OROGOLD’s Tips to Stay Forever Young – ORO GOLD Reviews

Forever young women jumpingAt one point or another, you have thought wistfully about the skin, hair or body you had when you were young. Aging is an inevitable experience of life, but there are ways to age gracefully. While there is no proverbial fountain of youth, there are changes you can make to your daily routine that help you look and feel younger. Below, learn the top 5 tips and tricks that will help you stay forever young.

Refine Your Diet

The people of Okinawa, Japan live the longest out of all citizens on Earth. Experts have long studied the diets and lifestyles these individuals lead to discover their secrets of seemingly eternal youth. To fight age, you need to do so from the inside out. Changing the types, and amounts, of food that you consume can help you feel more youthful. Always eat at least the daily recommended fruits and vegetables and add good fats, such as those from nuts, into your diet as well.

Drink More Water

Any expert on health and beauty will tell you to follow this guideline. Your body is composed of anywhere from 55% to 75% water, other individual parts are made of more water, so it makes sense that to function at an optimal level you need to consume water. Often, the face is one of the first areas to show age with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When you drink an appropriate amount of water, your skin appears youthful, glowing and plump, which naturally softens the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Beyond improving your appearance, water helps to keep you energized, lubricates bones and joints and improves your brain function.

Practice Proper Skin Care

Maintaining a good skin care regimen is an excellent way to help your body feel as soft and look as glowing as it did when you were young. Exfoliate skin two to three times a week to remove any dead skin cells from the surface and to stimulate circulation. Wear moisturizer and use body lotion regularly. Keeping your skin from drying out significantly helps you to look younger. Finally, apply sunscreen before you go outside, every single time you go outside. It may seem excessive, especially in the dark winter months, but the damage done by the sun’s UV rays occur no matter what the season is. Combat the harmful rays by wearing a sunscreen or finding a moisturizer with a good level of SPF in it.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

You have a busy life and it seems you can never find enough hours in the day to accomplish everything, let alone sleep an appropriate amount. However, it is important to get quality sleep each night. A good night’s sleep does more than energize you for your day ahead, it also aids weight loss and helps to keep your stress levels down. Experts recommend avoiding your technological devices, such as tablets, phones, computers and televisions for 20 minutes prior to your bedtime. A general guideline is to aim for six to eight hours of sleep each night.

Start Moving

Regular exercise in a recommendation for all people, not just those wanting to lose weight or look younger. Exercise helps to maintain muscle tone, reduce stress, shed pounds, build strong and healthy bones and increase brain power. In fact, it is thought that the simple act of walking for ten minutes a day can lessen your chance of developing Alzheimer’s.

You can’t stop the aging process, but you can practice healthy habits that keep you looking and feeling young, longer. Remember, though your skin may not be as tight as it once was, your hair doesn’t look as shiny or you suddenly aren’t as flexible, aging does have its advantages. Embrace the aging process and enjoy seeing the world from a healthy new perspective.

OROGOLD with Advice on Developing a Signature Fragrance – ORO GOLD Reviews

Perfume fragranceEveryone who is anyone has a fragrance line with their name on it. Celebrities like Beyonce, Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift all have their own line of fragrances. Despite the charms of smelling like their favorite stars, everyone doesn’t like the idea. This is where customized perfumes become so important. People are getting more and more attracted towards customization because they simply don’t want to smell like someone else. People are always looking forward to smell unique, have a signature fragrance and smell like themselves. In this article, OROGOLD helps you understand how to develop a signature fragrance.

Educate yourself

One of the first things that you need to do before shopping for your own fragrance is to learn the art of fragrance making and understand what it takes to develop your signature scent. You don’t want to develop something that is too strong and leaves you with unwanted headaches. You want to explore all sorts of aromas to find something that suits your personality the best before you start mixing and matching them. Roses might be the most popular floral fragrance, but there is a lot more to floral scents. You might not like a particular floral smell, but another one might just end up captivating you. This is why educating yourself about the world of fragrances is so important before you go about building your signature fragrance.

Understand your personality

Understanding your own personality can work wonders in choosing a scent that really works for you. You have all sorts of scents to choose from – things like woody scents, fresh scents, spicy oriental scents and floral scents can work wonders for you. You can also visit popular perfume stores and take whiffs of different scents which fall under different categories to find one that suits you the best.

