Tips for Updating Your Look

Woman of high fashion

Spring is all about fresh starts and new beginnings, making this the perfect time to update your look and add something new to your personal style. Whether you are seeking a few subtle adjustments or a huge dramatic change, here are some tips to help you get started.

Part Your Hair on the Other Side
If you have been parting your hair in the same place for years, flipping this over to the other side is an extremely easy way to update your look. While this may seem simple, a new part will add volume to your roots while changing the way in which the front sections frame your face. If your hair keeps flipping itself back over to the original part, try using some hair-setting tape to secure your new part in place before you go to bed, as this will help it to set overnight.

A New Lip Color
Everybody has their go-to lip shades, but trying out a new lip color can really help to shake up your look. If you tend to stick to classic shades, opt for something bold and bright instead, or, for those who are used to taking risks with lipstick, try swapping this for a subtle nude gloss. If lipstick is something that you never really wear, start off by experimenting with shades of red, as this is timeless and you are likely to easily be able to find a shade that complements you.

Woman applying blue lipstick

Experiment With Belts
Belts are an accessory that many people only use if they really need to, but they can really add a whole new element to your outfit, even if they are not necessarily needed. Using a belt to cinch in a blazer or fitted jacket can really enhance your feminine shape, while a belt on a loose dress can instantly turn it from casual to preppy.

Invest in a Pair of Pointy-Toed Shoes
While the tapered toe may come and go in terms of shoe trends, this is a classic style that many would consider to be the most flattering of all shoe shapes. The reason for this is because of the way in which pointed-toe shoes visually elongate the leg, especially when paired with an elegant pencil skirt or wide trousers. No matter what you wear them with, ensure that your shoes fit comfortably around the toes, without any pinching, and opt for a color that is similar to your skin tone if you want to elongate your legs as much as possible.

Pointed heels

Overhaul Your Skin Care Routine
Your skin is constantly on show to the rest of the world, and a great way to freshen up your whole look is by giving your skin a bit of a boost. Whether this means adding a few new serums and essences to your skin care routine, or trying out a new method of exfoliation, making a few changes at such a basic level will have a huge influence over your look.

Now that the dreary days of winter are just about over, this is the perfect time to think about updating your look. Whether this means styling your hair in a new way, or experimenting with different accessories, give these tips a go if you have been wanting to try something different.


Brave to Be Edgy in Khakis

While you may not consider khaki pants to be at the height of fashion, this much-loved style is actually making quite the comeback. With so many different potential ways to style them, here are some tips for those who want to try rocking their khakis.

Woman in Khaki pants
Check the Fit
When it comes to wearing khaki pants, the fit is everything, and flat front styles, rather than pleated pants, are the ones making the comeback. Whether you want slouchy, baggy khakis, or a fitted and well tailored pair, make sure that the pants fit your body in a way that complements it. The length of your pants is also an aspect to pay attention to, and you may need to decide beforehand whether you are going to be wearing them with heels or flats, so that you can choose the most appropriate length. When it comes to pockets, pocket-less pants, or those with top entry pockets, work well with just about every figure, whereas side entry pockets can often end up emphasizing the hips in an unflattering way.

Complementary Colors
While khakis can be worn with just about every color out there, there are some that work much better with the classic khaki shade. Vibrant and bold colors add a huge amount of energy to the earthy tone of khakis, while pairing them with pastels brings about quite the sophisticated look. Of course, for a look that never fails, a crisp white shirt paired with some fitted khaki pants has a timeless appeal that will work for many occasions.

Woman's shoes

Pay Attention to Footwear
The footwear that you choose can really make or break an outfit, and if you are going to be wearing khaki pants, then you need to choose your footwear quite carefully. For those who prefer more of a tomboy look, some skate sneakers will instantly give you this, while high heeled sandals will immediately give your look more of a polished edge.

Add Some Bling
Adding some bling to your look will really help to update a pair of classic khakis, no matter which style of khakis you have opted for. From chunky bracelets to fat gold rings to graphic necklaces, edgy accessories will really help to give your khakis a much more contemporary touch.

Belts and Scarves
Just like with footwear and jewelry, adding a belt or a scarf to your khaki outfit can really take it to the next level. In terms of the belt, a longer belt, that can be left draping down your pants, will give your look quite a high fashion feel, while fitted belts in neon shades will add a pop of vitality to your look. A scarf, when paired with a casual khaki outfit, can again elevate your look, making it much more sophisticated and elegant.

Khakis have experienced their fair share of highs and lows in the fashion world, but many welcome the fact that they are now making another comeback. Whether your look is smart and sophisticated, or casual and down to earth, khakis can be styled in so many different ways that you will definitely be able to somehow make them work for your own personal style.

From “9 to 5” to “After-Hours”

When you have a demanding job and an equally busy social life, it can be difficult trying to dress for both at the same time. If you need to put together an outfit that will seamlessly transition from “9 to 5” to “after-hours”, have a read through the following tips.

Woman wearing a cardigan over her dress

Opt for Versatility
There are some garments that are much more versatile than others, and dresses are a great example of this. A dress that is paired with flats and a cardigan will work well for the office, and, once the day is over, the cardigan can be removed and the flats swapped for a pair of heels. A classic pencil skirt also works well in this way, as the look is sophisticated enough for a day at work, but sexy enough for an evening out. When it comes to versatility, denim is one of the most versatile fabrics out there, and if you are able to wear a pair of dark jeans to work, then this is another great option for both day and night.

Classic Cover-Ups
If you are wanting to wear a garment in the evening that is slightly more dramatic, and would not be suitable for work, then a classic cover-up is what you need. A slim tailored blazer is usually the best way to go, as this can hide any bare shoulders or revealing necklines during the day, and can easily be removed and stored away when you head out for the evening.

Woman holding a clutch

Make the Most of Accessories
Accessories on their own can easily transform a conventional daytime look into a hot evening outfit. Swapping your large work bag, or even your briefcase, for a small and stylish clutch will instantly glam up your look, while adding a statement belt to an outfit will immediately give it more personality. Jewellery is another accessory that can quickly take a look from day to night. During the day, keep your jewellery quite minimal and conservative, but switch this up in the evenings with a few statement pieces, whether this be large graphic earrings or a chunky necklace. Sometimes, all that a conventional outfit needs to brighten it up is a bit of sparkle, so keep this in mind when picking out accessories.

Don’t Forget About Makeup
While your makeup during the day is likely to be relatively understated, this can easily be amped up for the evenings. The beauty of makeup is that it is so portable, and with a few swipes of mascara and lipstick, can easily dramatize a look. If you don’t have much time after work to re-do your entire face, then simply apply some red lipstick, as this timeless shade will work with just about every outfit.

If taking an outfit from “9 to 5” to “after-hours” is something that you need to do on a regular basis, it is always a good idea to keep a bag with a few accessories in your car or office, so that they are within easy reach when you need them in the evenings. By keeping your daytime outfit relatively simple, you will be able to incorporate statement accessories, such as chunky jewellery or colorful heels, much more easily, beautifully transitioning your look from day to evening.