look as new skin cells are regenerated and the old skin cells are removed. It’s magical, really. By use of Aluminum-oxide crystals found in many microdermabrasion methods utilized in your Dermatologist’s office, you will renew and regenerate your skin to levels you have never before seen. The PMD Microdermabrasion System is valued at $179.00.


Baby Quasar Plus Basic

Light therapy has become increasingly popular for many skin conditions. Though many at home light therapy tools have claimed to treat and even heal a myriad of skin conditions, their claims tend to fall short and money is generally wasted. The Baby Quasar Plus Basic is a phenomenal tool that actually works for results you can see and feel. Acne is diminished and aging is prevented through use of this special light therapy tool. Retail value is $399.00 and worth every penny.


NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device

This device is as handy as they come. For any woman looking to fight pre-mature aging, you may want to invest in one of these incredibly clever gadgets to add to your beauty and skin care regimen. By use of microcurrents pulsating through your skin, the aging process is halted and prevented. It’s rather a fabulous piece of equipment, in our opinion! The NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device retails at $325.00.



With so many high tech, high end beauty gadgets on the market, it’s difficult to choose only a small few to tell our readers about. We hope you will look into the products we have reviewed, and let us know your own thoughts or concerns. Have you had personal experience with one of these products? Let us know in a comment.