Pinterest Beauty Predictions for 2016

At the end of each year, social media site Pinterest predicts what the next year will bring when it comes to fashion, beauty lifestyle and more. OROGOLD takes a look at some of the most exciting Pinterest beauty predictions for 2016.

Woman with natural hair

Natural Hair
For those of you who hate spending precious time styling your hair, this Pinterest beauty prediction will make you quite happy. Pinterest predicts that this year will see us all put aside our styling products and tools and embrace our natural hair texture. Whether it be curly, wavy or straight, it is time to let your natural hair shine!

Coffin nails.

Coffin Nails
Coffin nails are an oblong shaped style, resembling the shape of a coffin. While this may seem quite dark, the nails are anything but, looking fierce but sophisticated at the same time. Pinterest saw a massive 4 million coffin-shaped nail ideas being pinned in 2015, and with this showing absolutely no signs of slowing down, it is something we can expect to see much more of in 2016.

Woman with blue hair.

Mermaid-Inspired Locks
Tying in well with the natural hair prediction are mermaid-inspired locks, which are all thanks to a new trend called fluid hair painting. This is a new hair dyeing technique, in which the hair is fanned out onto a large surface and painted in large sections, creating a beautiful gradient effect. Subtle pastel shades have been popular in 2015, and we all predict this to continue on throughout this year.

Woman with au naturel look

Clean, Androgynous Makeup
While 2015 was the year of contouring and strobing, Pinterest predicts that 2016 will pave the way for simple and androgynous makeup. This will be quite a change from the different beauty looks that we have seen in 2015, and OROGOLD is excited to see how the androgynous makeup trend develops.

Eyebrow grooming

Eyebrow Grooming
There has been quite an emphasis on eyebrow grooming lately, and this is a trend that will definitely continue. If you aren’t blessed with naturally thick brows, OROGOLD suggests trying out some of the many new eyebrow products that have appeared on the market, from gels to powders to pencils, all of which will help to create a bold and natural-looking brow.

Cat eyes

Inspired by Adele
Adele’s signature cat-eyes are almost as distinct as her voice, and Pinterest predicts that we will be seeing this style replicated much more in 2016. There are many different ways to create this look for yourself, and if you truly want to exude an Adele vibe, OROGOLD suggests pairing your cat eyes with nude lips and the singer’s statement blush.

Man having  a manicure

While manicures have always been popular amongst women, it would seem as though more men will be catching onto this beauty secret in 2016. The mani and pedi aimed at men is looking to become much more mainstream, so keep an eye out for it at your local nail salon!

From an exciting new hair dyeing technique bringing us mermaid-inspired locks, to even more of an emphasis being placed on beautifully groomed brows, it seems as though 2016 will be filled with style and sophistication. OROGOLD looks forward to seeing more of these looks as 2016 progresses.

Beauty Trend Alert: Face Shaving

Hair removal methods come in many different shapes and forms, from waxing to hair removal creams to tweezing. When it comes to your face, you may believe that shaving is primarily reserved for men, but, as the latest beauty trend goes to show, it can have huge benefits for women as well. OROGOLD takes a look at the latest hair removal beauty trend for women – face shaving.

Woman shaving her face with a razor.

Where Has the Trend Come From?
Face shaving for women has long since been popular in Japan. Known as kao sori, face shaving is a popular treatment that results in a smooth and soft complexion, and it also allows other skin care products to better penetrate the skin. In the West, face shaving is often known as dermaplaning, and is commonly used to treat certain skin conditions, such as mild scarring, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.

How Does it Work?
Unlike with most men, who use a shaving foam and shave almost every day, face shaving for women is usually carried out on dry skin. A straight razor is passed over the face in short, sweeping motions, and although a tingling sensation is often felt, the process is painless. After the razor has taken off the short hairs on the face, it then works as an exfoliant, taking off the dead skin cells that build up on the face. The shaving is usually followed up moisturizers and serums, and often a facial massage, and, when done by a professional, the process takes about an hour.

Woman shaving her face

Myths About Face Shaving
Many women believe that if they were to shave their face, they would soon end up with a 5 o’clock shadow, but this is a huge myth. The results usually last two or three weeks, depending on the individual’s skin condition and hair growth. In Japan, it is common for women to undergo face shaving once a month, as part of their regular facial. However, for those of you who already have quite dark facial hair, OROGOLD would not recommend face shaving, as this could cause the hair to grow back darker and thicker.

