Easy Fixes For Fashion Emergencies – OROGOLD Reviews

Fashion emergencies happen to everyone, and the worst thing about them is that they always seem to happen at the most inconvenient of times. Whether you’ve scuffed your shoes or sat on some chewing gum, there’s no need to panic, because with a bit of know-how, many fashion emergencies are easy to fix in no time at all.

Woman cleaning her shoes.

Scuffed Shoes
Scuffed shoes are an issue that can happen everyday, and the solution to the problem depends on the type of shoes you are wearing. For leather shoes, scrubbing them with a bit of toothpaste will get rid of any scuff marks, whereas for patent leather shoes, petroleum jelly works best and will have them shining like new. For scuffs on suede shoes, rub a pencil eraser on the marks, but rub it in one direction rather than moving it back and forth. Finally, for canvas shoes, make a paste from baking soda and water, and use this to get rid of any scuff marks.

Woman wearing a pink top pulling out chewing gum with her fingers.

Gum on Your Clothes
Finding that you’ve managed to get chewing gum stuck onto your dress or your jeans is always extremely annoying, especially because of how hard it can be to get the gum off. One way to do this is to firmly apply duct tape to the gum, before lifting it off, and repeating this process if necessary. Other ways to scrape it off would be to spray on a little hairspray, or use a sponge to apply some rubbing alcohol to the gum, as this will cause the gum to harden, making it easier to remove.

Beautiful woman looking at her deodorant stains.

Deodorant Stains
If you find that you have just stained your new white top with deodorant, a quick fix would be to rub the fabric vigorously against itself. The fibers on the fabric will remove the stains better than a towel, or any other piece of fabric, would. If your stains seem to be exceptionally persistent, use some white vinegar on them.

Woman drinking milk and spilling it on her clothes.

Dropping Food on Your Clothes
Rather than wearing your lunch on your blouse for the rest of the day, there is an easy way to remove stains from your clothes, whether they’re from food, coffee, wine, or even blood. Saturate the stain with white vinegar, letting it soak for a few minutes, before washing it out. You could also use Club Soda to heavily blot the stain, as this removes even the toughest of blood stains. Whatever the stain may be, keep in mind that when it comes to fresh stains, blotting it will always work better than rubbing it.

Woman wearing a ripped pantyhose.

Ripped Pantyhose
When you find a tear in your pantyhose, it needs to be taken care of immediately, because it will quickly become much bigger. Clear nail polish is the best product to use for a short term fix, dabbing a little bit on either side of the run, stopping it from becoming any bigger. If this is a problem that happens to you a lot, there are certain products that you can buy, which work in a similar way to clear nail polish, but doesn’t get hard and will hold up well in the wash, making it a longer-term solution.

To make sure that you are always prepared for any fashion emergencies that may arise, keep a little emergency toolkit in your bag, or in your office drawer, at all times. Include a small sewing kit, safety pins and some white vinegar, ensuring that no matter what arises, you are well-equipped to deal with it.

Latest Trends in Men’s Fashion – OROGOLD Reviews

When it comes to menswear, fall/winter 2015-2016 is set to be an extremely stylish season. From draped outerwear to bold prints and patterns, menswear is once again ignoring conventions in order to provide men with a much greater variety of trendy fashion options. ORO GOLD offers insights into the latest trends in men’s fashion.

Man wearing a stylish woolen coat.

Woollen Coats
The trend for the majority of menswear garments seemed to focus on looser cuts, and this was especially so in the outerwear that was shown at all of the major fashion weeks. The most popular coats for the season were cut and draped from wool, featuring soft shoulders that enhanced the over-sized and slouchy vibe.

Man wearing jeans with large pockets.

Super-Sized Pockets
The super-sized pockets trend will be welcomed by all those men who hate to carry bags around with them. This season, pockets are going to be bigger than ever, and will most likely be the focus of many outerwear pieces. The pockets, iPad Mini sized at the minimum, will be cut from contrasting fabrics and attached onto the garment in prominent positions, offering style and functionality at the same time.

Handsome man wearing a shirt with unusual prints.

Bold Patterns and Textures
Bold patterns and textures that stand out were seen on looks by many designers, and were applied to a variety of garments, from classic suits to full outfits. The more fashion forward styles were the ones that featured unconventional prints and patterns, although there were also plenty of plaid looks that were seen, which are great for men who aren’t as keen on taking risks with big patterns. If you are looking for other toned down designs, there were plenty of square patterns and patches seen on the runways, used in both big blocks of color, but also used more subtly on jeans and coats.

Stylish man wearing a sweater.

