Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Summer

Woman with braided hair

This summer, hair trends are leaning towards the free-spirited, boho vibe, meaning that there is so much room for experimentation. From different types of braids to a curly bob, here are some hairstyles that are absolutely perfect for this summer.

Braids are one of the hottest hair trends for this summer, and, when it comes to braids, there is so much to choose from. Whether you opt for a French braid, small and subtle accent braids, Dutch braids, or even a simple messy thick braid, you cannot really go wrong here.

Low Ponytail
The low ponytail is a low-maintenance hairstyle, making it perfect for busy summer days. This is a style that can be easily dressed both up and down, depending on what you wear it with. To mix this look up a bit, try adding in a few braids to your low ponytail, or even knotting your hair around your hair-tie to add some extra texture and interest.

Woman with curly bob

The Curly Bob
The curly bob is a wonderfully carefree summer style that is so easy to maintain, meaning that it will look just as fabulous each and every day. This style needs plenty of short, vertical layers in the hair, as this prevents the curls from forming an outwards triangle. To make this look even more show-stopping, add in some wispy bangs as well, but keep them quite minimal, as you do not want too much extra hair on your face during the summer months.

The Wet Look
For those spending their summer by a beach or a pool, then the wet look is a hairstyle that may be perfect for you. Simply keep your locks slicked down with some gel, deciding whether you want to leave it loose and sleek or tightly tied back. To add to the look, try creating a sleek, wet look side fringe, as this will help to really frame your face.

Woman with deep side parted hair

Deep, Side Part
The deep side part is a hairstyle that was all over the major fashion runways for this summer, and this is a perfect one to try, as it works with every hair type and cut. From long and loose with a 70s vibe to a sleek, slicked back side ponytail, the deep side part works in so many different ways.

The Modern Pixie Cut
Pixie cuts are back this summer, and are a great option for those with short hair, as they can be styled in a number of interesting ways. Each of the styles mentioned above would work with a pixie cut, be it bouncy curls or sleek and slicked back, and this is because the pixie cut is one of the most timeless styles out there.

While there are certain hairstyles that are very much in trend for this summer, these are all quite broad, meaning that they can be interpreted in so many different ways. So, whether your hair is short and straight or long and curly, give some of these hairstyles a try this summer.

Wet Setting Hair for Beachy Waves

Wet setting is a method of curling hair, setting it in place while it is still damp, and allowing it to dry before releasing it. This method can be used to achieve a number of different looks, but it is most popular when it comes to giving yourself some beachy waves, as there are a number of different wet setting techniques that you can use for this.

Woman with braided hair

Braid Waves
Using braids to achieve beachy waves is one of the most popular methods out there, and is one of the easiest to do. Begin by applying your favorite styling product to damp hair, before parting it down the center and clipping half out of the way. The Dutch braiding technique is one of the best ways to start your waves from higher up, and detailed tutorials for this can be found online. Once you have created your braid, use a hair tie to fasten the end, before doing the same with the other half of your hair. Once this is done, gently pull on the sides of each braid to loosen them slightly, before waiting for your hair to dry. Then, simply remove the elastic bands and tousle your hair gently to give your waves some extra movement.

Twisted Waves
There are many different ways to wet set your hair into twists, but this is one of the easiest. Once you have applied a styling product to your damp hair, divide it into four sections, by parting it down the middle and then parting each half from the top of your head to behind your ear. Take the two back sections in each hand, twisting them towards each other before fastening the ends together with an elastic band. Do the same with the front sections, twisting them away from your face before fastening. Once your hair is dry, remove the bands and release the twists, shaking out your gorgeous new waves.

Woman using hair rollers

Rollers are a great tool when it comes to wet setting hair, with sponge rollers being the best, as they are soft and comfortable enough to remain in your hair for a longer period of time. Choose the size of your rollers carefully, as this will have a huge impact on the size of each of your waves. After applying a styling product to damp hair, section off your hair into different sections, before winding a roller into each one, and securing with a hair pin. Once dry, release the rollers and give your waves a quick shake.

Compared to the techniques that use heat or a multitude of different products, wet setting is a styling method that is much gentler on your hair, and, since your hair is naturally setting into that style, it will also last much longer. While it is possible to use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process, this can often result in a slightly flatter finished texture. Whether you simply braid your hair after showering, or put in some rollers, these are some of the easiest wet setting styles out there.

European Hair Trends

European women are known for their sophisticated style, and this is the same when it comes to their hair. OROGOLD takes a look at some of the latest European hair trends.

Woman with a loose, messy updo.

Loose, Messy Updo
A loose, messy updo is one of the most popular of European hair trends, and looks sexy and stylish for both day and night. It is an easy one to do, although OROGOLD recommends that you wait for a couple of days after washing your hair before attempting it. Begin by backcombing your hair with a teaser comb in large sections, before creating volume at the top and smoothing your hair into a ponytail. Then, take and curl different sized sections before twisting them and pinning them up, working your way from the bottom to the top of your hair. Once done, use your hands to twist the curls into any pattern that you like, before giving your hair a spritz with a finishing spray.

Woman with a bob cut.

The Bob Cut
This is a famous, classic style that is always making some sort of comeback in different forms. With a bob cut, you can never really go wrong, and just because you have short hair, this doesn’t mean that you still can’t experiment with new styles. A tousled, textured bob always looks great, as does a bob that is sleek, straight and Cleopatra-inspired. Bangs also work well with a bob, whether they are straight and blunt, long and layered or swept to the side. To take this even further, OROGOLD suggests looking at pixie styles, as this a cute style that will usually make any face look more youthful.

Woman getting a half twist hairstyle in the salon.

The Half Twist
This hair trend looks extremely modern, but also a little eccentric, and is perfect for those of you who want to try something new. To create this look, take two large sections from either side of your hair and criss-cross them over the back, so that one is overlapping the other. Pin this into place with bobby pins, before pulling out a large section of hair to overlap the layers you have already created. Finish the look off with a strong finishing spray.

Woman with a braided bun hairstyle.

A Braided Bun
A braided bun works best with long hair, although those with medium length hair may also have success with this. To create this bohemian-inspired look, begin by braiding your hair into any sort of braid that you like. Wrap this braid around, pulling it into a bun and securing with a hair tie. Using your hands, gently move around pieces of the braid, pinning them up with hair pins, creating a slightly messier look. To make this style a bit softer, OROGOLD recommends loosening some of the strands near the front so that they are able to frame your face. This style always looks great with hair accessories, especially flowers, as they only enhance the bohemian feel.

A hot spot for fashion and style, there is no better place to look than Europe when you want to discover some new hair trends. Take the time to try each one out and adapt them to suit your own style, incorporating hair accessories for an even more dynamic look.