East Coast VS West Coast Style

The fashion world readily splits itself into particular camps championing different kinds of aesthetics. One of the more common splits in the United States is over what makes East Coast style superior to West Coast style or vice versa. Each side has its particular champions highlighting the benefits of the aesthetic choices of each coast. This is often a bit strange given major US designers have often lived on each coast throughout their careers. They often end up a bit less biased and blend the best of each coast. OROGOLD has assembled a short overview of what makes the styles of each coast to give you a clearer idea of what your preferred style might be. We’re not picking any favorites though.

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Dare to Prepare
Both styles require a decent amount of preparation when it comes down to it. East Coast style emphasizes having an outfit for each occasion. Each outfit is crafted to work beautifully in the situation it is meant for and a large variety of accessories are available to make the most of each outfit. The goal is to emphasize and build an outfit around and occasion and item rather than being about fluid transitions between states of existence like the West Coast style. The aforementioned style focuses instead n the versatility and free flow from one part of life to another. West Coast style enthusiasts used a practiced casual aesthetic that can go from being work friendly to beach ready with only a few minor changes in presentation at most. This takes a fair bit of effort to get right though.

East Coast style enjoys its layers even in warmer seasons. Combinations of tops and jackets help define when and where to use an outfit. This also plays into the often dressed down “formal” tone to East Coast style as the layers lend a conservative look to some outfits. Color and cut choices allow the style to remain playful and cheerful as readily as its counterpart though. West Coast style seems to thrive in its use of layers. They are often when help provide the materials that let the outfits move from one gathering to another fluidly. An airy, button top over a tighter, beach friendly shirt is a relatively common combination. Additionally, the influence of bohemian-style fashion sense is also visible in this aspect of West Coast style. This aspect does come up in another way that OROGOLD feels merits discussion as well.


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Jewelry and Accessories
In some ways, West Coast style can end up treating jewelry as an extension of its layering philosophy. There is an emphasis on using multiple pieces to provide a carefree, mix-and-match kind of look in keeping with the bohemian spirit. This is at odds with the East Coast style idea of matching an outfit to an occasion. Jewelry and accessories are highlights or central aspects of East Coast outfits where the goal, as discussed, is to build around something. This often leads to less busy outfits with a central piece of jewelry being chosen for its eye-catching nature and ability to emphasize what the wearer wishes. The West Coast doesn’t entirely miss out on this, but encourages eclectic pairings to emphasize its practiced “casual” nature.

East Coast and West Coast styles each bring something to the fashion world, but it is little wonder that many people see them as opposed. Between the East Coast’s more formal approach and the West Coast’s “free spirited” approach, it does seem on the surface they must inherently conflict. Don’t think that tough. Each style has its edge areas where the two can blend a bit and how you use pieces of an outfit can make its one style or another depending on context. OROGOLD hopes you’ve got at least a somewhat clearer idea of what divides the two styles now though. Don’t feel bound to be loyal to the coast you’re on though as fashion is about self-expression.


How to Emulate Cool East Coast Style

Each coast has something to recommend it. The West Coast plays host to California and its seemingly eternal summer in many places. This gives rises to an aura of relaxation and enjoyment that pervades everything from day-to-day life to the heights of the fashion world. The East Coast, by contrast, is on top of things. With countless things whirling through the cities of that coast, there never seems to be anything to slow or stop them. Their fashion keeps in step with them as well. In fact, the East Coast seems to always have more outfits and ideas thanks to their need to adapt to more weather. OROGOLD has a few tips if you wish to emulate the competent and prepared style of the East Coast.

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Style With a Purpose
All accessorizing and fashion ultimately has a purpose, but not all of it is intended to be seen that way. West Coast style, in particular, tends to favor fashion that seems so relaxed that it can’t be purposeful. The East Coast opts for a different tactic. Most fashion ideas for the East Coast require a bit of obvious thought into their choices. For instance, you can pick a central piece of jewelry and build an outfit around that. Handbags and other accessories aren’t additions you just carry around in East Coast fashion, but highly deliberate pieces of the outfit itself. A driven sense of purpose helps define East Coast fashion even when it is being casual. Focus on building up your look around something for the best effect.

Busy, but Not BUSY
There’s a wild flair found on the West Coast that leads to “thrown together” outfits that come in a myriad of colors. The East Coast tends towards color schemes and patterns that are considered comparatively conservative. Calmer colors and smoother lines help create sleek looks that work both on the street and at an event. East Coast color choice is by no means bland, but the idea is not to appear casual in everything. You want a relaxed air of refinement more than anything. Whites and dark blues are staples in East Coast closets for a reason. These provide a complimentary look without being a loud or overwhelming color or pattern. OROGOLD would like to emphasize that you should remember to match colors appropriately when emulating the East Coast. Matching outfits help highlight the prepared and consistently chic feeling of the style.

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Be a Little Formal
Anyone used to the West Coast may not like the idea, but the East Coast does ask for a little bit of formality. Urban centers like New York City favor that sense of preparedness. You should try to have a jacket for each occasion or season. Wear more formal tops and bottoms. This doesn’t entail foregoing casual clothing at all, but it does mean avoiding a “beach” look. The East Coast is not about seamless transition from work to play. East Coast is about having an outfit for every occasion that you’ve assembled just for such times. This goes even for casual nights out. Don’t shy away from a cute top, but try pairing it with a tasteful bottom that gives the ensemble a less “I just threw this together” air. Be bold and be in clear command of yourself and your outfit.

East Coast fashion, on the surface, seems to ask for more of anyone seeking to emulate it. It really doesn’t though given the amount of time it takes to create outfits that seem casually thrown together yet remain strangely stylish. OROGOLD encourages you to experiment with East Coast styles as they make for an interesting way to change up your personal style as cooler weather approaches. Take style tips from New Yorkers and try layering your clothing for fall. A tasteful new top can potentially transform an already existing outfit as well. All you need to do is remember that your outfit shouldn’t be about an event happening to you. An East Coast outfit is about you happening to the event.