Layered Knits
Once again, knitwear has made its mark on menswear. Sweaters were seen on many runways, often paired with tailored trousers for a casual yet classy look. Different textures were mixed together in one outfit, emphasized by the ways in which different knitted garments were layered over each other. As was seen on the Pringle and Margaret Howell runways, an easy way to layer knitwear is to purchase a thin rollneck, made from merino wool, that can be worn under thicker knits. Rollnecks were seen peeking out from other knits, such as handspun cardigans and cashmere pullovers, at many shows, and white rollnecks, as seen at Balenciaga and Sandro, seemed to be a new trend all on their own.

Stylish man in a gray suit.

Green and Gray
In terms of color, grays dominated many runways, in a whole variety of shades and textures. Although gray is a common color in menswear, the way that it was styled and used in both tailored garments as well as tracksuit bottoms, has turned the color into a big trend for this season. The second most popular color was green, again in a huge variety of shades, from forest green to mint green to military green. These two colors were present on all of the major runways, including London, Milan and Paris, so you can expect to see more of them this season.

One of the best things about keeping track of menswear trends is learning how to later incorporate them into your own personal look. From layered knitwear to super-sized pockets, these garments are likely to dominate men’s clothing stores this season, so it is a good idea to decide in advance which would work best for your own style.

Unconventional Wedding Dresses – OROGOLD Reviews

With wedding season upon us once again, it is an ideal time to explore the world of wedding dresses. The big white meringue dress will usually come to mind, but these days, many brides are opting for something slightly more unconventional, whether it be an unusual color or a daring hemline. OROGOLD examines some of the most unconventional wedding dresses.

Ornate embellishments always make a dress seem more goddess-like, and look exceptional on a dress that has a simple silhouette. The top of the dress can be completely embellished, giving it a completely different texture and color from the rest of the dress. Embellishments also look great at the back of the dress, especially if the back is cut quite low, and gives your dress some great contrast with an edgier look.

Bride wearing a lilac colored wedding dress.

Wedding dresses can be found in a variety of colors, aimed at more unconventional brides who enjoy taking risks with their style choices. A princess style wedding dress is classic, but a great way to fully embrace the fairytale aspect would be to opt for a pink princess dress. Lilac is also a color that is set to be huge in fashion and beauty this season, and lilac wedding dresses have been seen on runways. Silver is also a great wedding dress color, as it is not too far from white, can still be paired with a white veil, and will have you shimmering down the aisle.

Bride wearing an unconventional wedding dress for a beach wedding.

A Wedding Dress Cover-Up
Beach weddings are usually more casual and low-key than traditional church ceremonies, and many are also very intimate, with only a few guests. When this is the case, an extravagant expensive gown is not needed, and there are some gorgeous sheer wedding dresses that double as a cover-up and can be worn over a white bikini or slip dress on your big day.

Wear the Pants
Whilst it may seem shocking to some, many brides are opting to ditch the dress altogether, and wear pants down the aisle, truly making a modern statement. You could either go for pants that are more tailored, and have a more extravagant top, or choose wide-legged pants that flow as you walk. Oscar De La Renta is a designer that has stunning examples of both.

Beautiful bride wearing a wedding dress with a short hemline.

Shorter Hemlines
There is no rule that states that wedding dresses need to be floor-length, and many brides enjoy the feeling of wearing a shorter dress, which, although unconventional, suits their style or body shape more than a floor-length gown. The length of the hemline is completely up to you, and no matter what you choose, they all still look great with a veil and other wedding accessories.

If you are choosing to go for a more unconventional wedding dress, it is even more important to make sure that it fits your body perfectly, so that your new look is stylish and not sloppy. Don’t be afraid to take chances with your wedding dress, and take the time to fully explore the more unconventional dresses out there. If there are certain elements that you like, collect images of these and look at getting your dress custom made for you, as you can then incorporate every design detail that you desire!

OROGOLD Helps You Give Your Closet the Glamour Treatment – ORO GOLD Reviews

Glamorous closetIf you’re in need for some inspiration on how to glamorize your closet, especially in the department of making the old stuff look brand new, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, OROGOLD Cosmetics helps you to learn how to give your closet the glamor treatment without having to spend a penny on something new. And if you’re willing to add a few more pieces to your wardrobe, ORO GOLD suggests that you go for something classic, something timeless – something that can work for all sorts of looks.

