Gold Fashion for Summer

Woman posing in red top and gold skirt

Metallics have been seen all over the Spring Summer 2017 runways, so it only makes sense to try to embrace this show-stopping trend. When it comes to the metallic shades, nothing quite beats a glamorous gold for the summer months, so here are a few pieces that you could invest in.

Pleated Gold Midi Skirt
Although the summer months may be warm enough to bare more skin than usual, there are always those occasions when you do not want to flash quite so much leg, making a midi skirt a great way to go. The pleated gold midi skirt from Zara is made from a frayed metallic fabric, giving it an edgy, down-to-earth vibe, but it still swings and flows in a way that is delightfully feminine.

Gold Loafers
Traditional loafers are a classic, and are being seen just about everywhere this summer. While your go-to black loafers may be looking slightly tired, a pair of metallic gold loafers, such as the style from Tod’s, will never fail to brighten up your day. Whether you wear them with cropped denim jeans or dark workwear, gold loafers will add a slightly futuristic edge to any outfit.

Gold Sandals
For those who are still not quite sold on the idea of wearing gold, trying this trend out with a pair of understated gold sandals is a great way to get your feet wet. Marc Jacobs has a pair that is perfect for this, as they are made from a cracked metallic leather and feature a covered heel and a buckled ankle strap, making them casual and perfect for lazy summer days.

Woman posing in gold bikini and shades

Gold Swimwear
If you have been wanting to buy a new swimsuit for this summer, try on a few gold swimsuits and see how much the color flatters your skin tone. Gold works with just about every skin color out there, making a gold swimsuit the perfect way to stand out on the beach this summer. From Melissa Odabash to Topshop to Martha Medeiros, there are so many brands out there that have their own stunning version of a gold swimsuit, so do explore all of the options.

Sequins and Crystals
With everything from sequins and crystals to beads and Art Deco motifs, the gold Patty Silk Chiffon Mini Dress from Alice and Olivia is perfectly suited for the summer. The dress boasts a plunging neckline and a flared silhouette, and would work well when paired with a clutch bag and some strappy summer sandals.

Rose Gold
If the idea of gold is still too bold for you, give rose gold a try instead. With its pinkish hue, rose gold is much more subtle, but just as on-trend. For a rose-gold dress that will soon become your go-to number for special occasions, take a look at Herve Leger, who have a figure-hugging metallic gold bandage dress that will beautifully accentuate your shape.

The subtle shimmer that metallic shades give to your outfit are enhanced even more by the bright summer light, making this the perfect trend for the summer months. Whether you opt for gold shoes or a gold skirt, these are some of the gold must-haves for your wardrobe this summer.

Polynesian Inspired Fashion

With vibrant colors and bold, graphic prints, Polynesian-inspired clothing is perfectly suited to the warm summer months. From beautifully exotic dresses to bold, printed heels, these are some of the highlights of the Polynesian inspired fashion styles that are currently out there.

Polynesian inspired fashion /

Resort Collections
Resort wear is ideally suited to Polynesian elements, with Mena being one brand that does this extremely well. With flowing silhouettes that feature graphic yet subtle prints, these styles provide an elegant taste of Polynesia. If there are designers that are particular favorites of yours, take a look through some of their resort collections, as you are bound to find a number of pieces that feature elements taken from Polynesia.

Polynesian Inspired Footwear
Polynesian inspired footwear is a great way to add an exotic element to your outfit, and there are some gorgeous custom-made designs available on Etsy. From casual Vans to towering stilettos, there are a number of talented artists that are using authentic Polynesian ink to create stunning prints on plain shades of these shoes.

Women wearing kimonos

The kimono was first brought to Hawaii by Japanese immigrants, and its style became quite popular on the islands. Today, the kimono continues to inspire designers all over the world, and Polynesian-printed kimonos are easily available. Pupuka is a Hawaiian brand that creates beautifully-structured kimonos, each one handmade using custom block-printed pieces of fabric, while Natalie Wood is an Australian designer that produces elegant kimonos that are favored by celebrities and the fashion elite. These are fantastic for the summertime, as they can be worn over swimwear to the beach, or over shorts and a tank top as a casual piece of outerwear. For a beachy look, opt for a brightly printed kimono in a semi-transparent fabric, while a solid-colored kimono with a few sophisticated details works well in the evenings.

