Wonder Woman’s Warriors

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DC Extended Universe has released a number of movies in the past, some of which, such as Suicide Squad and Man of Steel, have received less than stellar reviews. However, their latest movie, Wonder Woman, is set to be their best movie yet, with many critics praising the fact that there is finally a female-oriented superhero film out there. The cast really makes the movie, with Wonder Woman’s warriors providing strong role models for young women of today to look up to.

Ann Wolfe
A female American boxer who has earned herself a number of titles over the years, Ann Wolfe was a surprising, but most-welcomed, addition to the Wonder Woman cast. Director Patty Jenkins firmly believed that since the movie was all about powerful women, the cast should be equally powerful, and, being an avid admirer of Ann Wolfe, decided to approach her about the role. While Wolfe may not have had much acting experience, this did not prevent her from establishing quite a presence in the role of Artemis of Bana-Mighdall, both on and off the camera, and she relished the role that she played, claiming that the Wonder Woman experience was more rewarding than anything she had achieved in the boxing world. Her character is quite a significant part of the film, and even though this was quite a huge responsibility for someone new to acting, Wolfe really managed to hold her own.

Actress Robin Wright

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Robin Wright
An American actress and director, Robin Wright is best known for her role in Netflix series House of Cards, but has also starred in several movies, including Forrest Gump, Message in a Bottle, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and Everest. Most recently, Wright played the role of General Antiope in Wonder Woman, a role that was quite different from others she has played, but really managed to exceed expectations. Portraying a strong woman with a steely strength and beauty, Wright brings a unique sense of creativity to the role, and while she may only be featured in the first twenty minutes of the movie, she really stands out as one of the stars of the whole film.

Connie Nielsen
Connie Nielsen is a Danish actress who first entered the English-language film market in 1997 in The Devil’s Advocate. Since then, she has starred in a number of different films and television show, and recently joined DCEU as Hippolyta in Wonder Woman. Nielsen took on the role exceptionally, throwing herself head-first into the intense training that was needed for the part that she was playing. The fact that she was playing a female warrior made the experience even richer for her, and was proud to be able to depict true female strength.

With Wonder Woman already experiencing so much success, it comes as no surprise that a sequel has been confirmed, and will likely also be fast-tracked. For those who are looking forward to catching up on the adventures of the characters, it would seem as though you will not have too long to wait.