The Anticipated Gilmore Girls Return

With Netflix finally confirming that all new episodes of the Gilmore Girls will be returning to the screen on the 25th of November, it is no surprise that fans all around the world are highly anticipating its debut. Titled Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, the series will feature four 90-minute episodes, each named after one of the four seasons.


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The Cast
Much to the delight of many, a large number of the original cast will be appearing on the show once again, from the three Gilmore girls to their variety of love interests. Several of the supporting characters will also be making an appearance, from Liza Weil, who plays Paris Geller, to Liz Torres, who plays Miss Patty. Unfortunately, as Edward Herrmann passed away in 2014, Gilmore patriarch Richard will not be back on the show, but this loss, which will definitely be felt by many, will be addressed by the cast. For those who have been wondering about Sookie St. James, played by Melissa McCarthy, the actress will definitely be returning to the show, even though, for many months, this was denied, meaning that Lorelai will have her best friend back. The four episodes will also feature a few actors that are new to the show, including Sutton Foster and Mae Whitman, the latter of whom is a star in hit television show Parenthood.

Gilmore Girls

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Nine Years Later
At the end of season seven, there were a number of memorable events, from Lorelai getting back together with Luke, to Rory rejecting Logan’s marriage proposal and being offered a job covering the presidential campaign of Barack Obama. While fans are still speculating about where the new season will pick up the storyline, many think that it will be in the present day, around nine years after the previous season ended.

The Trailer
For those who have not yet seen it, the trailer for the new season is available to be watched online, giving you a sneak peek into the upcoming season. While the trailer does take viewers on a trip back to previous seasons, it also shows snippets of the characters in their new lives, from Rory traveling the world but struggling for money, to Emily remaining as witty as ever, despite having to deal with the death of her beloved husband.

While many may be initially disappointed that the series will only be featuring four episodes, these episodes are much longer than usual, meaning that you will still get your Gilmore Girls fix. Netflix will not be releasing all of the episodes together, as they do not want spoilers to ruin the ending for fans who are not able to immediately watch it, so for those who were hoping to binge watch the series, you may need to wait a while. For everybody else, the 25th of November is a date that you need to clear in your diary, so that you can relax and settle down in front of your TV for the much anticipated Gilmore Girls return.


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