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There was a time when bigger homes were one of the main criteria in the million dollar home market. However, these days, people buying these million dollar homes prefer properties that have lesser square footage. Instead of those 10000 – 15000 sq. ft. homes, 4000 – 6000 sq. ft. homes are in huge demand. This doesn’t mean that the bar set by million dollar homes has gone down. It simply means that people prefer to spend their money elsewhere. ORO GOLD believes that one of the main reasons for this shift in attitude is that people try to get away from the hassles of maintaining a larger home when they won’t even be using many of the rooms in those homes. In this article, OROGOLD examines some of the best features in million dollar homes.Tuscany - countertop, commode and refrigerator in kitchen


One of the main determinants when it comes to expensive homes is the location of the property. Many people prefer hillside lots because of the privacy that they have to offer. Equestrian lots are also known to be extremely popular when it comes to million dollar homes

Exotic Kitchens

Kitchens are known to be one of the main selling points of million dollar homes. The presence of top-of-the-line luxury appliances is a must and things like dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators, coffee bars, butler pantries are considered to be basic inclusions.

luxurious backyard with pool in modern australian mansionOutdoor Living Spaces

Another must have in million dollar homes are outdoor amenities. Many of the buyers of these homes use their backyards as major entertainment spaces and install equipment like barbecue grills, refrigerators, miscellaneous kitchen features and pizza ovens there. Things like a spa, a swimming pool, television viewing space and a dining room are in high demand as well.

Adequate Detailing

Finally, the modern day property market runs on quality rather than quantity. This means that buyers are always after customized finishes, trending features, upscale installations like hardwood flooring and baseboards.

Luxury home with multiple garages for multiple carsMultiple Garages

Three garages are considered to be a bare minimum in most million dollar homes, but four garage properties are highly preferred. Over-height garages are also trending since they allow for the installation of lifts where cars can be stacked.

Customized Rooms

The need for customized rooms such as fitness rooms that include the latest machines and have space for things like yoga, entertainment rooms for kids to entertain themselves and have fun with their friends, office rooms for the couple which include two work spaces, wine rooms that include temperature controlled shelves and walk-in closets in the master bedroom has increased manifolds.

Luxury bathroom at over water resort with view of the ocean with wineMultiple Bathrooms

Properties that have multiple bathrooms with the main bathrooms having things like a variety of shower heads, oversized showers and soaking tubs are in high demand nowadays. Bathrooms are another place where people love to spend. Any property having exotic bathrooms is likely to be in high demand.

Guest Rooms

Guest rooms are no longer seen as basic rooms in the house. These rooms must be big enough and be designed as multi-generational spaces that can host aging parents or adult kids who come back home for a holiday.

Green Living

With the hype around green living, properties that are environment conscious and energy efficient are in huge demand.