Vintage Polynesian Prints
Alfred Shaheen was one of the masters of Polynesian prints, and there were many others just like him that produced truly incredible designs. Shaheen, in particular, revolutionized the print manufacturing industry at the time and was extraordinarily passionate about creating the finest prints, often using gold to trace around certain fabric details. While garments by masters such as Shaheen may be difficult to get hold of, Polynesian prints are widely available, and can brighten up just about any item of clothing.

Polynesian maxi dress

cycreation /

Polynesian Inspired Maxi Dresses
With a simple but flowing silhouette, maxi dresses lend themselves extremely well to Polynesian design details, especially when it comes to placement prints. Maxi dresses started to become more popular in Polynesia in the 70’s, many of them featuring plunging necklines and layered graphic prints.

Tropical Accessories
Accessories make it easy to bring some island life into your outfit, and there is so much out there to choose from. From hand-carved wooden jewelry to colorful floral headpieces, Polynesian-inspired accessories are fun and currently extremely on trend.

Reminiscent of tropical islands and a calmer way of life, designers have long since taken inspiration from Polynesia. From flowing maxi dresses to artistically printed shoes, these styles are a great way to add a sunny and exotic element to any outfit.

Top Luxury Watches

Luxury watch

Luxury watches are about more than just telling you what time it is. Instead, they are a beautifully designed accessory that showcases the ultimate in craftsmanship, and are usually created with the most luxurious of materials. OROGOLD takes a look at some of the top luxury watches currently available.

Chopard 210 Karat
The Chopard 210 Karat is the most expensive watch in the world, and while it may not have a listing price, it is said to have sold for around $26 million in the past. The watch features 874 diamonds in total, with its three large heart-shaped diamonds being the focal point. One of these heart-shaped diamonds is an internally flawless 15 carat pink diamond, the second is a 12 carat blue diamond, while the third is an 11 carat white diamond. The watch also boasts a spring-loaded mechanism, that, when pressed, enables the three heart-shaped diamonds to mechanically open up and expose the yellow diamond sprinkled watch face.

Patek Philippe Super Complication
The Super Complication from Patek Philippe is a pocket watch made from 18K gold, and will set you back around $11 million. It was originally created by Patek Philippe for Henry Graves Jr in 1933, and took a total of five years to design and build. Its name is down to the fact that, in addition to keeping the time, the watch has 24 other mechanical features, including a chart of New York City’s night sky, complete with the milky way and star magnitudes, as well as a minute repeater that plays a replica of the chimes heard from London’s Big Ben.

Vacheron Constatin Tour de I’lle
Vacheron Constatin is one of the oldest fine watch manufacturers in the world, and their Tour de I’lle watch is certainly a beauty. Made from 18K rose gold, this watch is known as being the most complicated wristwatch in the world, and for good reason too! The watch in itself took over 10,000 hours to design, which is hardly surprising when you take into account the fact that it consists of 834 individual parts. In addition to basic timekeeping, it has 16 other functions, including sunset time, a minute repeater, a second time zone, and a representation of the night sky. It is a double-sided watch, with blue sapphire non-reflective glass, and is embellished with sapphire crystals, perhaps justifying its $1.5 million price tag! If all of this has tempted you, OROGOLD warns that acquiring one of these beauties may take some hard work, as they are a limited edition, and only seven have been produced.

A beautiful luxury watch is more than just a status symbol – it is a piece of extraordinary craftsmanship that you would keep with you for a lifetime, passing it down to future generations. From the most expensive watch in the world from Chopard, to the most complicated watch in the world from Vacheron Constatin, these are all stunning watches that OROGOLD would definitely not say no to!

How to Wear Gold

Gold is a color that is able to transcend the seasons, and can be worn for both day and night. However, it is a color that many women tend to avoid, usually because they aren’t quite sure how to make this glitzy shade work for them. To help you incorporate more of our favorite color into your daily looks, OROGOLD has put together a quick helpful guide on how to wear gold.

Champagne gold dress

Experiment with Different Shades
If gold is a shade that you do not usually wear, the first thing that OROGOLD would recommend that you do is to experiment with the different variations of gold out there. There is a lot more available than just the standard shades, such as a frosty champagne gold for those who want something lighter, or a darker, bronzed gold for a darker look. By playing around with these different shades of gold, you will be able to pick out certain variations that complement your features, be it the color of your eyes, your skin tone, or the color of your hair.

Gold jewelry.

Gold Accessories
Gold accessories are a great way to introduce the color into your wardrobe, so that you can see for yourself how the color works for you. Begin by wearing more gold jewelry, whether it be delicate necklaces or chunky bracelets. Belts, scarves, handbags and other, larger, accessories, are also a great way to add some shimmer to your outfit, without committing to the color too much.

