Brave to Be Edgy in Khakis

While you may not consider khaki pants to be at the height of fashion, this much-loved style is actually making quite the comeback. With so many different potential ways to style them, here are some tips for those who want to try rocking their khakis.

Woman in Khaki pants
Check the Fit
When it comes to wearing khaki pants, the fit is everything, and flat front styles, rather than pleated pants, are the ones making the comeback. Whether you want slouchy, baggy khakis, or a fitted and well tailored pair, make sure that the pants fit your body in a way that complements it. The length of your pants is also an aspect to pay attention to, and you may need to decide beforehand whether you are going to be wearing them with heels or flats, so that you can choose the most appropriate length. When it comes to pockets, pocket-less pants, or those with top entry pockets, work well with just about every figure, whereas side entry pockets can often end up emphasizing the hips in an unflattering way.

Complementary Colors
While khakis can be worn with just about every color out there, there are some that work much better with the classic khaki shade. Vibrant and bold colors add a huge amount of energy to the earthy tone of khakis, while pairing them with pastels brings about quite the sophisticated look. Of course, for a look that never fails, a crisp white shirt paired with some fitted khaki pants has a timeless appeal that will work for many occasions.

Woman's shoes

Pay Attention to Footwear
The footwear that you choose can really make or break an outfit, and if you are going to be wearing khaki pants, then you need to choose your footwear quite carefully. For those who prefer more of a tomboy look, some skate sneakers will instantly give you this, while high heeled sandals will immediately give your look more of a polished edge.

Add Some Bling
Adding some bling to your look will really help to update a pair of classic khakis, no matter which style of khakis you have opted for. From chunky bracelets to fat gold rings to graphic necklaces, edgy accessories will really help to give your khakis a much more contemporary touch.

Belts and Scarves
Just like with footwear and jewelry, adding a belt or a scarf to your khaki outfit can really take it to the next level. In terms of the belt, a longer belt, that can be left draping down your pants, will give your look quite a high fashion feel, while fitted belts in neon shades will add a pop of vitality to your look. A scarf, when paired with a casual khaki outfit, can again elevate your look, making it much more sophisticated and elegant.

Khakis have experienced their fair share of highs and lows in the fashion world, but many welcome the fact that they are now making another comeback. Whether your look is smart and sophisticated, or casual and down to earth, khakis can be styled in so many different ways that you will definitely be able to somehow make them work for your own personal style.


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