The Pros of Dating a Younger Man

There used to be many social stigmas attached to the concept of a woman dating a younger man, but this is not so much the case any more. In fact, experts have identified that there are actually several benefits that come from dating a younger person, so do not be afraid to give this a try.

energy boost

A Boost of Energy
In general, younger partners tend to be far more energetic and open-minded than older partners, and this refreshing mentality can really be a beneficial addition to your life. Younger partners will also tend to be less cynical about life and willing to take risks and chances, meaning that if you have been looking for a new adventure, then a younger partner could be just what you need to guide you through this.

A Parenting Partner
Whether you already have children of your own, or are wanting to start a family, many women find that younger men are more open to becoming a parent than older men. Whether this is due to the fact that many older men already have children, or simply do not have the energy at this stage in life to enter into fatherhood, a younger man is much more likely to be interested in either joining or starting a family.

sexual energy

Sexual Energy
It is a proven fact that younger partners will have much higher sexual energy, as well as stamina, than older partners, which can really raise the bar when it comes to bedroom activities. While many women may initially feel insecure about getting physical with a younger man, do not forget that your younger partner will be experiencing his own benefits from the situation too. From the extra years of experience that you have had to effective ways of communicating exactly what you want, a sexual relationship with an older woman can definitely be exciting for a younger man.

Finding Love
If you have been unsuccessfully searching for love, then expanding your dating pool to include a younger demographic may be exactly what you need to do. Since younger men tend to be less jaded about life, they are more optimistic when it comes to life and love, and not only will this endearing attitude have your heart fluttering, but it will also bring plenty of positivity into your life.

focus on you

The Focus is on You
While an older man may be quite preoccupied with his career or other obligations, a younger man tends not to have as much of this to deal with, meaning that the focus of his attention can be placed more on you. Not only will he look up to all that you have achieved in your life, as well as your mature perspective on different situations, but he will also likely work even harder than an older man when it comes to impressing you.

It is easy to make decisions on who to date based on conventions within society, but this should not be the case. Rather than seeking out a man of a specific age group, simply open yourself up to meeting new people, because age most definitely does not define who a person is.


Picnic Under the Stars

When it comes to romance, there is nothing quite like spending an evening under the stars with that special someone, enjoying a romantic date for two.


Stargazing is a classic romantic activity, and one that you should definitely tie into your picnic. Your location needs to be somewhere distant from city lights, so it may be worth scouting for this in advance. Once you have found your perfect spot, it won’t take too long to learn a bit about astronomy. There are certain night sky fixtures that are easily recognizable, such as some of the bright stars and constellations out there, and you will no doubt impress your date with your stargazing knowledge!

Couple at a beach

Beach Picnic
A picnic under the stars at the beach, with the sound of the waves crashing in the background, is the perfect setting for a romantic date. A small bonfire will help the two of you to stay warm, and provide some extra ambiance, but be sure to check in advance whether or not this is allowed on the beach that you have chosen. The food that you pack for the picnic can reflect your beachy setting – think lobster rolls and decadent caviar, or even sushi. Of course, if you are able to set up a small bonfire, then marshmallows are a must!

Rooftop picnic

Rooftop Picnic
If you live in a city with a stunning skyline, then try to find access to a rooftop and have your picnic under the stars up there. On a rooftop, you can set up quite the gourmet picnic, complete with tables, chairs and white linens. Serving up a chilled bottle of champagne adds even more sophistication, or you could get creative and whip up some cocktails that you know your date would love. Line the edge of the rooftop with small candles to make it even more romantic, and set up a small sound system to serenade the two of you while you eat and gaze out at the view.

Drive in movie

Drive-in Movie
A drive-in movie is great for an initial or casual date, as it takes some of the pressure off since the entertainment will be taken care of. The food that you pack for the picnic can be classic movie theater items, such as popcorn, candy, hot dogs and nachos. For something more gourmet, consider a platter of different fruits and cheeses, such as Brie, Gouda and Cheddar, as this is not only tasty and easy to eat, but can also be visually stunning. If you have a few different local drive-in movie theaters to choose from, take a look at the movie screenings in advance and consider asking your date which they would prefer.

A picnic under the stars allows you to get quite creative with the planning of the date, not only with the location that you pick for the picnic, but also in the food that you pack. When planning a romantic picnic, be sure to remember to check weather conditions for that night, as you don’t want to have to make a mad dash for the car in the pouring rain halfway through!