Fashion Week Nederland

Fashion Show in Amsterdam

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Fashion Week Nederland is held twice a year, in January and July. While the events have been hosted for over ten years now, they have only recently gained international recognition, and this is all thanks to the way in which the organization has managed to reposition itself in the marketplace. Rather than focusing on established international brands, Fashion Week Nederland puts an emphasis on true originality and exclusivity, with the majority of showcased designers being Dutch or Belgian. By doing this, Fashion Week Nederland serves as a platform for fashion talent for the new generation, bringing them a contemporary approach to luxury that is very much in demand.

Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam
In order to really be able to bridge the gap between commerce and creativity, Fashion Week Nederlands has four different programs, with Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam being one of the most highly anticipated ones. This is where you will find the hottest catwalk shows from both established and up and coming designers, attracting the attention of buyers and press from all over the world. For those of you who are hoping to catch some of the shows but do not think you will be able to make it to Amsterdam this July, Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam makes use of the latest technology, with all of their shows available in real time via live streaming.

Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam Off Schedule
MBFWA Off Schedule is the side of Fashion Week Nederland that focuses on culture, merging this with fashion at a variety of venues around the city. From theater to dance to photography to history, different events are hosted all over the city over a period of ten days, making this an extremely exciting time to be visiting Amsterdam.

Fashion LAB
One of the missions of Fashion Week Nederland is to make a contribution to the fashion innovation that occurs within the country, and Fashion LAB is their way of doing this. In collaboration with Vodafone, Fashion LAB is a program that runs throughout the year, consisting of lectures, seminars, workshops and presentations to assist and encourage young designers. This all culminates every January and July with catwalk shows, giving the public the opportunity to see this inspiring raw talent for themselves.

Fashion in Business
Fashion in Business focuses on companies that are passionate about fashion, whether they are actually in the fashion industry or not. Fashion in Business aims to bring together professionals from a wide range of disciplines, but each with a shared interest in the fashion business, and does this by organizing a variety of events throughout the year. By creating this exclusive fashion business community, Fashion Week Nederland is able to introduce entrepreneurs to a network that could prove to be crucial in determining their ultimate success.

Fashion Week Nederland puts a huge emphasis on supporting the Dutch fashion industry, and has gained worldwide recognition for its efforts. From facilitating inter-disciplinary collaborations to showcasing the work of young talented designers, Fashion Week Nederland has succeeded in putting Amsterdam in the running for becoming one of the next big fashion capitals of the world.


Hacks We Learned From Fashion Week

While Fashion Week is one of the best times to take note of upcoming trends for the next couple of seasons, it is also a great place to drink up some outfit inspiration. Although you may not be able to purchase all of the runway looks that you fell in love with, there are still ways that you can bring the essence of the runway styles into outfits that you already own. Here are some style hacks that OROGOLD has learned from Fashion Week.

Fashionable woman wearing double jackets.

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Double Up on Your Jackets
Doubling up on your jackets is is a great way to keep warm during falling temperatures, while looking stylish at the same time. Models walking for J. Crew were sporting two lightweight blazers, one on top of the other, rather than just a single jacket. OROGOLD recommends opting for subtle prints, such as a light striped blazer underneath a light checked blazer.

Get Creative with Button-Down Shirts
As OROGOLD mentioned earlier, these hacks are here to help you to make the most out of clothes that you already own, and everybody is bound to own at least one button-down shirt. On the Desigual runway, these shirts were given a new life by being cleverly reworked into an asymmetrical cover-up. The next time you find yourself about to tie a shirt around your waist, try getting more creative and looking for other ways that you can work it into your outfit.

Woman wearing a stylish headband.

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Statement Headbands
Accessories are a great way to liven up your wardrobe without having to max out your credit cards, and OROGOLD spotted some great ones at Fashion Week. The ones that made an appearance across many catwalks, from Neem Khan to Mara Hoffman, were thick, statement headbands, keeping hair well away from the face. From block colors to bright prints to classic hues, these headbands are totally practical while being a great way to express your personal style.

Everything Can Be Layered
Layering is something that we all do when we need to stay warm, usually with t-shirts under jumpers under jackets. However, Fashion Week has taught us to open our minds when it comes to layering, with the hack that OROGOLD mentioned above, doubling up on jackets, being a perfect example of this. You may have a dress with a plunging neckline that you don’t often wear out, so try wearing a contemporary shirt underneath, making it much more daytime-friendly. Or, try wearing a mini dress over a midi dress, just as they did on the Hugo Boss runway, for a look that is instantly chic.

Fashion Week is a place where designers express themselves, giving us a peek into their creative minds, while showing us what we can be expecting in the upcoming season. It is also a place where we can get so much inspiration to help our own personal style to evolve, so take a look back at OROGOLD’s Fashion Week hacks the next time you want to add a new dimension to your outfit.