Understand your notes

Any signature fragrance should have three notes – a top, a base and the middle. The top note is the first impression that you want to leave. It should be invigorating and refreshing. It should be something that really makes your day when you wake up and invigorates you for the journey ahead. The base is the longest lasting part of your fragrance. It is what you’re finally left with after the top and middle notes evaporate. You could look at soothing smells like creamy vanilla or choose sensual smells like earthy, green or musk. The middle note is what you’re left with about 30 minutes after applying the fragrance. The middle note should always be a scent that helps you to settle into the day. Things like spice and soft florals are perfect ideas for the middle note. Once you evaluate the various notes and shortlist your favored smells, it’s time to experiment with different smells to create your signature fragrance.

Start experimenting  

Experimenting with your signature fragrance can be a lot of fun. You need to blend various essential oils and try to determine which smells blend well with each other. You can find these oils in any specialty perfume store. A number of online sites also offer different quality oils so you can pick and choose things that are perfect for your own needs. Essential oils are made using natural ingredients like herbs, fruits and flowers and they tend to be more expensive than those fragrance oils. Essential oils don’t contain any synthetic materials that can damage your skin either. If you have sensitive skin, you should always look at adding a few drops of almond oil or baby oil in your blends.

Add alcohol into your blend  

Once you combine the right essential oils, you need to add pharmaceutical-grade alcohol into your blend before you can bottle it for spritzing. The more alcohol you add into the blend, the more the fragrance dilutes. Make sure that you never use rubbing alcohol. With a little bit of research, you can actually find the right alcohol at a place near you. It is always advisable to use a dropper while adding alcohol because it becomes easier to mix the right quantities and things are less messy as well.

Wear the scent correctly

Most people end up going wrong when it comes to wearing the scent. For maximum effect, you need to wear the scent on your pressure points. This means that you need to apply it on the nape of your neck, your cleavage, the insides of your thighs, behind the knees and on your ankles. As the pulse points start warming up, the fragrance rises. The secret to making your fragrance last throughout the day is to apply it on the right places. Never spritz the fragrance in the air and walk through the perfume cloud because this really doesn’t work and it also leads to a lot of wastage.

OROGOLD on How to Look Amazing in Pictures – ORO GOLD Reviews

Taking a selfWe often try out ways to look good in pictures. Living in the Selfie generation and not knowing how to look good in a picture can actually be quite disastrous because not having a good picture means that we have nothing to post on our Facebook and Instagram profiles. And what person in the modern world isn’t active on social media? One of our biggest goals in life is to ensure that we don’t end up embarrassing ourselves when we get tagged on social networking websites. We are also always on the lookout for cute pictures where we look beautiful. OROGOLD Cosmetics shows you how to look amazing in pictures with this simple guide. So, whether you’re getting a professional photograph clicked or are taking a Selfie, following these tips from ORO GOLD can go a long way in ensuring that you look amazing while getting a photo clicked.

Makeup Tricks

The first and foremost lesson that you need to learn is how to maximize your looks with the help of makeup. You need makeup that doesn’t make you completely stand out, but doesn’t make you look dull either. Here are some of the top OROGOLD makeup tips to help you look amazing in pictures.

  • Choose an HD Foundation – If you’re very serious about getting the perfect picture clicked, you should always try to use a High-Definition foundation. This foundation was initially created for TV hosts and actresses and it almost looks invisible when you wear it. It is also available in all sorts of shades and it can hide just about everything.
  • Always start off with a primer – A primer helps to fade away the infections and fill in the fine lines that those horrible camera lenses always tend to focus on. Make sure that you invest in a good primer because it can make a world of difference to your overall looks.
  • Choose the right concealer – If the concealer you use is too light, you will end up having halos all around the eye area. If the concealer you use is too dark, you will end up having circles. Choose one that adjusts to your skin to solve your concealer problems once and for all.
  • Mind your neck – If you don’t venture further down with your foundation, you could have a face and a neck area that have a noticeable difference.
  • Use a blush and some bronzer – Using just one of these two products can make you look flat in the photograph. Apply the bronzer around your cheekbones and on the outside of your face. Follow this up with a blush by applying it to the apples of your cheeks.
  • Reinforce your brows – Your brows bring out the bone structure in a picture. Subtly sketch your brows with a pencil because they often tend to disappear in photographs.
  • Beautify your smile – OROGOLD recommends that you use a lip gloss that has a hint of blue. The tint automatically makes your teeth look whiter and brighter.
  • Keep the shine at bay – Putting a lot of powder can make your skin look very dry and dull in the photograph. Try to use oil-absorbing sheets to blot away that shine.

