Putting Together the Perfect Date Night Ensemble

The way that you dress can really say so much about you and your personality, which is why it is important to choose your date night outfit carefully. While it may seem as though the younger generations have so many more options, these tips will help you to put together the perfect date night ensemble if you are “getting back out there” at a later stage in your life.

Woman looking at dresses
A True First Impression
First impressions can have a huge impact on the rest of the date, which is why it is important to ensure that the first impression that you give off is one that is true to you and your personality. This means that, if you have a more demure personality, then a skin-tight outfit with a plunging neckline will exude quite the opposite impression, and vice versa. Have a think about the sort of message you want your outfit to send to your date, and try to dress in a way that works with this.

Choosing a Dress
When it comes to picking a date night outfit, a dress is always a classic choice, but choosing the actual style of dress needs to be done carefully. A fitted dress always works well, but make sure that it is not skin-tight. In terms of hem length, at the knee, or slightly above the knee, will be most flattering, so avoid going too long or too short. If you are trying to minimize your mid-section, then a wrap dress is the style for you, whereas if you want to give off the impression of a narrower waist, opt for a sheath or tunic dress that is fitted around the waist.

Heels to wear for a date
Shoes and Accessories
Heels are perfect for date night, as they will show off your legs and make you feel sexy. The height of the heel you choose is completely up to you, as is the style of heel, although wedges are great if you want the extra height along with some stability. With the rest of your accessories, opt for statement pieces that tell a story about your personality, whether this may be a signature clutch bag or a chunky ring. However, once you have chosen your statement accessories, make sure the rest of the accessories that you wear are toned down, so that your outfit does not end up looking over the top.

Comfort is Key
Feeling comfortable in the outfit that you pick will really boost your confidence on your date, so always remember that comfort is key when putting together an ensemble. No matter what look you think may be perfect for the evening, you will not be able to pull this off properly unless you really feel comfortable in it.

Fashion is all about having fun with your clothing, and there really is no age limit to this. If the outfit that you choose is not only stylish and comfortable, but also reflects your true personality, then you know for sure that you are onto a winner.

The Perfect Date Night Outfit

When deciding what to wear for date night, you have to take your destination into consideration. Whether you are heading to the movies, or for a romantic dinner, here are some ideas for the perfect date night outfit.

Woman having drinks at the bar

Dinner and Drinks
If you have a romantic evening planned with dinner and drinks, a classy, feminine outfit will always work well. A casual dress can be dressed up with a pair of strappy heels, while a more formal dress can be toned down with a pair of flats. Keep your color palette relatively simple, although if you are opting for a printed dress, vibrant colors may be better. Once you have narrowed down your outfit choices, make sure to test them out while you are seated as well as standing, as hem lengths and necklines can often look quite different in various positions.

Stylish woman

Movie Night
A date night at the cinema calls for a casual but stylish outfit, making tailored or skinny jeans the perfect choice. A sweater is also a good idea to keep you warm, but add some edge and personality to your look by picking quirky shoes and accessories.

Staying In
For those that will be spending date night at home together on the sofa, an outfit that is comfortable yet feminine is perfect. A flirty skirt paired with a cozy jumper and some flats is a fail-proof option, as is an easy dress with a cardigan and some wedged heels. By putting together a timeless but comfortable look, your outfit will have that effortless quality that is always desired when dressing for a date.

Woman wearing boots

An Active Date
Whether you will be spending the evening at a bowling alley or on an evening hike, active dates can be difficult to dress for, but you just need to have the right combination of functional and stylish. A classic pair of jeans will work for just about every activity, but make sure that they are not too tight and restricting. Comfortable shoes are also a must, but there is no reason why you cannot be more creative with the top, and accessories, that you choose. However, be sure to bring along a sturdy jacket, such as denim or leather, in case you need to cover up for your activity, as well as a bag that is large enough to carry any extras that you may need. Finally, do not forget about your hair, as an active date will require your hair to be pulled back and kept away from your face, so spend some time experimenting with styles that are more interesting than the standard ponytail.

As important as it is that you look good in your date night outfit, you also need to ensure that you are completely comfortable in it, as this will give you much more confidence. Make sure that you have worn each of the garments in your date night outfit before, so that you know exactly what they look and feel like before the big night.

Date Night Skin Care Routine

Woman getting ready

While the outfit and makeup that you choose to wear for date night is important, your skin is the foundation of your whole look, and needs to be glowing and radiant. Whether it’s a first date or a 20th anniversary, this date night skin care routine will help you to strike that perfect balance between alluring and effortless.

Woman exfoliating skin

Exfoliate the Night Before
Getting your skin ready for date night is all about the preparation. Exfoliating the night before will clear your skin of any dead skin cells, ensuring that your skin is bright rather than dull. It will also mean that any products that you apply before your date will be able to thoroughly penetrate into your skin. It is important to remember to moisturize immediately after exfoliating, or your freshly exfoliated skin will quickly turn dry.

Woman cleansing skin

Thoroughly Cleanse
On the night of your date, the first step to flawless skin is to thoroughly cleanse. Use a gentle foaming cleanser, and make sure that it is one that you have used before, as you don’t want your skin to react to it right before your big night.

Woman with beautiful skin.

Hydrate and Brighten
Once you have cleansed, a hydrating facial mask will provide your skin with essential moisture and nutrients, while drawing out any dirt that your cleanser may have missed. As soon as you remove the mask, be sure to apply a hydrating serum, as well as any other serum that you need to use for specific skin issues. The mask should leave you with a healthy glow, and the serum will help to maintain this throughout the night.


De-Puff Eyes
Puffy eyes are never an attractive look, but luckily, there are many products that you can use to reduce any eye puffiness as well as clear your eyes of any dark circles. Once you have done this, follow it up with an eye serum or an eye cream, as this will instantly plump up the area around your eyes, making it look much more youthful while giving you a clear canvas to work on when you apply your eye makeup.

Woman applying hand cream.

Moisturize Before Priming
The next step in the routine is to apply a moisturizer to your skin, as this will keep it hydrated throughout the night while giving it some extra protection from the environment. An oil-free formula is best if you frequently experience breakouts, while a formula containing oil should be chosen if you have dry skin. It is important to apply the moisturizer before your primer, as this will help to ensure that your primer is applied much more evenly. When it comes time to applying your primer, remember that a little goes a long way. Start at the center of your face and work your way outwards, leaving it to dry for a few minutes before applying anything else.

When it comes to preparing for date night, your skin is the canvas for the rest of the look, so it needs to be as flawless as possible. Luckily, this simple date night skin care routine doesn’t take long at all, leaving you with plenty of time to choose a fantastic outfit and perfectly apply your makeup.