Gold shoes.

Gold Shoes
Gold shoes are another way to begin getting used to the color, and are always a stylish way to wear gold. There are so many different options available, from simple gold ballet flats which can be worn every day, to glittery gold heels that are perfect for a special occasion.

Statement gold skirt. /

Find a Gold Statement Piece
Gold clothing doesn’t need to be over the top – it all depends on the garments and shades of gold that you choose. However, if you are going to be wearing a gold item of clothing, OROGOLD would recommend sticking to one statement piece, and keeping the rest of your outfit relatively muted, allowing your gold item to speak for itself. A gold skirt with a simple white top always looks incredible, while still being classy, or some gold pants with a black top and some simple heels is an ideal outfit for a night out on the town.

From your accessories to your shoes to your clothes, gold can be worn in so many different ways. You could also opt for gold in your makeup, golden blonde highlights in your hair, or even a golden manicure, each of which will add flashes of the color to your look without it being too obvious. No matter how you choose to wear this gorgeous color, you can be sure that it will add a touch of glamor and style to just about any outfit!

Glamorous Gold Gowns

Woman wearing a glamorous golden gown

As you all know, we love gold, not only because it is a fantastic ingredient to use in our skin care products, but also because it is one of the most striking, yet classy, colors out there. While gold may not be a color that you tend to wear on a regular basis, it is a great choice for special occasions. Here are some of our favorite glamorous gold gowns, each of which ensure that all eyes will be on you throughout the night.

Glamorous Golden Gowns


Oscar de la Renta: Champagne Foil Splattered Tulle Gown
While champagne shades are not technically gold, they are still a great option for when you want something subtle but just as powerful. This elegant design from Oscar de la Renta features a crush pleated gown made from champagne foil splattered tulle. The bodice is fitted, contrasting beautifully with the full circle skirt, exuding a sense of modern glamor. We recommend wearing a cinching metallic belt with the gown, emphasizing its stunning silhouette while adding a slightly edgy touch.

Donna Karan New York: Resort 2015 Collection Gold Sequin Gown
This shimmering gold sequin gown from Donna Karan New York is part of the brand’s Resort 2015 Collection, and makes for an extremely striking silhouette. The gown features long sleeves with cold shoulders, with this flash of skin giving a sexy edge to the otherwise relatively demure front. The back of the gown is open, giving it an alluring yet sophisticated quality.

Marchesa Notte: Dipped in Gold Gown
This gold princess ball gown is guaranteed to have you standing out at any event you may attend. The gown has a fairytale quality to it, while being fresh and modern at the same time. Featuring delicate gold lace and sheer long sleeves, the gown has a full skirt, with ribbon details at the waistline to accentuate the silhouette. The dress is partially lined, showing the perfect amount of skin beneath the sheer lace detailing.

Alice + Olivia: Harrison Gold Lamé Mini Dress
We wouldn’t exactly consider this dress to be a gown, but we thought it was still worth mentioning, as it is a beautiful gold piece that can be dressed both up or down. The dress is a fully lined halter neck, with an open back that has the zip running provocatively down it. With an A-line silhouette, the dress is fun and feminine, is a great way to show off your legs, and can easily be paired with simple sandals if you want to wear it during the day.

Gold is truly a special color, conjuring up feelings of confidence, power and luxury. The next time you are shopping for a dress for a special occasion, keep our favorite glamorous gold gowns in mind, as we are sure that, once you try them on, you will love them just as much as we do.

Our Top Gold Bikini Picks – OROGOLD Reviews

OROGOLD loves the color gold, and this also applies to gold bikinis, because not only do they complement every skin tone, but they are also a great way to ensure that you stand out from the crowd this summer. From Topshop to Herve Leger, here are some of OROGOLD’s top gold bikini picks to help you get ready for swimsuit season.

Top Gold Bikini Picks

Metallic Gold Bikinis
A metallic gold bikini will have you shimmering like a goddess on the beach, as the sun will practically radiate off your body. OROGOLD loves the metallic triangle bikini from Moschino, with wide straps to ensure that there are no unfortunate accidents if you dive into the water. The elasticated trims mean that the fit is always flawless, and the shade of gold used is truly luxurious. For those who want a metallic bandeau bikini, have a look at the U-bar bandeau bikini top from OndadeMar, which features a 24K gold-plated bar at the centre. For those who want to go metallic and strapless at the same time, Lisa Vogel has a bikini set, which can be purchased at Neiman Marcus, featuring a strapless sweetheart neckline, with low-rise hipster bottoms. For something a little different, have a look at Topshop’s metallic cropped bikini set, which is cut in an extremely flattering way.

