Street to Gym Activewear


When it comes to picking clothes for the gym, you need to ensure that you will be as comfortable, and as flexible, as possible, but this can often mean opting for an outfit that you would not normally want to be seen in. Fortunately, there are a number of activewear brands that have decided to tackle this dilemma, creating practical yet stylish lines that can easily be worn straight from the street to the gym.

Street to Gym Activewear


//OUT Incorporated
While some of the pieces from //OUT Incorporated may look too gorgeous to sweat in, this is exactly what they were designed for, crafted from fabrics that are not only extremely breathable, but also shape-smoothing. From an asymmetrical tank top with ruched detailing at the sides, resulting in a fashion forward look that is so comfortable for the gym, to an asymmetrical layering bra that can be worn in so many different ways, these pieces have all been so thoughtfully designed, resulting in a line that perfectly emulates the concept of high fashion activewear.

Crane & Lion
The activewear pieces from Crane & Lion are extremely functional and look great both on the go as well as at the gym. Their Jogger Pant has quite a masculine quality to it, almost seeming as though you have borrowed them from your boyfriend, but moulds itself to the female form in a beautiful way, while their Capri Tight features back and side seams that are flattering and slimming. While their Long Sleeve Tee may not be suitable for this summer, it is another great piece to invest in for when the weather starts to turn cooler.

KiraGrace is a yoga line, creating pieces using fabrics that feature a four-way stretch, so while these are great for all of your yoga positions, they are also super comfortable to wear on the street. The brand’s Warrior Tough Cut Leggings embrace the cut-out trend that has been seen everywhere recently, bringing some contemporary fashion to your workout session, while the Boot Camp Camo Pocket Tight are tights that feature a stunning print and an earth tone palette, making them easy to style with other pieces.

Move by Alternative Apparel is a line that has included some really useful features into their garments. Their Flex It Tank Top boasts two pockets with zips, meaning that you now have somewhere safe to store your locker key and any other valuables when at the gym. The brand’s Lean Into It Leggings are great for those who feel that traditional yoga pants are just slightly too tight, as these are tight enough to allow your body to properly flow, but not too constricting either.

Staying stylish at the gym can definitely be tough, which is why these activewear brands have really managed to stand out from their competition with these fabulous street to gym pieces. Not only are these pieces fashionable, functional and comfortable, but they are also easy to style with all of the other gym clothes you already have in your wardrobe.


Showing Off Your Muscles

A toned body deserves to be shown off, and there are certain styles of clothes that are able to do this much better than others. Whether you want to flaunt your toned legs or your defined shoulders, these are the best outfits in which to do so.

Woman wearing a strapless dress

For those who want to show off toned shoulders or arms, strapless garments are the best way to do this, as they really let your upper body frame the entire outfit. A strapless maxi dress is a style that can be worn for both day and night, and if you choose a design that features an embellishment or certain details at the top of the dress, this helps to keep the focus on your shoulders and arms. When it comes to the upper body, the shoulders are the most important muscles, and defined shoulders can make a huge difference, even if your arms are not as toned. When exercising your shoulders, be sure to keep all of your workouts well-balanced, making sure that you do the same amount of pushing as you do pulling. This ensures that you strengthen your back as well as your shoulders, preventing your shoulders from overworking and your back from weakening.

It can be difficult working out just how to show off your toned abs without having to wear a crop top, but a dress that features cut-outs around the stomach is perfect for this. Since you will not be baring that much skin, your outfit will always look classy, but still be able to expose those stomach muscles that you have worked so hard for. While many may believe that crunches are usually the best way to tone up a stomach, this is not true, as crunches only target the front and sides of the abdomen rather than the muscles of the core, which is what is needed for properly defined abs. Instead, put together a customized workout that incorporates a side plank, the alligator drag, and walking while in the push-up position, as these three moves will really help to tone up your stomach.

Woman wearing a skirt

Bare Legs
Short dresses and skirts are a great way to show off your legs, but you need to be sure to cover up the other parts of your body to keep the outfit balanced. To bring even more attention to your legs, opt for a dress that has draping around the waist, which then falls away to reveal your toned legs. To make them appear even longer, pair this dress with strappy sandals or delicate shoes, rather than anything chunky or heavy. When it comes to toned legs, lunges are one of the best exercises to get them into shape, as are squats.

A toned and defined body usually takes quite a bit of work to achieve, and it is always a good feeling to be able to show off the results. Wearing outfits that show off your muscles will also help to keep you motivated during future workouts, as you will be able to see the fantastic results much more clearly.

Show Some Skin In Fall Fashions

Fashion Week for Fall and Winter revealed many interesting choices when it comes to fashion. As ever, there seems to be something for everyone and every situation thanks to the broader tastes of designers. One of the many choices the designers made was to sustained slits and cut out clothing through the cooler seasons when you’re more likely to find them in the warmer ones. OROGOLD took a look at this trend to try to get a clearer idea of what the designers intended. The one sure thing seems to be that this fall you can certainly get away with a more daring look until the weather gets a bit too cold for it…or after if you layer properly.

Woman wearing slits.

In the Fall/Winter Fashion Week, many designers tended to opt for midi length outfits to strike a position between pure summer fashion and a more conservative winter look. They did opt to spice these up with thigh-length slits though. Some options opted to only go part of the way up the thigh, but there were some designers who decided to go all the way up the thigh to add an extra dose of allure to the outfit. An important point to note is that the designers didn’t favor side slits in their outfits this year. There were plenty on show, but many took to favor placing the slits along the middle of the out. Notably, many designers went for outfits with a single slit rather than paired ones.

The Other Layer
One thing outfits didn’t lack was companion layers. Most of these were jackets, shawls, and capes. The latter two were the most favored as they added another layer of class without disrupting the main part of the outfit. Layered options for both slits and cut outs had an emphasis on not being vital to the outfit, but instead were meant to help accentuate the primary look of the outfit. They often also provided a way to help briefly shield models and others following the style from the chill of the cooler months when needing to pass through open air or less heated areas of a gathering. Think of the layering options as accessories when it comes to slits and cut outs. They are there to highlight rather than dominate.

Woman wearing a backless dress

Cut Outs
Cuts outs enjoyed an interesting relationship with slits on the Fall/Winter runways. Not because the two were often paired in a single outfit, but because the favored cutout pattern was often a slit for major designers. They opted for distinctly thin, central slits on outfits providing a glimpse of the skin without revealing much to add a tantalizing effect to the clothing. The outfits were often otherwise untouched and varied in fabric weight. Some of them gave the appearance of otherwise being a perfectly normal fall outfit, but the extra emphasis helped make them something more. There was a little variation across designers when it came to cut outs, but other shapes tended to follow the same kind of placements central on the chest or the upper chest to provide just a bit more without compromising the ability to layer with the outfit and keep wearing it through winter.

Show a little skin doesn’t have to be the sole domain of Spring and Summer. Designers did their best to show there’s room for feeling confident about your looks and daring in your style even throughout the cooler seasons of the year. Don’t be afraid to try some of these styles, but OROGOLD would like to remind you that showing a bit more skin does mean you’ll need to remember to apply a little more sunscreen.