What Colors to Wear

Things like blacks, greens, turquoise and greens can act as the perfect base colors for the perfect photograph. You can always accent them with more dominant colors like red and pink. Try to keep the dominant colors for accents because they end up taking away the focus from your face. It also helps to stay away from using yellow, unless you plan to use it as an accent. One of the ideal color schemes that is preferred by women the world over is orange, brown, tan and a hint of maroon. You need tones that suit each other and go well with your overall personality. Here are a few ORO GOLD tips on what colors to wear for the best photographs.

  • Be wary of color contrasts – Stay away from colors that end up washing out your face. If you wear a color that resembles your skin tone, you won’t look well defined in the photograph. Stick to lighter and darker tones and ensure that you maintain a good contrast between your clothing and your skin color. If you have a dark or an olive colored complexion, white might be an ideal color to choose.
  • Coordinate your colors, don’t match them – You don’t need to wear perfectly matching colors. Try to use a few colors that go well with each other and look good together.
  • Limit the use of patterns – Patterns are not for everyone because they often end up distracting the final image.
  • Accessorize yourself – Accessories give your outfit an exciting value add and they also improve the way you look in a photograph. A necklace that the kids can play with, a hat which you can hide behind or a tie that you can hold while embracing your man are ideal things to look at.
  • Avoid all whites and all blacks – All whites and all blacks are totally out of fashion. If you’re wearing an all white shirt or an all black shirt, it is easy to lose the details in the photograph.

Poses that work best

Who doesn’t post photos of themselves in today’s Selfie driven world. One of the main things that truly define these Selfies is your pose. People often wonder about the best ways to pose for photos and finding your go-to pose can actually work wonders in transforming the way you look in a photograph. You need to understand that posing is actually a personal thing and poses that work for some might not necessarily work for others. The trick is to determine the pose in which you look better and the moves that really work for you. Check out these OROGOLD suggestions to find the perfect pose.

  • The Look Down pose – Call it the Look Down pose or the Armpit Sniff pose. When you’re posing for a solo photograph, this pose can help you appear to be effortless and this gives a more candid result.
  • The Arm Tuck pose – When you’re in the center along with a group of people, tuck in your elbows at your sides and angle the palms forward. Tilt your head slightly to one side. This gives you more personality and dimension rather than staring directly into the camera.
  • The Pop Your Collar pose – The Pop Your Collar pose is an ideal way to look candid. Try doing something while posing for a photograph. Things like pushing back a lock of hair or adjusting your collar can help you appear to be effortless.
  • The Sideways Snuggle pose – The Sideways Snuggle pose is an ideal one to employ when you’re clicking a photograph with your boyfriend. Angle your body towards the person and enjoy the side-face angle. Try to make eye contact with the person’s chest or face and this should make the photo appear to be very flattering and intimate.
  • The Jackie Chan pose – If you’re looking to appear silly and badass in the photo, all you have to do is employ the Jackie Chan fighting or leg kick pose.
  • The Lolly-Pop Head pose – The Lolly-Pop Head pose is ideal for a red carpet photograph. It requires an overhead angle that makes your head look slightly bigger and your body looks slightly smaller. Ask the person taking the photograph to stand on a step and angle the camera down if you’re looking to get this result.
  • The Thumb In Pocket pose – This simple pose is easy for a solo or a group photo and it makes you look completely at ease.
  • The Hand on Hip pose – The Hand on Hip pose is perfect if you’re at the end of the line in a group photo. This saves your arm from looking wider because of the lens angle. It also accentuates the slims of your arm and the nip of your waist. When using this pose, try angling your chin downwards.

Find the best OROGOLD tips that work for you from all three sections of this guide and you should be able to look amazing in all your future photographs. So take out those Selfie sticks and start clicking.

A Whole New Do – OROGOLD Helps You Revamp Your Hairstyle

Woman getting a hair cutEvery now and then, keeping the same hairstyle tends to become monotonous and we like to change it up a bit. There are so many variations as to what hair style you could choose. From dying your hair, to adding strands of vibrant color, to highlights, to haircuts of various styles, there are so many different options to choose from.

Deciding on what style is right for you is sometimes easy. Other times, it’s not as easy as we would have hoped it would be. There are many websites dedicated to providing you with a new look, or general ideas of new looks. There are also many books and magazines at salons, which are usually kept up to date with the current trends. Sometimes, asking your hair stylist what they think is right for you works. This is risky business, though, considering the style they might like may be something you completely despise.