Can I Try Face Shaving at Home?
The beauty about face shaving is that it is so easy to do it yourself at home. The only tool that you will need is a single blade, straight-edged razor, with a slope towards the razor head for easier maneuvering. Facial and eyebrow razors are widely available, either at your local beauty store or online. To begin with, pull your skin taut and start shaving downwards in short strokes, holding the razor at a 45-degree angle against your skin. Once finished, OROGOLD reminds you to make sure that you apply a layer of moisturizer.

Although face shaving for women may seem like a strange concept, it has so many skin benefits, from exfoliating the skin to boosting collagen production to giving your face a healthy glow. Plus, if you have ever wondered why aging men don’t seem to suffer from the same onslaught of wrinkles as women do, you now know that it could be down to the fact that they have been unknowingly exfoliating their faces on a regular basis for the majority of their lives!

Canadian Beauty Bloggers – OROGOLD Reviews

Woman wearing a beautiful gold necklace with her laptop in a cafe

When you need hair advice, makeup tutorials or up-to-date style tips, beauty blogs will be one of your best sources of information. Whether it be for their infectious personality or industry makeup secrets, OROGOLD reviews some of our favorite Canadian beauty bloggers.

Beauty Editor
Beauty Editor is a blog by Michelle Villett, who used to be the beauty and health editor for ELLE Canada. The beauty team, of which there are several different contributors, each with their own area of beauty expertise, regularly share their beauty know-how, and tackle many of those issues that people don’t like to draw attention to, such as grey or thinning hair. Beauty Editor also shows readers how to create many of the latest celebrity looks, reviews hot products and shares any new insider beauty knowledge that they may have gained. Since Michelle has experience writing for magazines, the tone of her blog manages to be the perfect balance of informative and fun.

Glitter Geek
Glitter Greek was created in 2007, by makeup enthusiast Arianne de Guzman, from Ontario, Canada, who soon went on to study makeup artistry. Arianne now works as a freelance makeup artist who posts step-by-step photo makeup tutorials, from casual vampy lips to the classic smoky eye. Arianne also blogs about new beauty collections and does frequent product reviews, sharing her latest product success stories with her readers. One of the reasons why OROGOLD loves Glitter Geek is because of the way Arianne’s vivacious personality shines through in all of her posts.

Daly Beauty
Jane Daly is a beauty expert who started her blog, Daly Beauty, in 2010. In addition to being an expert beauty consultant for Dove, Jane is also a regular guest on radio and television shows, providing beauty and lifestyle advice. Daly Beauty covers the latest beauty and fragrance products from an informative yet objective point of view, which many of her readers have grown to really trust over the years. Jane’s blog was named Best Beauty Blog by ELLE online, and she has also been listed as one of the best beauty insiders by Huffington Post.

Lipstick Powder n Paint
In 2006, Lesley Ellen Mirza founded Lipstick Powder n Paint, and quickly became the go-to blog for recreating runway and celebrity inspired looks. In addition to being a spokesperson for GARNIER, collaborating with major brands on beauty projects and earning mentions in magazines such as WWD, Lesley also created an eye shadow named Parisian Skies, which sold out in the first 2 days of its first production run. In addition to blogging about beauty, Lesley also covers fitness and health trends, fashion, and travel, as well as reviewing some of the most luxurious spas around the world.

All of OROGOLD’s favorite Canadian beauty blogs also have their own social media accounts, from Facebook pages to YouTube channels to Instagram feeds, making it possible for their readers to get their beauty advice on the go. Some blogs are best for their industry beauty secrets, while others are loved for their detailed makeup tutorials, so take the time to have a look at what each of the different beauty blogs can offer you.

Must-Know Makeup Trends for Spring Summer 2015 – OROGOLD Reviews

The spring and summer season of each year welcomes new makeup trends, many of which can sometimes take time and patience to perfectly achieve. OROGOLD found out that this year, the hottest makeup trends all focus on minimalism, allowing our faces to radiate and glow whilst limiting the use of heavier makeup to your eyes.

Young woman with a radiant complexion looking into the camera.

A Radiant Complexion
A radiant and luminous complexion was a beauty trend that was seen on many runways at fashion weeks around the world. A quick and simple way to achieve this is by massaging your skin, which enhances the circulation of blood around your face, making your cheeks seem rosy. You can then apply some primer to enable your skin to radiate even more. Choose a flesh colored lipstick, or just a transparent lip gloss, to emphasize this look.

Makeup that Can’t be Seen
When the natural, fresh and minimal look is mentioned in terms of beauty, this does not mean that you shouldn’t use any makeup. Instead, the trick is to apply your makeup in a way that makes it seem as though you aren’t wearing any. Try to enhance your natural skin color, as well as its texture and its natural glow. For fresh looking skin, use a sheer foundation, avoiding multiple layers. At the Houghton show, skin finishing powders with gold deposits were swept across the cheekbones of the models, making it seem as though there was bright sunlight bouncing off wet skin. If your freckles are something that you normally try to hide, now is the time to embrace them. Use a lip pencil to enhance your freckles, even adding more in some places.

