Find Time for the Great Outdoors

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The great outdoors benefits the health in so many different ways, from reducing stress and obesity to increasing creativity, and there are countless studies to prove this. However, research has also shown that more and more people, both adults and children, are experiencing a lack of interaction with the great outdoors, but, fortunately, this is something that is easy to fix.

Taking the First Steps
If you have never been much of an outdoorsy person, then spending time outdoors will likely not come naturally to you. Rather than forcing yourself to take a hike up a huge mountain, start off slowly, with activities that you and your family can enjoy together. Whether this means pulling your child along a trail on a sled, finding new places to walk your dogs, or collecting leaves and seeds for a craft project, all of these activities still share the same goal of getting you to spend some time outdoors. If there is absolutely nothing that appeals to you just yet, pick an activity that sounds achievable, and set yourself a prize so that you have some extra motivation.

Friends at a meal

Al Fresco Dining
Rather than eating your meals inside your home, try al fresco dining once in a while, as this is a great way to spend some extra time outdoors. While you may only be able to do this when the weather is cooperating, enjoying a meal outdoors will add to the sensory experience of the whole meal, and will do your far more good than staring at your computer or phone. Whether this means a lunchtime picnic in the park rather than an office cafeteria meal, or breakfast on your doorstep under the sun, you will no doubt find that your food tastes so much better when eaten in the great outdoors.

Find an Outdoor Hobby
If most of your hobbies are based indoors, then it is time to find an outdoor hobby that you love, as this will encourage you to spend more of your free time outside. For those who enjoy staying active, there is plenty to choose from, including cycling, running, canoeing and golfing, while those who do not really enjoy sports much can turn to everything from photography to gardening to outdoor cooking.

Woman and daughter gardening

Start a Garden
Starting a garden is a great way to really get closer to nature, and simply having that one-on-one time with the earth around you brings with it its own set of unique health benefits. Even if you do not have a large area of land to work with, simply setting up a few pots outside your house can still have the same effect. If growing flowers has never appealed to you, turn your attention to growing food, which can easily be done in a small space. From herbs to potted vegetables, growing something that you can eat will only increase the sense of accomplishment that you will feel from starting a garden.

Making time for the great outdoors is more important than ever due to hectic, digital lifestyles. From finding an outdoor hobby to al fresco dining, these are tips that just about everyone can follow when it comes to making the effort to spend more time outside.

Best Workouts You Won’t Even Notice You’re Doing

Woman with dog

There is now a continuous influx of new studies that point to the many incredible benefits that regular exercise can bring, ranging from a lower risk of heart disease to a reversal of the aging process. While many may enjoy structured workout routines, these are not for everybody, so here are a few workouts that are guaranteed to get you fit, without you even noticing this happening.

Walking Your Dog 
Your dog needs exercise just as much as you do, so heading off for a long dog walk is a great way to take care of both of you. Being around animals in general also boosts your physical health and mental well-being in so many other ways, so if you are guilty of often letting dog walks slide, now is the time to change that. If you do not own a dog but would still like to enjoy the many benefits that come from spending time with one, there are now many services out there that enable you to borrow someone else’s dog for a few hours, or, alternatively, you could simply find a friend’s dog, or a neighbourhood dog, that would benefit from some extra exercise.

Woman with child

Playing With Your Kids 
Whether you choose chase, hopscotch or jump rope, playing with your children is a great way to boost all of your fitness levels while creating some long-lasting memories. Each of these activities are effective ways to burn calories, and will also teach your children about the importance of exercise from an early age.

Dancing involves moving your body energetically and continuously, both of which are perfect for keeping your heart rate elevated while burning calories. If you are wanting to learn a new skill at the same time, then a dance class would be ideal for you, but the same benefits can be had simply by dancing to some music at home. All you need to do is blast your favorite songs and let the beat move you, which will, when done on a regular basis, strengthen your heart, tone your muscles and improve your balance.


Gardening for around 30 minutes a day can burn up to 300 calories, providing that you are actually moving around, digging and planting, rather than just standing still and admiring the view. Gardening would be classed as a moderate level cardiovascular exercise, and its benefits include everything from a healthier immune system to a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke. If you like the idea of gardening but do not know where to start, begin by sowing some seeds of a food that you love to eat, as the sense of accomplishment that comes from growing your own produce is a great motivator to spend more time in your garden.

Exercise is key when it comes to staying healthy, but this does not mean that you need to develop a structured exercise regime. Instead, by spending half an hour to an hour a day on one of these activities, you will be gaining the benefits of a regular workout without having to feel as though you are actually working out.

Winter To-Do List for Gardeners from OROGOLD Cosmetics

This exciting Winter To-Do list for gardeners from OROGOLD Cosmetics caters to all you green thumbs and DIY gardeners. It helps you understand how to prepare the greenhouse or the garden and get things in order during the winter season so that you have things in perfect order for the Spring season. There might be storm, rain or snow to contend with, but you still need to ensure that you make the most of the time available to you in order to enjoy a head start in the upcoming year. OROGOLD recommends that you don’t delay completing the following tasks under any circumstance.

Planting roses, trees and shrubs

Planting roses, shrubs or trees is an excellent thing to do because they should benefit from the warm soil that encourages root growth and develops quickly. You might have to soak them properly, but they should be able to take care of themselves pretty soon. It is also important to ensure that you keep an eye on the newly-planted items and ensure that they don’t dry out. The plants should establish themselves over the winter season and this should allow you to enjoy a huge head start in the Spring season.

Revamp the lawn

The winter months are the ideal time to revamp your turf or reseed a new lawn. The ground is soft enough and this makes things very simple. If you’re planning to revamp the turf, you need to understand that the right planning holds the key to ensuring that things go smoothly. This means removing those weeds and stones, adding compost, incorporating sharp grit on the heavy soil, digging over the soil and levelling the area on which you plan to lay the turf or sow the seed. The area needs to be kept well watered as well and your seed nests need to be protected from birds with the help of netting.

Divide the perennials

The winter months are the ideal time to splint plants that have become congested. Since they are dormant during the winters and the ground around them is quite soft, things become very easy for you. Some of the perennials that should benefit a lot from dividing are helenium, aster, hostas, rudbeckia and montbretia. You can also move plants that don’t seem to feel right in their allotted spaces.

Keep things neat and clean

Tidy up those evergreens and trim the hedges to ensure that everything remains neat and clean until the Spring season. You need to ensure that your evergreens don’t put on a lot of growth during the winter months as this makes pruning easier during Spring. Deciduous shrubs can also be pruned during the winter months.


Completing a final weeding of your garden before the weeds disappear for the winter months should make things much simpler when the Spring season arrives. Look out for things like bindweed and couch grass, the most irritating types of weeds found in the garden. If you leave them in the ground, they will simply come back next year.

Spruce the greenhouse

If the weather is quite sunny, this might be the ideal time to wash the windows and do any structural repairs needed in your greenhouse. A cleaner greenhouse might even encourage you to sow a few perennials and hardy annuals for the upcoming year.