Fall Beauty Product Launches

Woman shopping in a beauty store

While Fashion Week‘s purpose is to launch next season’s clothing, it also serves the purpose of signaling when fall is upon us with all its changes. Beauty products, like other aspects of fashion, are sometimes seasonal. There have been a number of interesting recent makeup releases from recognizable names in the business. OROGOLD is going to touch on some of these products to give you an idea of what’s new in the makeup world. Don’t hesitate to try some of these products, especially those from companies known for quality, as you might just find a new look that will suit you throughout the colder months of the year.

Guo Pei Collection (MAC)
Despite being released in the fall, this collection focuses distinctly on light, floral colors. The packaging for the various products reflect this with airy designs recalling the color and life of spring. It isn’t the most substantial collection in the world, but offers a small selection of shadows, lip color, and other basics. The floral colors offer a pleasant contrast to the tone the world begins to take as the seasons turn. Additionally, they offer a way to give yourself a healthy looking glow when used correctly. The Geo Pei Collection is a limited release MAC product line and at the higher end of their products. You can be sure of its quality and the staying power of its color.

Dolce & Gabbana
Fashion houses being involved in beauty products isn’t a new thing, but it isn’t what made their names. This fall Dolce & Gabbana have released a collection centered around coordinating with their fall and winter clothing lines. The tones available are all expertly coordinated to make the most of being paired with the clothing and make an excellent addition to anyone loyal to the fashion house. Trendy fashion hackers can certainly use this makeup as well to get the best of their own tastes paired with high quality makeup. OROGOLD suggests making the most of any palette you decide to try as such experimentation is what drives beauty and fashion forward.

Tarte Holiday 2015 (Sephora)
Focusing on the use of stained Amazonian clays, this collection is all about holiday inspired colors despite being released in the fall. The various light tones allow you to add a splash of color to your face to create a cheerful contrast to a potentially darker wardrobe. Blushes make up the centerpiece for this collection, but there are others makeup types as well. Some lipsticks are available in the set as well as a large eye shadow palette devoted to making your the life of any gathering over the coming seasons. Their placement in Sephora helps to provide just that extra bit of confidence in their quality. It doesn’t have to be the largest collection to be a good potential addition to your makeup kit.

These are only a few of the makeup releases that have come out so far in fall. Plenty more will come out as fall progresses, and many of them may end up being holiday focused like the last one. OROGOLD reminds you that classifying the particular color sets as seasonal serves as a handy guide, but don’t feel bound to them. Color has its own language and you’re certainly well-versed enough in it to know what works.