Gifts for the Dad Who Has Everything

Young family

Whether you are shopping for Father’s Day or your father’s birthday, if your dad already seems to have it all, finding the perfect gift can be extremely tricky. From retro games to an acre of rainforest, here are a few gift ideas to help you out.

Plug and Play Retro Games
If your dad enjoys playing video games, then purchasing a plug and play retro game set is likely to be far more appreciated than just buying a new game for whichever modern console he already has. These plug and play sets are so easy to set up, and will no doubt have your dad reminiscing about the video games he used to play in his earlier years.

Digital Golf Shot Tracker
Many fathers really enjoy a game of golf, so if your father spends a fair bit of time on the golf course trying to work on his skills, he will definitely love this gift. A digital golf shot tracker can be used to tag each golf club, and then the device will log the entire game, before offering up tips on improvements that can be made.

vintage pocket watch

A Classic Pocket Watch
While smartwatches may be taking the world by storm, many men still prefer an old-fashioned touch when it comes to their accessories. If your dad falls into this category, then he would likely really appreciate a classic pocket watch, preferably one that can also be transformed into a wrist watch, as this makes it so much more versatile.

Subscription Box
Subscription boxes are a gift that just keep on giving, at least for however long you choose. Subscription boxes have blown up in popularity, meaning that there are now so many choices out there. Whether you opt for a beer or cigar of the month club, or a subscription box that focuses on male grooming and skin care, pick one or two of your dad’s interests and then choose a box that would appeal to him.

Whisky Tasting Set
While a whiskey tasting set is unlikely to last for too long, this is a great gift that will give your father the opportunity to try a wide range of whiskeys, while improving his palette at the same time. These sets will usually contain miniature bottles, as well as tasting notes so that your father knows which key flavors to look out for. When it comes to the actual whiskey, there are sets available that cater to a wide range of tastes, from Scottish Highland whiskeys to Asian whiskeys.

Father and daughter

Green Gifts
For those who have a dad who deeply cares about the environment and the planet, then a green gift would be ideal. A great option for this is to visit the World Land Trust website, where you can purchase patches of rainforest, be it a quarter of an acre or a whole acre, resulting in a one-of-a-kind gift that will last forever.


When it comes to purchasing gifts for your dad, it is likely that you will really want to treat him, as a thank you for all that he has done for you over the years. Whether you opt for a fun subscription box, or a whiskey tasting set, these gifts will appeal to fathers with a wide range of interests.


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