Aside from choosing a style you want, you can also attend hair shows, where you can volunteer as a hair model and have your hair cut, colored, and styled in a completely new and often times shocking look – something to think about for the more daring souls. OROGOLD helps you revamp your style with this helpful guide.

Finding a New Color

Finding a color that’s right for you is usually done based upon your skin tone. Certain colors may not look good on those of lighter or darker skin tones, and sometimes can make you look washed out. Choosing something that meshes well with your eye color, taking your features into consideration (i.e. freckles) is usually helpful establishing the right color choice for you. When in doubt, get a professional opinion before making the big decision to make a color change – especially if it’s something completely different than what your natural color actually is.

Finding a Cut That Fits

Sometimes, all it takes to give your hair a fresh new look is a new style or cut. Finding a cut that works for you should be based around the shape of your face, and your weight. These should be taken into consideration as well as what you actually want out of your hair style. If you choose a style that is difficult to maintain and you are always short on time, most likely you are going to hate the style because you can never make it look just right. Choose something that fits your lifestyle, and provides you with the level of design and difficulty suited to your time budget.

Adding Bangs

Sometimes, doing something as simple as adding some bangs can give you a whole new look. There are many different kinds of bangs to choose from, such as:

  • Baby bangs
  • Side swept bangs
  • Straight cut bangs
  • Razor cut bangs
  • Thick cut bangs
  • Angled bangs

Aside from getting some new bangs, perhaps adding a splash of color to them could also incorporate a new look. You could opt for a chunky highlight, or strands of a vibrant color such as blue or pink, to give your hair the ‘oomph’ you crave, all while not doing too much in terms of change.

All in all, a new hair style is a sure fire way to give you a fresh new look, without breaking the bank and consuming too much time.

OROGOLD on Caring for Middle Eastern Skin

Middle Eastern woman with beautiful skinMiddle eastern women are famous for their beautiful looking skin. The people of middle east are considered to have the most beautiful skin in the world. Some of the most beautiful TV personalities of the world have middle eastern features. Among the most famous examples of middle eastern skin include Shakira and Paula Abdul. According to some studies, Middle Easterners enjoy the youngest looking and healthiest skin in the world. This type of skin is also known to face signs of aging at a much later age with wrinkles usually not beginning until one crosses the age of 40. However, despite all these advantages, Middle Eastern skin is also known to be very susceptible to problems like dark circles and puffy eyes. Dark patches and pigmentation are other problems that many Middle Eastern women complain of. OROGOLD reviews some of the best tips for caring for your middle eastern skin.

Use suitable skin care products

Skin care products that contain Kojic Acid or Arbutin are known to be amazing in terms of dark patches on the skin and dark circles under the eyes. Women with Middle Eastern skin should also ensure that they add a quality eye cream that is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin K into their skin care routine.

Maintain your personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is very important for people with Middle Eastern skin. Things like removing make-up before sleeping, cleansing your skin every morning and night, removing the dirt and oils from your face before sleeping and exfoliating your face at regular intervals is very important. This helps to ensure that your skin has the requisite cleanliness that it needs to breathe.

Protect your skin from the sun

Protecting your skin from the sun is extremely important. One of the reasons why women in the Middle East enjoy great skin is that they usually keep their faces covered while out of the house. Sun exposure can lead to premature aging. If you must go out in the sun, make sure that you choose broad spectrum sunscreens which offers SPF 30 sun protection and cover up your face as much as possible.

Take care of your diet

Eating fresh food is very important for women with Middle Eastern skin. One of the main reasons why people in the Middle East enjoy better skin is that they eat fresher food when compared to those in the west. This helps to improve their overall health and nourish their skin from within. It is also important to maintain a balanced diet, add a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables into the diet and stay away from food items that torment your skin.

Use moisturizers religiously

Using moisturizers on a regular basis helps the skin to retain its moisture and maintain a smoother texture. Women with Middle Eastern skin should apply moisturizers right after stepping out of the shower.

Take care of your sleep schedule

Since dark circles are one of the main skin issues for people with Middle Eastern skin, ensuring a proper sleep pattern is very important. Sleep deprivation is sure to lead to dark circles if you have Middle Eastern skin. Make sure that you sleep for 8 – 9 hours every night and try to maintain fixed sleeping and waking times.

