Get Ready for an Adventurous Girls Night Out

A girls night out is always plenty of fun, but if you are starting to tire of the usual cocktail bars and nightclubs, it may be time to start thinking of some exciting alternatives. From a winery tour and tasting to adrenaline-pumping activities, here are some ideas for an adventurous girls night out.

woman drinking wine

Winery or Brewery Tour and Tasting
While your location does play a huge part in this, you are still likely to be able to find a winery or brewery situated near you. These provide the ideal destination for a girls night out, with many offering tailored packages to suit your time frame and group size. Whether you spend the evening tasting classic fine wines or innovative craft beers, this is an activity that will not only prove to be fun, but also extremely educational.

While signing up for a class with your friends may not seem that adventurous at first, it is always fun to try new things with your friends. There are so many different classes out there, from cooking to pottery to pole dancing, all of which guarantee an unforgettable girls night out.

Casino Night
Casinos can provide hours of endless fun, and the different games available mean that everyone will be able to find one that they enjoy playing. Begin your evening with dinner and drinks at one of the casino bars or restaurants, before heading onto the casino floor to try your luck. If some of your friends are novice gamblers, pair them up with the more experienced amongst you, so that they will be able to pick up a few tips along the way.

Uncommon Activities
There are likely to be many different adrenaline-pumping activities out there that you have not yet tried, so the next time you are with your girls, come up with a list of activities that you are all interested in. This could be anything from indoor skydiving to a session on a giant trampoline, but, whichever you choose, make sure that it is something that all of the girls are comfortable with. If you find yourself stuck for ideas, click on over to Groupon, as there are a number of exciting local experiences to be found here.

Women at sports game
Sports Night
While gathering together for an evening of sports may be a common male bonding activity, this is something that females tend to often shy away from. Whether you hit the beach for a moonlit volleyball session, head off on a nature trail for an invigorating hike, don some skates for a visit to your local roller derby, or even just catch a local ball game, a sports night is a great way to involve everybody in your group.

Planning a unique girls night out can often be difficult, especially if the girls within your group have quite varying interests. However, these ideas will ensure that you are able to cater to everybody, whether this may be in an extravagant casino or at your local baseball stadium, guaranteeing an adventure-filled girls night out.


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