Style Tips Stolen from the Movies – ORO GOLD Reviews

Movies can be ideal sources for more than just hours of entertainment. You can find a lot of style, hair, fashion and makeup tips and ideas from movies and the stars who perform in them. Below, you will find some interesting style tips from some popular and well-known motion pictures and the actors/actresses who flaunted the stylish looks in the films.

Marie Antionette
Style Tips Inspired By Sofia Coppola in Marie Antionette
In the movie, “Marie Antionette,” as well as many of her other movies, director Sofia Coppola displays an undeniably effortless and instantly recognizable style that oozes uniqueness. It is a style that is classic, yet extremely modern and it has been both recognized and praised by many. The following style tips and ideas were inspired by the characters in her movies: from the vintage appeal of “The Virgin Suicides” to the eccentric and fabulous splendor of “Marie Antoinette.” Pastel colors and neutrals with ivory being the most standout, other trendy colors include light pinks, baby blues and mint greens. Although pastels are mainly colors that are more popular in the spring time, integrating a pastel-hued piece with popular autumn and/or winter color tones is a solid and fashionable look. A silk dress, cuffed boots, a double-breasted blazer can set off this look, with a black vintage beret for added flair.A full skirt, ruffled at the bottom, a puffy-sleeved cocoon jacket and a full hairstyle is another unique look inspired by this movie. Add a pair of ankle boots to top it off.A good floral look inspired by this movie includes a floral dress with larger floral prints and a pair of over-the-knee boots.

Sex and the City
Style Tips Inspired By Sex and the City- The Movie
The four main characters in the “Sex and the City” movie exuded New York City style trends that appeal to many fashion fans. Each woman portrayed their own personal style of elegance and uniqueness. Carrie Bradshaw’s style is a mixture of high-end modern and vintage looks with bursts of color and interesting textures. Floral designs are also part of her look. A floral dress, stretch vest, and a pair of nude colored open-toed pumps, with a studded belt, funnel neck coat and gold colored bangles make a complete Carrie Bradshaw look. Samantha Jones’ style oozes sex appeal and clothing pieces that flatter the figure. Her character flaunts various colorful hues, with her signature colors being canary yellows and both brick and orange reds. This look can be pulled off with a yellow wool blazer, leopard print dress, a flap leather purse and tassel earrings.  Charlotte York’s style is more conservative, with a classic and polished trend.  Her look is not flashy but her femininity and perfectly detailed accents make her look stand out. A belted khaki dress, black crochet top and square-toed suede navy blue pumps emulate this look well. Add a sweetheart locket, a bow clutch and some rose-colored lip balm to top it off. Miranda Hobbes’ style consists of a lot of separates in her “working wardrobe” and her night look is often patterned or printed garments. A black waist-high skirt, deep purple ruffle blouse, wool blend tab coat and a pair of Gouda pumps complete a Miranda look. Gold rings and earrings give the look an added touch.

If you are looking for some fashion, makeup, jewelry and/or hairstyle ideas, you could actually get a lot of all four from watching some of your favorite movies and emulating the looks of your favorite movie stars.