Stylish Senior Fashion and Bling

True fashion has no age boundaries, and there are many pieces out there that are easily able to work across different generations. From statement accessories to wide-legged pants, here is some fashion inspiration for all of those stylish seniors out there.

Mature woman wearing a pearl necklace

Statement Accessories
Styling your accessories in a modern and contemporary way can do wonders for your overall look. Rather than wearing all of your favorite items at once, try to stick to one statement accessory that really stands out and speaks for itself. If the rest of your outfit is relatively basic, then there is no reason why you cannot invest in some of the trendier accessories out there, as this will give your look a contemporary touch without making it seem as though you are dressing “too young”.

Wide-Legged Pants
Style icon Katharine Hepburn is a great example of how to wear wide-legged pants at a more mature age, even though this is something that many seniors tend to veer away from. However, with waistlines on the rise, wide-legged pants help to give the body a slimmer, more streamlined look, while also balancing out the hips to create an extremely flattering silhouette.

Mature woman wearing a bold dress

Bold Colors
It is not unusual for many seniors to stick to neutral colors, such as black, grey, beige and white. However, this can often end up making your outfit look quite drab, and there is no reason why you cannot continue to wear bold colors in the later years of your life. Jewel tones will always look classy, no matter what your age may be, while those who are more daring can opt for a bright pop of color in their outfit, whether this may be a bright red or even gold. For those that are slightly unsure about wearing too much color, start off slowly, choosing to pair a basic outfit with colorful bags and accessories, and it will not be long before you notice the impact that these vibrant shades have on your overall style.

Make Use of Layers
With fall quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to experiment with wearing different layers, especially if this is something that you are not used to. Layering your clothes results in quite a chic look, providing that it is done thoughtfully. Wearing a turtleneck underneath a classic sheath dress, or a cardigan over a light knit, amps up the sophistication of your look, while keeping it stylish at the same time.

While many brands tended to ignore seniors in the past, this is no longer the case, and there are several out there that now deliberately target this large portion of the population. From the older models seen on major runways, to the increasing number of senior street style blogs out there, senior fashion is undergoing quite the revolution. While many may let their fashion choices fall flat as they age, there is no reason that this should happen, so keep yourself inspired by all of the style around you, and discover new ways to work hot trends into your look.

Switch Up Your Wardrobe to Look Younger

Keeping the signs of aging at bay is what most people strive to achieve as they age, investing in a myriad of treatments and anti-aging promises from various companies. While those may be great in the long term, there is a much easier way to instantly shave years off your age – making a few adjustments to the way in which you dress. Today, OROGOLD has some great ways to switch up your wardrobe to help you to look as young as possible.

Woman wearing a red scarf

Bold Colors
As women age, many tend to fall into the trap of wearing dull colors, but this will only age you even more. Incorporating bright colors into your outfit will give you a pop of color and instantly give you a more youthful aura. If this is something that you are not used to doing, try it with your accessories first, wearing a brightly colored scarf to liven up your outfit. When it comes to neutral colors, you don’t necessarily need to avoid these, but instead, just pick them more carefully. While a beige can immediately wash some people out, richer, more luxurious shades, such as toffee, caramel and cream, will make your outfit look more expensive, and give a slight glow to your skin.

Woman buying lingerie.

A Good Bra Can Change Everything
A bra that fits you correctly, in the best way possible, can instantly make you look younger as well as slimmer. As you age, you will start to need extra support, which is why OROGOLD advises that you regularly have yourself fitted for a new bra, at least once a year, and buy a new one every six months. When you first buy a bra, the clasp should be on the loosest hook, and as the bra stretches, which they all do, you will be able to make it tighter. Once the clasp is on the tightest hook, then it is time to invest in a new bra.

Woman wearing a skirt.

Pay Attention to the Length of Your Skirt
While your own figure should determine the type of skirt that you wear, it is important to make sure that you pay careful attention to the hemline. Skirts that are too long will make you look wide and frumpy, and the wrong length can immediately make your legs seem much shorter. When choosing the length of a skirt, OROGOLD advises that you first identify the slimmest point of your knee – either right above it, in the middle of it, or right below it. This point is where your hemline should fall to. Don’t be afraid of anything fitting either, as this will help to show off your curves rather than hide them, streamlining your shape. A form-fitting pencil skirt that hits just below the knee is not only stylish and modern, but also flattering on most body shapes.

Keeping your wardrobe up to date while ensuring that each garment is able to make you look younger can be tricky. However, once you start to get the hang of picking out clothes that flatter you in the best way possible, this will soon become second nature to you and you won’t need to think twice about it, and will simply always be looking absolutely fabulous!