Glamorizing your red colored jeans and pants

Women all over the world are in love with brightly colored red pants. It gives them a serious dash of color and works wonderfully well with black, maroon, brown and taupe. An excellent way to glamorize your red colored jeans is to wear them cuffed. If you need some inspiration for the perfect weekend look, try to pair it with a chambray top. A new way to wear your red colored jeans would be to pair it with something extremely faded, something like your favorite Tee. Finally, add sleek head-to-toe black layers for something hot and sexy. 

Glamorizing your white colored button-down shirt

It’s impossible to not fall in love with something that looks amazing with your dresses as well as your jeans. The classic white shirt has always been a girl’s best friend and it is just one of those evergreen things that shall never get out of fashion. If you’re searching for some inspiration on how to wear this timeless piece of clothing, wear it oversize, the way you would wear a dress. For a dressy look, pair your white button-down shirt with capris and a jacket. For a pretty look, button it up and pair it with your favorite trousers. You could also try out a classic combo like a white button-down shirt and a black pant if the occasion is a bit formal. To enjoy a more laid-back appeal, leave it untucked.

Glamorizing your Polka dots

Polka dots have been everywhere for the past few seasons. They are usually found on all sorts of cute dresses in navy or black colors. A simple polka dot slip dress shall always stay in style. The traditional pattern looks very pretty on its own, but you can always add some glamour by mixing it with florals and stripes to make a super-bold statement. For something new, try pairing worn-in denims with your polka dot shirt. Slim-fit pants can make you look really cute as well. All you have to do is play with the patterns and simple dots to create an entirely unique style.

Glamorizing your denim tops

From the classic cropped jacket to the denim button-down, a denim top is something that can be found in every woman’s closet. It’s easy to use the denim top whenever you’re in a dilemma with regards to your wardrobe. If you’re brave enough, you could try the head-to-toe denim look. It doesn’t suit everyone, but looks really good if it suits you. For something less bold, go for a head-to-thigh denim look. An ideal way to glamorize your denim top is to wear a denim jacket over a long top and leggings.  You can also wear the denim shirt open with booties and a tank.

Glamorizing your Leopard prints

No, not the one your grandma used to wear. (Well, if she still has it, you can always borrow it). The modern generation leopard print looks amazing with denim and leather. But you already know this. For something new and exciting, try a leopard print with leather and black. A head-to-toe black coupled with splashy prints also looks really chic. For something simpler, layer a basic spotted cardigan over a cool looking tee.



OROGOLD’s Winter Style Files – ORO GOLD Reviews

This winter is boasting some of the most extraordinary styles of the year. From faux fur jackets, to tall boots and braided hair, cosmetic looks and more, there is something for everyone. OROGOLD has some ideas for you if you are trying to find out the fashions to buy clothes for yourself, or if you are just browsing for fun, ORO GOLD knows that there is something of interest to every woman with any style type!

Faux Fur Coats

From short to long, from exceptionally fluffy to just barely there, faux fur jackets are raging this winter. In a variety of styles and colors to choose from, our top picks this season are white and royal blue. We love different styles from various designers, with different collar types and styles. Get a matching faux fur hat for the ultimate in luxury.

Over The Knee Boots

Black boots in an over the knee but not yet thigh level style are very trendy this winter. Pair this with a mini skirt or mid-thigh skirt for the ultimate in cuteness. There are so many colors to choose from aside from black, such as brown, red, gray, and more. Matte looks more appropriate to wear on a casual level, whereas shiny boots tend to look far more attuned to a night out. Don’t send the wrong signal by choosing a boot style that is too high or with a heel that is too tall. Instead, be sure to choose styles which rise just above the knee and heels about 3-4 inches tall at most.

Our Hair Style Pick: Braided Updo

The braided updo can be worn in many different styles, but one thing’s for sure – it looks great no matter how you rock it. This winter, this style looks fabulous with any outfit – and you can’t go wrong with this hairstyle. It’s simple and easy to achieve, and all you need is a mirror and some bobby pins.

Cosmetic Look for the Winter Season: Smokey Eye

The smoky eye is a timeless look which only seems to be getting ever more popular. This look works with any style and can be worn day or night to achieve the look of a runway model or true fashionista. Bring out your inner diva by rocking a smoky eye in either black, grey, or opt for a neon color – also very in this season.

Nail Color Style of the Season: Red and Gold

Red polish and gold polish when worn on their own this season look fabulous, but when you pair them together in any mixture of ways, it really makes for something special. Try gold tips with red nails, or swirling the two together. For our favorite look, opt for a red nail with a gold ombre tip.

There are so many fantastic styles to choose from this winter. We are always excited to share our favorite styles with you here at ORO GOLD, and we hope you will use some of these ideas when planning your next shopping trip or are looking for style ideas.