Getting Your Skin Crop Top Ready

Crop tops have recently been seen on all of the major runways, with experts predicting that the crop top will be one of the hottest looks for this summer. While there may be a number of different ways to wear and style a crop top, you are most likely going to be baring some flesh, which makes now the perfect time to begin to get your skin crop top ready.

Woman getting an exfoliation treatment

While you may exfoliate your face on a regular basis, chances are that you often forget to do the same for your stomach, but this is necessary if you plan on adding a few crop tops to your summer wardrobe. Not only does exfoliating clear away the dead skin cells that build up on the surface of the skin and lead to a rough complexion, but it also ensures that the skin is able to receive all of the vital nutrients and oxygen that it needs. When it comes to your stomach, there are many exfoliating body scrubs that you can choose from, or you could also opt for dry brush or a mineral or salt scrub, as this will also help in tightening the skin while reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Skin-Firming Ingredients
The stomach is an area where many women tend to experience loose skin, but there are a number of ingredients that you can look out for that are able to help with this. Products that contain vitamin A and vitamin E will help in tightening the skin, as will products that contain collagen, as this is the protein that forms the main structure beneath the skin.

Skin Masks
Skin masks are designed to target all sorts of different issues, and while you may not see many that are aimed specifically at the stomach, there is no reason why you cannot use a mask here that is intended for another part of the body. These masks will not only provide your skin with a deep clean and some extra nourishment, but will also work to strengthen the skin, leaving it firmer and smoother.

Woman adding bath salts in the water

Salt Water Bath
Salt water is known to bring about some fantastic benefits, and spending a bit of time soaking in a tub that contains a couple of teaspoons of sea salt can make quite the difference to your stomach. The salt works by drawing out any toxins or impurities that lie within your skin, clearing away anything that may be blocking the production of collagen, and resulting in skin that feels and looks firmer and tighter.

Nutrient Rich Foods
The food that you eat has a huge impact on the state of your skin, and if you are seeking skin that is healthy and glowing, you need to pay more attention to the ingredients that you are putting into your body. Citrus fruits, strawberries and vegetables are great at boosting the body’s production of collagen, while healthy fats add to the skin’s moisture content, helping to prevent your stomach from looking dry, cracked or stretched. From salmon and olive oil to nuts and seeds, try to incorporate as many nutrient-dense foods into your diet as possible.

Before wearing a crop top, you need to ensure that your skin is ready to be shown off, so that you can rock your new look with confidence and style. Whether you dry brush your stomach three times a week, or apply a skin mask to it every few nights, these tips will ensure that your skin remains crop top ready all summer long.


Top Skin Clearing Foods

Taking care of your body is an integral part of skin care. Eating the right foods helps ensure your body has all the right nutrients to support full body health. Everyone knows this, but many people fail to practice it. If you need extra motivation for adopting a better diet, OROGOLD has a few suggestions for a healthier diet that will contribute on helping clear and repair your skin. All of these suggestions do fall under general rules for a healthier diet, but the compounds in their foods are used frequently in skin care products specifically because the industry knows how good they are for your skin.

Fresh salad

Dark, Leafy Greens
Kale, broccoli, and certain kinds of lettuce all fall under this general group of foods and they’re there for a reason. Dark, leafy greens are absolutely packed full of nutrients good for your body. The ones we’re most interested in though are vitamins A and C. These vegetables are absolutely full of them. Both vitamins are known for promoting collagen growth in the skin and improving your skin’s resistance to damage. That these vegetables come in a wide variety of textures and flavors makes them even easier to incorporate into a diet by adding them to some of your favorite dishes.

Citrus fruits.

If greens aren’t your favorite kind of food, then you can try eating a bit more fruit instead. Citrus fruit, much like greens, has plenty of nutrients for your skin. The one you’re most likely to think of immediately is vitamin C. Every citrus fruit as vitamin C in abundance, but what you don’t know is there is a lot of overlap in nutrients between citrus and leafy greens. Now there really isn’t a citrus equivalent for kale’s status as a superfood, but you can still get many of the same nutrients by having a nice grapefruit for breakfast or snacking on an orange in the afternoon.

Dark chocolate on a wooden table.

Dark Chocolate
If you ever needed proof that nature loves you and wants you to be healthy, dark chocolate is proof. Flavonols are fond in great abundance in dark chocolate. These antioxidants help fight free radical damage in the body and the skin. More specifically, antioxidants are known for helping combat the visual effects of aging when your diet has a ready supply. We do advise aware of specific facts before reaching for the first bar of dark chocolate you find. The chocolate really does need to be dark chocolate and have a high concentration of cacao in it. Additionally, don’t go overboard. Chocolate is good for your skin, but it includes plenty of sugars and other things that aren’t as good for you. Do have a bit of dark chocolate regularly, but don’t make it a full bar.

Taking proper care of yourself is the first step towards good skin care. When considering changes to your diet like the ones OROGOLD suggests, don’t forget to also consider talking to your doctor about an exercise routine as well. Improving your body’s total health will improve your skin and not relying on a single change to help with your skin care means you’re more likely to get noticeable results sooner. As one last rule, just try drinking more pure water instead of other things. This alone can help your body and skin a great deal.

Summer Nutrition Tips

Barbecues in the sun, an abundance of ice cream and vacation indulgence all make it that much harder to stay healthy in the summer. However, the summer is also when fresh, seasonal produce is more widely available, and our bodies could definitely do with the extra boost of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, to help it cope with the change in temperature and the dehydrating heat. OROGOLD brings you some useful summer nutrition tips to help you to stay healthy during these warmer months.

Grilled chicken with fresh salad.

Light Meals
Lighter and smaller meals are much better for your body than large, heavy ones, and, with the abundance of fresh produce available during the summer, it is the perfect opportunity to lighten up your diet. Summer fruits and vegetables are naturally high in a whole range of antioxidants, as well as fiber to aid digestion, and this is desperately needed by the body in order to cope with the extra stress that the summer months place on it. However, those same fruits and vegetables lose many of their nutrients the more that they are cooked, so OROGOLD recommends eating them raw, or just lightly cooked, as much as possible.

Woman drinking water from a bottle while jogging.

Stay Hydrated
Staying hydrated during the summer months may seem obvious, but it is still something that many fail to sufficiently do. Not only does drinking plenty of fluids keep away the chance of heat stroke, but it also improves metabolism, helps digestion, and plays a huge role in the health of your skin and hair. For those of you who find it difficult to pack in the recommended amount of daily water, or simply just prefer something with a bit more flavor, try adding fresh fruit slices to your bottle of water, as well as some mint leaves, to create your own fruit-infused water. OROGOLD also recommends that fruits and vegetables with a high water content, such as watermelon, cucumber, citrus fruits and spinach, should also be added to your diet.

Sweet potato made with herbs and onions

Potassium-Rich Foods
Due to the extra sweating that the body does during the summer months, your potassium levels can quickly become depleted, impacting your muscles and nerves. To keep this from happening, try to fit in as many potassium-rich foods into your diet as possible. These include bananas, winter squash, sweet potato, white beans and yogurt. OROGOLD suggests using these ingredients to create snacks that you can pack and take with you during the day, so that you are less tempted to purchase processed snacks and more likely to stay as healthy as possible. If potassium loss is something that really worries you, OROGOLD recommends doing some research on cooking methods, as with potatoes, for example, baking them gives you double the amount of potassium than you would get if you boiled them.

Generally, since the fresh produce available during the summer months is so high in nutrients, the body needs less food than it does in the colder months. If you are relatively active during the summer, then it is important to keep replenishing your body’s lost potassium and sodium, as well as to remember to stay hydrated.