Signs That He Just Wants To Be Friends

Smiling woman having a conversation with a friend

Working out whether or not the man you are interested in finds you sexually attractive can sometimes be difficult, especially if he is giving you mixed signals. However, a recent study carried out by the University of Kansas has managed to pinpoint certain signs that you can keep an eye out for, so that you can know once and for all whether or not he just wants to be friends.

Keeping the Focus on Your Face
While the study carried out by the University of Kansas showed that men who look at a woman’s head could potentially be considering her as a romantic partner, staring at the face for an extended period of time could actually mean that they are less interested in you than you think. However, if his gaze keeps falling to your chest and hip regions, this does show a romantic interest, and correlates with past research that states that this is an evolutionary response to the way in which a woman is able to reproduce.

Looking at Your Legs and Feet
While a potential love interest looking at your chest and hips could be a good sign, this is not the case if he keeps glancing towards your feet and legs instead. Researchers believe that this is a firm sign that he considers you to be just a friend, so do keep a look out for his eye movements.

Friends having a conversation over coffee

His Posture and Proximity
A man’s posture and proximity in relation to you can tell you quite a bit about his feelings towards you. A man who wants to be more than friends with you would lean into you during conversations, and try to stand quite close to you, finding excuses to place his hand on your shoulder. However, if you have not noticed any of this happening, and he has the same posture and proximity to you as he does his other friends, then it is likely that he also classifies you as a friend, rather than more.

He Rarely Initiates the Conversation
In addition to looking out for physical signs that he wants to be friends, there are many others that you can keep an eye out for too. If the man you are interested in rarely initiates the conversation with you, and it is always you that has to start it, this is a sign that he does not have romantic feelings for you. It likely means that he is happy to chat to you here and there, just like he would be with his other friends. If he was interested in you romantically, he would be more likely to frequently initiate conversations with you, as he would want to speak to you much more often.

While it can be difficult deciding whether someone has romantic feelings for you or not, there are certain signs that you can look out for. From his eye movements to his posture, keep all of these tips in mind the next time you are spending time with that potential special someone.

Desert Art Inspiration: Salvation Mountain – ORO GOLD Reviews

Salvation Mountain in Palm Desert, CAMost people visit Palm Desert for its chic atmosphere, fantastic luxuries, opulent resorts, incredible views and indulgent lifestyles. However, OROGOLD recommends you to venture beyond the obvious and spend one of your days going on a short trip to see an art installation that will stay etched in your memories forever. This installation inspires, evokes feelings of faith, leaves people dumbstruck and makes one fall in love with its beauty. Irrespective of the kind of feeling that it generates, each and every person who visits Salvation Mountain terms it as an experience of a lifetime.

The Salvation Mountain is a work in progress that took almost a quarter of a century to finish. Most visitors term this sculpture as a work of art while others are quick to point out that it is actually a work of faith. But the man behind this visual wonder simply termed the Salvation Mountain as his life’s work and a medium to spread the word of Jesus Christ.

Salvation Mountain is one of the must-see attractions when visiting Palm Desert. This unique art installation covers an entire hill in the Colorado Desert and features exquisite artwork made using more than 100 thousand of gallons of paint, adobe and thousands of hay bales. This artistic wonder was created by Leonard Knight, a local resident. It took Leonard 25 years of hard work to complete the entire project and it was only possible because of a single man’s unwavering faith to actually build a mountain out of nothing. The Salvation Mountain’s main claim to stardom came in the year 2007, when Kristen Stewart made it immortal in her movie Into the Wild. Leonard Knight also played a small cameo in the movie. It received recognition on Ripley’s Believe It or Not, National Geographic and Discovery Channel as well.

They say that the Salvation Mountain isn’t an ordinary mountain and neither is the man who built it. The mountain itself encompasses a number of murals and verses from the Bible have been painted in many of its areas. Visitors have been quick to describe it as a unique, visionary and moving sculpture that is beautifully accessible and more than worthy of all the hype and praise showered on it.

The Salvation Mountain perfectly delivers Leonard’s message “God is Love” through an enchanting display of bible verses that have been imbibed into waterfalls, flowers and lakes made from ribbons of paint. Knight passed away at the age of 82, but his unending faith and unwavering determination still serves as an inspiration for the numerous volunteers who dedicate their free time to help in the maintenance of this mighty art installation.

When to go

The ideal time to visit Salvation Mountain is between the months of October to April. OROGOLD recommends you to stay away from the place in the summer months because the temperature can often rise above the 100 degree mark.

What to carry

Make sure that you carry a gallon of paint and donate it for the mountain’s upkeep. Don’t forget to carry some sunscreen, a hat and water for yourself.

Closest restaurant

The Buckshot Deli & Diner is a quaint little small town diner with friendly service.