Western Styles That Are Loved Everywhere

Women in jeans
Clothing styles around the world have changed dramatically over the years for a variety of different reasons, and while most countries will still have their own traditional way of dressing, there is no denying the huge influence that Western fashion has had. Whether referred to as Westernization or globalization, each of these styles are now worn by people from all over the world.

Worn by everyone from cowboys to presidents, jeans can be found in just about every country around the world. While they were first designed as workwear for those working on Western America’s farms and mines, their popularity quickly spread, and the Levi’s brand was soon formed. Thanks to Hollywood, people began to view jeans as a representation of a subversive counter-culture, and, during the war, this style was soon embraced by many other countries. Today, jeans are considered to be one of the most mainstream garments out there, but there is still plenty of experimentation happening in relation to style, cut, color and finish, making it extremely likely that this versatile item of clothing will stick around for many more years to come.

baseball cap
Baseball Caps
Considering that baseball is a sport that the majority of the world do not play, or even watch, many find it surprising that the baseball cap is a style that is now globally loved. Originally designed to keep the sun out of baseball players’ eyes, as well as to help easily identify teams, the versatility of the baseball cap, as well as the huge marketing campaigns created by various sports brands, has helped to push this style into the forefront when it comes to the headgear worn around the world.

The Western Business Suit
Many do not realize that the Western business suit actually descended from the uniform worn by European army officers, and this is a style that is now worn by businessmen, and women, all over the planet, from Japan to Africa to Peru. In fact, Japan takes it one step further when it comes to special business or political occasions, and don morning coats and striped pants, which come from the styles worn by Edwardian diplomats hundreds of years ago in England. The suit has now become standard business attire for the majority of companies out there, but, just like with jeans, styles are always changing, refreshing and revitalizing the suit.

Woman in sneakers
While sneakers originally date all the way back to the rubber soled shoes worn in the late 18th century, they only became mass produced in 1917, and earned their name due to the way in which they were so quiet when people wore them. It was in 1924 that sneakers went global, thanks to the birth of the brand Adidas, which quickly became the most popular athletic shoe in the world. They became quite the fashion statement in the 1950’s, and in addition to being seen on the hottest sporting stars, they were also featured in hit movies.

Many blame globalization for the way in which the popularity of local traditional clothing around the world has declined, and this is true to some extent. However, although more and more people from different cultural backgrounds are now dressing in similar ways, embracing a number of Western styles, local and regional fashion trends are still set to continue, enabling individuals to add their own twist to each of these garment types.


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