Gold Sequinned Bikinis
Another great way to truly sparkle this summer is to opt for a gold sequinned bikini. However, when cut or designed in certain ways, gold sequinned bikinis can often end up looking tacky, but luckily, we have found one that we absolutely love. The Herve Leger Carmella sequin bikini is cut in the brand’s signature bandage style, and is embellished all over with sequins. The wide straps give the bikini a modest feel, which makes the sequins look glamorous rather than cheap. This bikini can be purchased at Saks Fifth Avenue, either in store or online from their website. Those of you who aren’t looking to splash out as much on your swimwear need not worry, as we have also found a fabulous gold sequinned bikini by Blue Life, available on Asos, which still looks glam but has a sportier feel.

Gold Halter Bikini
A halter bikini is flattering on almost every body type, and the fact that it can be so easily adjusted means that it is also much easier to find one that fits perfectly. Here at OROGOLD, we still can’t forget the gold bikini that Rihanna rocked last year, and it is definitely one that has been on our wishlist for this summer. Designed by Charlie by Matthew Zink, the Farrah bikini is sexy and stylish at the same time, and is fully lined for extra comfort.

Gold bikinis are much rarer than other colors, and this is because it takes a certain amount of confidence to pull them off. By choosing a bikini that has been well designed and impeccably crafted, you will ensure that the fit is just right, flattering your body in all the right places.

2015 Golden Glow Awards – OROGOLD’s Favorite Beauty Looks

Orogold’s 2015 Golden Glow Awards features some of the best beauty looks for this year. From a healthy bronzed complexion to sultry smoky eyes, these looks are perfect for every occasion this spring and summer.
Gorgeous woman with a glowing complexion.A Glowing Complexion
A glowing complexion that looks naturally and subtly bronzed is great for both day and night, and is a look that is simple to achieve. To begin with, lightly brush your usual foundation over your face, giving it a thin coating. Next, use a highlighter under your eyes, above your brow, and down the length of your nose, giving your face a much brighter look. If you don’t have a highlighter, you can use a foundation that is one shade lighter than your usual color. Next, use some bronzer around the contours of your face, going from the hollows of your cheeks up to your hairline. You can also apply some across your forehead and along your jawline for even more definition. Then, use the highlighter again on your cheekbones and around the outside corners of your eyes. Finally, apply a light layer of blush to the apples of your cheeks to complete your glowing look.
Gorgeous women with perfectly made up glamorous smoky eyes

Glamorous Smoky Eyes 
This is a great go-to look when you don’t have much time, as it is quick to do and always looks great, especially with glowing bronzed skin. Prime your eyes and then add a dark shade along your upper and lower lash line, starting off thin and gradually making it thicker as your near your outer eye. Blend it well and then apply a darker shade on top of this, which you also need to blend in. Use a light shade along your brow bone to intensify the look, and then finish it with some black kohl eye liner and a coating of mascara.

Beautiful lady with natural make-up and a nude pout.

A Nude Pout 
Nude lips are bang on trend at the moment, and are perfect for accentuating heavy makeup around the eyes. There are many nude shades of lipstick available, but for something extra special, look for a gold lipstick. Blend this onto your lips with the nude, and you will notice your lips look plumper and have more of a shimmer to them. Apply a couple of layers of a plumping lip gloss if you want a shinier pout.

Beautiful woman with long brown hair and perfect looking skin.

Effortless Hair 
ORO GOLD believes that the best way to keep the attention on your gorgeously glowing face is to make sure that your hair style is not too distracting. Effortless styles that look simple and chic are the best way to go for 2015. Avoid any tight buns and ponytails, and instead try a loose, low ponytail, tied below the nape of your neck.

There has been so much beauty inspiration recently, especially after all of the fashion weeks in cities around the world. Our favorite beauty looks feature some trendy yet classic styles that will suit every outfit and occasion, whilst being simple and easy to achieve. Try them all at once, or mix and match them with your personal favorite looks for a unique twist on our favorites.

OROGOLD’s Guide to Golden Holiday Decor – ORO GOLD Reviews

Choosing golden décor for your home during the holiday season is so much fun, and ORO GOLD has some great tips to help you know what to look for when decorating your home this holiday season.


