New in Men’s Fall Fashion

man wearing the latest fashion

The fashion industry experiences a whole array of new trends each and every season, and menswear is no exception. From the hottest fabrics to the most stylish designs, this is what you can expect to see much more of in men’s fashion this fall.

Duffle Coat
As is expected, fall fashion shows feature plenty of outerwear, and the most popular coat shape for this season was, without a doubt, the duffle coat. While the duffle coat may have originated in army barracks, this style has been beautifully updated for fall, with many designers putting their own unique spin on this classic design, such as the sleeveless version from Maison Margiela, and the Coach duffle coat that features a plasticized fabric.

men's fashion 2016 /

Earthy Tones
Many believe that the recent menswear trend for earthy tones was started by Kanye West’s Yeezy collection, and while there are plenty that consider his collection to be nothing more than a headline-grabbing stunt, there is no denying that it kicked off a few new trends in the industry. While navy, dark green, and black are always popular colors in the fall, this season sees copper, russet and sand take center stage.

Rather than thick scarves, neckerchiefs dominated the runways at Paris Fashion Week, as well as in other European capitals, from London to Milan, making this quite the European trend. The most stylish of the neckerchiefs were created from a cotton and silk mix, and featured bold colors and vibrant prints, adding a pop of vitality to any look.

Tailored Tracksuits and Funnel Necks
While Burberry may have been the first brand to pair together a tracksuit top underneath a classically tailored garment, this look has been begging to burst into mainstream fashion for many years, and it now finally has. This is the perfect example of the unique type of look and silhouette that can come from mixing high and low fashion, and can be seen from designers such as Reiss, AMI, Lanvin, and, of course, Burberry. When these tracksuit tops are worn underneath a coat, they create a funnel neck look, which is another hot style that takes the rollneck revival to the next level.

Men in fashionable fall colors

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Slouchy Trousers
Tight, fitted trouser styles are now a thing of the past, with men swapping them for slouchy trousers this fall. While a wide pair of flares may not be for everybody, there are several designers out there that have created loose-fitting wool trousers, and even though they feature an elastic waistband, they bring looks together extremely stylishly. From Hermes to Bottega Veneta, make sure that the pair that you choose still incorporates plenty of tailoring in order to stay true to a luxury aesthetic.

Menswear has become so much more exciting in recent years, and the trends for this fall show just how far the industry has come. From bright and bold neckerchiefs to keep you warm, to tailored tracksuits that perfectly pair together high and low fashion, these looks are all worth experimenting with for this season.


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