Let Leggings Transition You From Summer to Fall

Woman in fall fashion and leggings

Transitioning your favorite summer outfits into the cooler days of fall can often be quite difficult, but, as long as you have a couple of pairs of leggings, you should not have a problem. Leggings are extremely versatile, and are ideal for providing you with that extra bit of coverage and warmth, without detracting too much from the essence of your summery look.

Summer Slip Dress
Summer slip dresses can be slightly tricky to style for fall, but leggings make this so much easier. Simply wear a button-down shirt underneath your dress, and then a pair of leggings underneath. Pair this with some heeled ankle boots, as well as a pair of sunglasses to finish off the look.

Denim Jacket
Denim jackets are perfect for the cooler fall months, and, whether you opt for a longer or a cropped style, they work so well with leggings. Depending on how heavy your jacket is, you could wear just a tank top underneath, or a short sleeved summer t-shirt. If the day turns particularly warm, simply tie your denim jacket around your waist for a laid back, casual look.

Two women posing in fall fashion

Sweatshirts and Cardigans
If you have some summer tops that you usually wear with shorts, try pairing them with some leggings instead. Then, all you need to do is add a sweatshirt or a cardigan, and you are good to go. If you have opted for a summer crop top, try finding a cropped sweatshirt to wear with this, as this should give you enough coverage to ensure that you do not feel cold with your bare stomach.

Tailored Blazer
A black tailored blazer paired with some black leggings is beautifully chic, and works well with just a plain white t-shirt underneath. This look can be worn with some sneakers for the daytime, or with some heels for the evening, making it a fantastic transitional outfit if you need to quickly and easily go from day to night. Do not forget to bring along a spare bag too, as a large black leather bucket bag would be great for the day, whereas a smaller, colorful, clutch bag would add an extra stylish touch to an evening outfit.

Cropped Leggings
While full-length leggings tend to be most popular, cropped leggings are a great alternative, especially for fall. These allow you to reap all of the benefits of leggings, but still show a little bit of skin, which is always great before you need to cover up for the cold winter months.

Woman with shades and oversized scarf

Oversized Scarf
An oversized scarf can really give you a surprising amount of warmth, meaning that you can still wear your flowy summer tops well into fall. Simply pair this with an oversized scarf and some sunglasses, and you will have an outfit that is perfect for a sunny fall day.

One of the main advantages to leggings is that they are so incredibly versatile, and can be styled in ways that allow you to wear them just about anywhere. Whether you pair them with your favorite summer dress, or with a t-shirt and a sweatshirt, these outfits are perfect for transitioning you to the next season.


Cardigans Don’t Have to be Frumpy

While historically a menswear piece, cardigans are now a classic unisex garment that just about every woman will have in her wardrobe. Although many tend to shy away from wearing cardigans, due to fears of looking frumpy, there are many ways to style a cardigan to give your outfit a modern and contemporary edge.

woman wearing cardigan
Oversized Cardigans
Also known as boyfriend cardigans, oversized cardigans are a popular choice by many, and work especially well when they have been created with chunky knits. Deep v-necks and longer hemlines help to keep oversized cardigans looking modern, but they also need to be worn over a relatively fitting outfit so as not to look frumpy, such as a simple t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. Another option is to pair a long, oversized cardigan with a crop top and some fitted pants. This look is great for a mild winter climate, and enables you to wear your favorite summer crop tops in the winter too. Stay away from full skirts or dresses with a long, oversized cardigan, as these will only cut your body off at an unflattering place. Full dresses are best worn with shorter cardigans, which is explained further below.

Wrap Cardigans
Wrap cardigans have a similar shape to oversized cardigans, but they tend to be more streamlined and less bulky. Nevertheless, this is another style that makes use of draping, meaning that you need to be careful with what you pair it with, as this can often interfere with proportions. While it can be tempting to wear a wrap cardigan with a short skirt, you are best off wearing it with dark pants so that the cardigan will elongate your figure rather than breaking it up. If your wrap cardigan is extremely bulky, try cinching it in at the waist with a belt, and wearing it like a coat.

Short Cardigans
Short cardigans are often paired with a longer top, but this silhouette is never really flattering. Instead, try wearing a short cardigan buttoned up on its own as a top, or pair it with a flared dress, or a high waisted skirt. Keep in mind that your cardigan hemline should not fall more than a couple of inches below the waistband of your dress, otherwise you begin to venture into the frumpy zone.

Woman in blue cardigan
The color of your cardigan can also make quite the difference in the overall look that you create. Shades such as beige and brown can instantly look matronly, whereas bright and bold shades will add a pop of color to your outfit. However, if you do opt for a bright shade, be sure to keep the rest of your outfit relatively simple, so as not to take your look over the top. Dark neutral colors, such as black and navy, are also good choices, as these can be styled in so many different ways.

Cardigans are a classic garment and are available in so many different styles. From a chunky oversized cardigan to a delicate short cardigan, the versatility of the classic cardigan is what has helped to carry this garment through into the modern day.