Gold Christmas Trees

Golden colored Christmas trees are a wonderful way to spice up any space in your home and add a comfortable, soft glow to any room. It looks classy and festive, as well as luxurious. Adorn your tree with red bows and white lights for the overall color pop that will keep you wanting to spend as much time around the tree as possible.


Golden Wreaths

If you are lucky enough to find a golden wreath this holiday season, buy it! They are difficult to find, but if you’re crafty you can make one of your very own. Simply spray paint a faux wreath with gold spray paint, adorn it with bows and festive artifacts like cinnamon scented pinecones or ‘snow’ covered pinecones, and hang. This idea is beautiful for a front door or entry way into your home, and eye catching.


Golden Mirrors

Mirrors accommodate any season, and if you would like to add something extra special, opt for a mirror with a golden frame, preferably one with an antique look to it. Hang it on the wall by your Christmas tree to show the reflection of the tree and lights, and you’ve got an added pop of color in your room which will make your guests do a double take!


Golden Ornaments

Many designers offer golden ornaments during the Christmas season, and you can never have enough of them. If you are into making crafts, this is an excellent one to do yourself. Simply take some clear glass ornaments, add some acrylic paint inside the bulb, swirl around inside of the ornament and throw in some contrasting glitter such as silver or red. If you want to go all gold, you can do that as well. You can then decorate the outside however you wish! Allow drying time of 24 hours before you hook and hang the ornaments.


Golden Tableware and Plates

If you have guests coming for dinner Christmas Eve or Christmas day, prepare a lovely meal and adorn the table with gold. A golden tablecloth, golden plates and silverware, and gold rimmed drinking glasses make a perfect conversation piece that will leave everyone breathless. Add a sparkle with white candles in hurricane vases for a special touch.


Golden Snowflakes and Stars

This is a fun project to make with your kids or grandkids. If you can find golden stars and snowflakes and would rather purchase them pre-made, that’s fine too. Otherwise, spray paint them with gold spray paint (outdoors of course, to avoid inhalation of fumes) and add some white or gold glitter. Allow them to dry, and tie some clear thread or string around the top of each one. Hang them from the ceiling throughout the room in which you have your Christmas tree at different lengths. You could also use red ribbon to hang them instead.

OROGOLD’s Golden Holiday Looks – ORO GOLD Reviews

This season is all about metallic colors. That said, gold is definitely fitting for the season. This post is going to focus on something we as women all love – gold! OROGOLD has got a treat for you ladies today! Imagine showing up to a Christmas party decked out in gold. You would surely catch the attention of everyone in the room. Gold is beautiful and eye catching, and just a little can go a long way. We have some tips as to how you can incorporate gold into your Holiday look to get the glow you desire. Cleopatra herself would probably be proud!


Gold Nail Polish

Golden nail polish varieties have been flying off the shelves this season. This is the time of year when gold really tends to have the biggest impact, and it looks fabulous no matter how you wear it on your nails. From glitter polishes, to matte polishes, to pure, creamy looks, gold is a fabulous choice for your Holiday nail color. There are so many ways to wear it – from painting the full nail, painting the tips, doing half one color and half another color, such as red, and ombre nails. The possibilities are endless and are only as limited as your own imagination!


Gold Eye Shimmers

We absolutely adore the eye shimmer look. What better way to showcase your gold look than by making an impact through your eyes, the most powerful feature on the human face? Applying a bright, golden hue to your eyelids or brow bone would give you a glowing look, suitable to wear out to a party, or even just at home.


Gold Colored Clothes

Golden colored clothes are a great way to show your love for golden colors. This season, you can find golden pants, golden shirts, and golden accents on clothes in nearly every major every designer’s store and every department store. Many designers are kicking up the gold by using it on sequins, vibrant accents and intricate patterns. There is so much to choose from, and so little time! Gold looks beautiful when paired with black, red, emerald green, or blue hues this season.


Gold Jewelry

A girl can never own enough gold jewelry. This is the season to put some on, and show the world how astonishing you are. Pair a couple of gold bangles or a lot of them together to give yourself a huge accessory boost. Wear some gold hoop earrings or dangly gold earrings and rock some gold eye shimmer along with it. The possibilities, again, are endless!


No matter what gold holiday look you go for this season, you will look fabulous and trendy. Mix and match the above ideas, or simply create and come up with your very own. Use your own design ideas and accent any outfit you desire with gold. If you want to be goldtastic, and get the look of Cleopatra and the stars, choose some of these options before you head out to your next party.

