Celebrities Who Never Seem to Age

There are some celebrities out there who just never seem to age, and while a part of this is likely due to the media’s airbrushing skills, they do still tend to retain their youthful glow in person too. From Pharrell Williams to Nicole Kidman, here are a few of the celebrities that have not seemed to age a day, as well as some of their secrets behind this.

Nicole Kidman

Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock.com

Nicole Kidman
Australian actress Nicole Kidman is known for her flawless, porcelain complexion, and her secret for this is being diligent with the SPF, as well as staying out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Since the sun is responsible for up to 90% of facial wrinkles, it only makes sense that this strict practice is what has given Kidman picture-perfect skin all these years later. The quality of Kidman’s luscious red hair has also not declined with age, and the actress’ secret to keeping her red locks healthy is to wash it in cranberry juice.

Lenny Kravitz
Now aged 52, singer Lenny Kravitz practices an all-round healthy lifestyle. Keeping fit is absolutely vital to Kravitz, and he claims to never leave home without his jump rope, while also spending plenty of time active outdoors, as gyms do not really appeal to him. Kravitz also puts a strong emphasis on a healthy diet, spending half the year in the Bahamas eating organic vegetables from his own farm, as well as plenty of coconut water, and has even recently begun a 100% raw diet. When traveling, Kravitz will often visit the local farmers market to stock up on fruit and vegetables, so that he can juice them all for a quick health fix during the day.

Eva Mendes

tovovan / Shutterstock.com

Eva Mendes
Eva Mendes first appeared on screen 15 years ago, and she does not look that much different today. This beautiful actress has a few anti-aging secrets, with her favorite being to drink warm lemon water each evening, as this hydrates the body while giving it a boost of antioxidants. Regular physical exercise is also important to Mendes, as is removing makeup every night before bed. When it comes to favorite ingredients, Mendes swears by coconut oil, as well as witch hazel to counter her oily skin.

Pharrell Williams
Many would find it hard to believe that singer and producer Pharrell Williams is 43 years old, especially when comparing current photographs with older ones. With a clear and fresh complexion, Pharrell puts his youthful looks down to the way in which he makes sure to cleanse his skin each and every day, using cold water rather than warm.

While it may seem unfair that some celebrities just do not seem to age, these stars do put in a fair bit of effort to make this happen. From Lenny Kravitz who follows a strict healthy diet and exercise regime, to Nicole Kidman who sacrifices the sun for her skin, the secrets that these celebrities swear by are ones that you can easily adopt into your own life too.


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