Woman with statement making eyes.


Statement-Making Eyes
Whilst the rest of your makeup is kept quite low-key, you can dress your eyes to make a statement. The classic smoky eye, although a convenient go-to look, was not seen as much on the runways. Instead, mascara was the main cosmetic item used on the eyes, with a clumpy max lash effect featuring on many catwalks. Keep your lashes thick, allowing them to frame your eyes. Use eyeliner to create a thicker line, giving your look some edge and personality.

Many of the beauty looks for this spring and summer seemed to be inspired by festivals, featuring tie-dyed colors and washed out bright shades. To keep your makeup looking modern, try to avoid using much foundation if you plan to use bright colors, which will also add just the right amount of nonchalance to your look. At the Marques Almeida show in London, sunbleached pastel colors were added under the eyes of the models, whilst the models at the Alex Mabille show had copper colored eyelids.

The makeup trends for this spring and summer focus on embracing the natural version of yourself, whilst enhancing certain aspects to make your natural version even better. OROGOLD recommends you to keep your skin light and fresh, and let your eyes do the talking, either with a thick frame of lashes or some carnival inspired color. Don’t try to hide your imperfections, and instead try to truly embrace them and let them shine, as these features are what makes your face unique.

OROGOLD’s Beauty Resolutions to Keep for Next Year – ORO GOLD Reviews

The new year 2015 is almost here as 2014 comes to a close, and is bringing with it great expectations from nearly everyone, in every facet of life. Though there is a lot to be desired and expected of 2015, today OROGOLD reviews some of the top beauty resolutions that we should all keep for the coming year.

In this article, we will detail beauty ideas and tips to keep in mind when thinking about your new style for the New Year. It’s only a few days away, and ORO GOLD would like to help you out with some trendy new styles to update your look and add to your repertoire.

Cup of water

Drink More Water!

Despite that mid-day desire to make a run to your nearest Starbucks, what your body might really be screaming out for is a big cup of water. Drinking more water is attributed to better health, better skin, and better hair and nails. Why wouldn’t any woman want to drink more water? Make a resolution to sip more water and less caffeinated beverages – which are also usually loaded with sugars and unnecessary fats. Your body will most definitely thank you!


Don’t Mess With Zits

If you have the uncontrollable urge to pop that pesky zit, we urge you – don’t! Not only can this introduce bacteria and infection, it can also leave ugly scars and spots on your face – and who wants to deal with that? When in five years down the road you’re standing in front of your mirror applying your makeup, and still see that scar, you will hate yourself for it. Just don’t. Let it run its course, and it will be gone in no time. For now, concealer and powder can do the trick!


Cleanse Daily

If you don’t have good skin care habits now, making it a resolution to wash your face at least once per day is essential to warding off those aforementioned zits before they begin. If you really want to take better care of your skin, try cleansing twice per day. Cleansing in the morning will remove any oil built up overnight, while cleansing at night will remove makeup, pollution, debris and oil from your daily life.

Loose ponytail

Loose Ponytails

Wearing loose pony tails are so in already, and with the coming season they are only getting ever more popular. Add loose braids and buns to the list as well! Loose styles can look elegant and flowy as well as something tight and sleek can. It’s all about developing your personal style.


Wear SPF More Often

Even during the winter months, SPF is important to block out the harmful rays from the sun. Before you leave in the morning for work, your morning walk, or jog, or even just to head out to the store, be sure to apply some sunscreen to your face and neck to ensure you don’t absorb any unnecessary rays that could be harmful or damaging to your skin.


Break Bad Habits

We all have them. Whether it’s smoking, excess amounts of caffeine, binge drinking, whatever, we all have something we need to work on. Why not make a healthy resolution to break those habits bit by bit until they’re gone for good? You’ll be amazed how proud of yourself you will be once you take charge of the situation and put an end to it.

Doing something daring- climbing a mountain

Do Something Daring

Do you need something exciting in your life? Why not try a new cut or adding bangs to your hair? Perhaps new ways of wearing a product in a new fashion or style will help to give you an edgy new look. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and do something daring. Go ahead, you know you want to!


Express Self Love

Above all else, love yourself. It’s not hard to sit and really think about all of the wonderful qualities you possess. It’s okay to brag on yourself every now and then. Write a list of all the amazing qualities you have and things you would like to work on or improve. Have a crack at each improvement one by one until you’re happy. Always, always love yourself.