The Orogold Man’s Guide to Style

Most men spend very little time in styling and grooming themselves. Call it what you will, but many  men commonly ignore subtle things such as hairstyles, belts, ties and shoes. If you’re a part of this group of men, it is time to change. To state the obvious, fashion has dramatically evolved over the years and taking care of one’s looks and appearances is not just restricted to the female sex anymore. The Orogold Man’s Guide to Style puts forward a few tips and tricks that should help you get away from this bracket and develop a reputation as a man of style and sosphistication. Remember, ladies are not hung up on your good looks and deep pockets alone. Dressing and grooming properly along with having the right etiquette help to represent you in the best possible light, giving you an edge in many facets of your life.


Orogold Men’s Fashion Tips

Fashion tips are not just about telling you what to wear and what not to wear. It also has a lot to do with how you wear a piece of clothing and the look you sport. Ultimately, fashion tips are offered to remind you of the subtle things that can make a world of difference in your overall appearance. Check out our guide to understand what’s hot and what’s not:

 Styling guy with denim on denim look

Fashion Tip # 1 – Shirts are more than simple pieces of clothing

Until recently, men’s shirts have had a generic, loose fitting look. Then came about a need to create slimmer looking shirts and more flattering cuts. The new shirts that began to roll out came across as a major shock to men who were accustomed to loose fitting shirts. That being said, these shirts are a blessing in disguise for men with toned physiques and wide chests.  This soon spurred other men to get into the slim fit business. Today, shirts are not just defined as pieces of clothing. Quality and finesse and well crafted elements such as collars and cuffs also play an important role in defining how a man looks. Some of the must haves for your wardrobe include black evening shirts, crispy white shirts and a dash of color. Remember, the idea is to venture above and beyond the mundane. In fact, the whole point of modern day fashion is to stand out in a crowd. So venturing beyond your standard blue shirts is a must. Try to experiment with daring elements such as a dash of bright pink just behind the collar. Adding a few accessories to your shirts doesn’t hurt either.


Fashion Tip # 2 – The Denim Debate

Yes, men have sported dark colored denim for years. But, there is a wide range available at the other end of the spectrum as well. You need to forget the old rules about only wearing a single piece of denim at one time. In fact, cowboy styled T-shirts look perfect paired with slim fit denim jeans for a casual outing. Just make sure to choose two different colors of denim so the don’t blend together. Furthermore, nothing suits a man more than a navy jacket when it is worn at night for a casual evening get-together. It helps to offer a classic look and is perfect if you’re one of those men who prefer things on the go.


Fashion Tip # 3 – Power dressing is the key to elegance

Power dressing has become the key to looking distinguished. The difficulty with power dressing is choosing the correct accessories; take notice of shoes and match them with the clothes or suit. Some men end up ruining their otherwise excellent looking attire by pairing something too casual like a pair of sneakers with their suit to the office. One rule of thumb that works well is matching your belt and shoes (both matte black leather, for example).


Fashion Tip # 4 – Belts can be a man’s best friend

Belts are never given the importance that they deserve. If you really want to understand the importance of a belt, just take a look at a woman in a belted dress. Use these belts properly and they can turn out to be extremely important accessories. They help you to look complete and also make you appear more trim. Sleeker belts are always a better option and black, brown or beige are standard colors.

Stylish man in sunglasses and denim jacket

Fashion Tip # 5 – It’s time to look beyond the time of the day

A watch is the perfect men’s accessory for nearly any occasion. There’s no better way to spend your extra money than investing in something which can make you stand out in a crowd. From Swiss-made timepieces to understated leather wraps, there are a range of collections that simply cannot be avoided by any cosmopolitan man.


Orogold Men’s Grooming Tips

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but man cleaning is the newest thing. If you haven’t heard of it, just look at the men of Hollywood. Who knows how man cleaning really came about but stars like David Beckham and Ryan Gosling are making it obvious that a well groomed man is de rigerur. The mass population has followed suit and started to become extremely conscious about their grooming skills Read on to understand why guys need to include grooming into their style routine to boost confidence and curb appeal.


Grooming Tip # 1 – Cleanse your face regularly with facial soap

Most men use the same soap on their body as well as their face. Most body soaps that men use are too harsh for the facial skin. For this reason, it is important to invest in something that has been made just for the face as facial skin is far more sensitive than the rest of the body. Regularly cleansing your face will do wonders for your overall looks.


