What are Denise Richard’s Favorite OROGOLD Cosmetics Products?

ORO GOLD Cosmetics New Brand Ambassador Denise Richards

Denise Richards: “I love OROGOLD’s night serum in the Nano line. I also love the eye creams—I’ve tried all of them and they’re amazing”

OROGOLD Cosmetics is proud to offer its customers novel skin care products that help care for skin issues and improve the appearance of skin aging at the same time. We believe in offering our customers with solutions that allow them to age gracefully. To do this, we pack our products with some of the best anti-aging and skin care ingredients such as Gold, Vitamin C, Retinol, Natural Oils, and many other quality components. The age defying properties of our products are what helped us to grow in leaps and bounds into an international skin care company ever since we entered the American skin care market in the year 2008. OROGOLD Cosmetics feels extremely proud to be the preferred skin care brand for celebrities like Denise Richards. Denise is a former fashion model and an American actress who is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Denise had recently appeared in an interview where she talked about her skin care routine and the products that she uses to treat her skin and maintain its exotic beauty. We asked Denise about why she decided to become the brand ambassador for OROGOLD.

“I am very particular about what I put on my skin. I was approached by other brands and I never wanted to endorse anything that I wouldn’t actually use. I am proud to represent a brand that does not test on animals”.

Denise also spoke about the way OROGOLD products worked on her skin.

“I was really impressed about how my skin felt and looked after using OROGOLD. I think OROGOLD products are so unique because of the luxurious ingredients they use… Caviar extracts, Vitamin C, Mother of Pearl and 24K Gold. All these ingredients work really well together and make a difference in my skin”.


When asked about her skin care routine, Denise mentioned about the fact that she found it impossible to have a fixed skin care routine and how she found OROGOLD to be useful in this case.

“My typical day is that there is no typical day. I am like every other working parent, I juggle the kids, my career, my personal life and every day is different. My daily skin care regimen changes a lot and that’s one of the greatest things about the OROGOLD line, there’s just so many different collections within the line”.

In fact, OROGOLD Cosmetics has become particularly popular because of its unique collections. There are a number of exclusive lines that OROGOLD has to offer to its customers such as the Termica Collection, the Nano Collection, the Caviar Collection, the Cyrogenic Collection and the Multi-Vitamin Collection. Talking about the OROGOLD Collections, Denise spoke about how she used various skin care products from these collections in her daily skin care.

“Typically I love to use the Vitamin C Facial Cleanser to cleanse my skin and then I like the Multi-Vitamin Day Cream. For the evenings, I like to use the Vitamin C facial serum and the Nano Night Recovery”.

Denise also spoke about her favorite OROGOLD Collection and her favorite ORGOLD product.

“I have to say that my favorite collection of OROGOLD would be the Termica and my favorite product of the Termica is the energizing mask. It heats up on your skin, your skin gets really warm and that’s when all the yummy ingredients from the product get into your skin. I noticed a difference right away”.

Finally, Denise confessed her love for the Nano line.

“My other favorite line would be the Nano line which is really hydrating and even after using it for just one day, my skin looks softer, more glowing and more youthful”.

When Denise Richards, a celebrity who is particularly famous for her amazing looks, states that she chose OROGOLD because it is an amazing brand, we must definitely be doing something right. OROGOLD Cosmetics is proud to be a part of Denise’s life and we hope that we can impact the lives of millions of our customers all over the world in a similar way as well. In order to be able to reach our international customers we have opened OROGOLD Stores all over the world.

We would love to hear how our products have impacted your lives and which OROGOLD products you like the most. All you need to do to get in touch with us is to drop in your replies in the comments box below. If you are not familiar with OROGOLD products we welcome you to come into a store and try a complimentary sample. Or you can enter one of OROGOLD’s exciting giveaways for a chance to win a product or even a whole collection. Enter now at OROGOLD Giveaway, good luck!