OROGOLD Brings You the Trendiest Skin Care Ingredients Right Now!

The body care market shows no signs of slowing down. Despite seeing whopping levels of growth the previous year, the market still manages to grow some more in the next year as well. Moreover, to satisfy the constant clamoring by beauty and skin care customers, brands continue to churn out alluring product lines, focus on trendy additions as well as sticking to proven ingredients. However, with more and more women insisting on becoming trendsetters and not trend followers when it comes to skin care, there is no shortage in the demand for trendy skin care ingredients. That being said, if someone like Victoria Beckham gets a bee venom facial done, everyone else wants it done as well. OROGOLD reviews some of the most unexpected, surprising, strange and yet, trendy skin care ingredients in the world through this article. And mind you, most of these ingredients have proven to make your skin look tighter and more beautiful.


Bee on a flowerBee Venom

Bee Venom facials seem to have taken the world by the storm ever since celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton swore by its benefits. It is believed to fill in the fine lines on your face because of a plumping effect. The reaction is quite similar to getting a bee sting.


Caviar is considered to be one of the most luxurious skin care ingredients in the world. It is believed to help in smoothening the skin and erasing the signs of aging as your skin rejuvenates itself while you sleep during the night.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds seem to have become the latest trend in the world of skin care. These omega-rich ingredients are known to offer amazing antioxidant benefits and are suitable for those looking to reduce the signs of aging.



Plantains are like the brothers and sisters of bananas, they are very similar in appearance. They are known to have amazing beauty benefits as they can help you to get rid of acne or dandruff. There are a number of products that contain plantain extracts and are believed to be super beneficial for oily skin.


Snake poised to strikeSnake Venom

Serums and creams that claim to contain snake venom in them don’t actually contain the real venom, but contain ingredients which create a similar numbing effect on your face by freezing your fine lines and wrinkles. Lovers of snake venom procedures claim that you can easily forget about Botox treatments if you choose to get a shot of snake venom instead.



Yes, the dark green vegetable which is considered to be very healthy for your body, is also considered to be healthy for your skin. Popeye might want you to believe that Spinach is the most powerful green in town, but kale is believed to be way more powerful. It is full of Vitamins A, C and K and is highly beneficial for boosting keratin production.


Mink Oil

Mink oil is usually used to protect leather from getting damaged from water. This trendy skin care ingredient is believed to be very beneficial for your skin as well. It basically consists of the sweat, fat and oil of the outer skin of a mink and is known to ensure that your skin stays hydrated, irrespective of the external weather conditions.


Snail Slime

Snail slime promises its users with enhanced elasticity and a better skin tone. But, this doesn’t mean that you need to have snails crawl all over your face. There are many skin care companies that offer creams and serums which contain snail slime.


Salmon Hatchery Water

Salmon Hatchery Water, the liquid that is released when a salmon egg hatches, is believed to contain an anti-aging enzyme that helps you to stay wrinkle free. There are a number of skin care companies that use this trendy skin care ingredient in their products.


Stem Cells

When you have someone like Kim Kardashian endorsing your benefits, you don’t really need to worry about being popular. This seems to be the case with stem cells and stem cell facials. Women have taken the facial to heart ever since Kim spent more than $500 on this facial before her wedding with Kanye West. Stem cells are believed to lift and firm up the skin.



Kim isn’t just endorsing stem cells. She’s also been advocating the use of blood in looking younger. Blood facials, also known as Vampire Facials, involve a process that draws blood from your arm, separates the platelets and injects it into your face. Talk about gruesome skin care procedures.


Bird Poop

Bird poop is being used as the main ingredient in a facial that has been attracting celebrities by the dozens. As odd as this treatment might sound, it has actually been used for centuries by Geishas in Japan. Bird poop is believed to ensure that your skin becomes smooth and shiny and with celebrities like David and Victoria Beckham swearing by its benefits, it must definitely be effective outside Japan as well.

Mound of gold nuggetsGold

24K Gold is being used in solid and liquid form for a number of facials. There are numerous skin care products and lines that also use gold as their main ingredient. This trendy skin care ingredient is believed to help out with acne and inflammation.


Sea Buckthorn Oil

Sea buckthorn oil is believed to help you to combat the signs of aging by stimulating the production of collagen. It is also believed to be a very powerful antioxidant that has been introduced into the world of skin care very recently.  Moreover, Sea Buckthorn Oil is very rich in Vitamin C as well as essential fatty acids such as the rare Omega-7 fatty acid which helps in repairing the collagen.