Grooming Tip # 2 – Less is always more when it comes to colognes and deodorants

It’s nice to smell good, but you don’t want it to be the only thing people notice about you. Fragrance is an extremely personal preference and all men must ensure that they find one that fits them the best. All you need to realize is that fragrances are meant to be applied on the body, not to be bathed them.

Stylish man in slim suit

Grooming Tip # 3 – Brush and floss daily

It really doesn’t matter if your teeth are pearly white and perfectly straight. However, it does matter whether or not you keep them neat and clean. No one looks appealing when built up plaque can be seen on their teeth.. On top of being good for your teeth, flossing has also been said to be good for your heart.


Grooming Tip # 4 – “Manscaping”

There’s nothing wrong with a little body hair, but it’s important to keep it maintained. Waxing off back hair, trimming “below the belt”, and other means of “manscaping” can do a lot for your comfort and make your physique more pleasant to the eye. It might feel awkward at first, but you may find yourself enjoying the results in the long run.


Grooming Tip # 5 – Trim your eyebrows and your nose hair

There is nothing worse than having a unibrow apart from having hair jutting out of your nose. It is important to ensure that you trim your eyebrows and nose hair at least once every week. If you’ve ever had a lengthy conversation with someone whose nose hair keeps peeking out to appear in your vision, you would be aware of what we’re trying to say. As they say, the first step towards fashion begins with grooming.


Which of these tips is your favorite? Sound off in the comments!

Get Your Gold On

Gold chandelier earrings add a statement to your outfit

We all want to feel luxurious, and what can make you feel more luxurious than golden accessories? Not only does it look beautiful, but it is also healthiest for your body: gold earrings are often used in ear piercing because the metal doesn’t typically cause the body to have an allergic reaction.

Whether it’s earrings, bracelets or necklaces, gold can bring in that bright spot of beauty into even the most casual outfit. You find gold in accessories beyond the traditional jewelry. Look for gold-colored belts, shoes, purses and even headbands that can help take a simple everyday outfit to a higher territory.

OROGOLD reviews  10 quick tips for wearing gold accessories:

-If you’re going to wear big statement pieces, keep it to just one. Do not wear large hoops, a long golden necklace and big gold bangles all at once. It can take your look from classy to tacky in no time.

-If you’re opting for gold accessories other than jewelry like a belt, headband or shoes, make sure it becomes the standout color in your ensemble. Pair golden flats with a black dress, cinch in your jeans with a golden belt or use golden hair pieces against dark colored hair. The last thing you want is your gold to get lost among the rest of your outfit.Accessorize your outfit with gold jewelry

-It used to be that you couldn’t pair gold with silver. This is no longer the case, so feel free to mix and match as you see fit. For example, wearing a silver ring next to a beautiful gold watch can set off the watch instead of it blending in with another gold accessory.

-When choosing clothing colors, opt for neutrals and cooler colors to pair with gold to make it pop. Warm browns, cool navy blues, deep plums and even gray can make gold shine through. Lighter pastel tones as well as orangey and yellow colors should be avoided.

-If you’re scared of the brightness of gold, opt for a shade that reads a little more neutral. Champagne, or a rose gold, may be a great way to ease into the color, as is a golden bronze. These are also perfect for cooler skin tones that may clash with the bright yellow of regular gold.

-An outfit with golden details in it is ideal to go with golden accessories. A sheath dress with a gold cinching at the waist, a leather jacket with a gold-colored zipper or even a skirt with golden beading is the perfect backdrop for your favorite accessories. But just remember that less is more.

-Know about gold weights. There is a tremendous difference between 14K, 18K and 24K gold. Although 24K gold is pure gold and considered to be the highest standard of the metal, this is actually not desirable for jewelry as it is very soft and can break down quickly. Meanwhile, 14K can hold strong and give you the color you want, but is cheaper.

-Your gold doesn’t have to be 100 percent pure sparkle; fabrics in scarves, purses and more can have just a small dash of gold instead of that yellow color that screams “look at me!”. These are excellent to make your accessory into a neutral item to pair with everyday life without feeling like you’re going too far over the top.Gold flats at a bit of shine to your ensemble

-When wearing gold accessories, remember to keep your makeup look light to compliment it, not overshadow. You already have the big statement pieces in your outfit, so your makeup shouldn’t be competing with it. Warm eye shadow neutrals and muted pink lips go just fine with gold accessories. If you do opt for a bold color like a red lipstick, make sure the rest of your face remains natural.

What is your favorite way to wear gold? Let us know in the comments below!