Your Hands Can Tell a Tale

Beautiful hands

Your hands, as well as your nails, can reveal so much about you, from giving away your age to showing tell-tale signs of various health issues. In addition to knowing how to take care of your hands, you should also be aware of the many different stories that they can tell.

Your Age
Studies have shown that the best way to accurately guess a person’s age is by looking at their hands, with factors such as veins and blemishes being a huge part of this. While these blemishes may have slowly built up over your lifetime, there are a number of ways in which you can eradicate them. The easiest is by putting together a skin care routine for your hands, and this does not need to be anything complicated. Simply use the same steps that you would on your face, from cleansing and exfoliating to toning and moisturizing, on your hands, as the skin here requires the same nourishment. Chemical peels are another option, which will be especially beneficial for those that have several age spots on their hands.

Trembling Hands
There are a number of different factors that can cause trembling hands, from too much caffeine to stress to particular medications, and if your trembling is only temporary, and can be attributed to one of these factors, then there is not too much to worry about. However, if you frequently experience unexplained tremors, this could indicate a neurological disorder, or even Parkinson’s, making it important to speak to a doctor about this as soon as possible.

Woman touching her fingers

Swollen Fingers
Just like with trembling hands, swollen fingers can be caused by several different factors, from PMS to mild dehydration, as well as from too much salt in the diet. However, if you feel as though there is another factor at play here, a visit to the doctor would be advised, as swollen fingers can also be a sign of rheumatoid arthritis or thyroid problems.

In addition to your hands themselves, your fingernails can also reveal plenty about you. Pale nail beds, meaning those that do not immediately turn pink again after you press down on them, can signal an iron deficiency, as there are not enough red blood cells circulating around your body, while dark streaks on your nails could indicate skin cancer. If your nails are discolored, this could be a sign of a fungal infection, as well as an early sign of diabetes, but multiple white lines or ridges are likely to be due to the fact that you have just recovered from an illness, as the nails stop growing when the body is seriously unwell.

Whether you like it or not, your hands are able to reveal plenty of information about you, and it is important that you listen to what they are saying. If you are experiencing any of the more serious problems mentioned above, it is advisable to speak to your doctor soon, as the state of your hands can often be a huge indicator of health issues within.


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