Accessorize with Pearls

Pearl jewelry
Synonymous with class, taste and sophistication, pearls are a truly timeless accessory that adds a sense of elegance to an outfit. The beauty of pearl accessories is that they can be styled in so many different ways, and can be incorporated into everything from a casual weekend outfit to an avant-garde evening gown.

Pearls for Casual Wear
Now that the colder months are approaching, pearls are a great way to add a touch of decadence to a casual jumper, instantly making your look appear much more refined. A chunky pearl necklace works beautifully with a turtleneck, while pearl earrings complement a jumper that has a unique neckline. Pearls are also a great way to break up an outfit that contains bold colors, as they provide a fun outfit with a sense of elegance.

Pearls for Professional Wear
The sophistication of pearls works brilliantly in professional wear, making pearls fantastic accessories to wear to work each day. However, since you want to keep your look professional, simple and understated pieces are best. These should never fall beneath the bust line, and should always complement, rather than overpower, your look. Since you want your clients to be focussing on you rather than your accessories, you should also avoid wearing more than one pearl accessory to work at a time, as this will usually end up looking slightly over the top.

Pearls for Formal Wear
There is no denying that pearls are luxurious, which is why they work so well with formal wear. An extended pearl rope, or an opera necklace, are both great choices in the evening, as they are sleek but sexy, and have quite a contemporary feel to them. For some Old Hollywood glam, try doubling over a long pearl necklace, or tying a knot into it at the end, as this will give your look a fabulous vintage touch. When it comes to earrings, teardrop pearl earrings are a simple design that allow the quality of the pearl to really shine through, and will not distract from the rest of your outfit, although if you really want to go for a glamorous look, do not be afraid of long pearl earrings that sweep your shoulders, or of sexy chandelier-style pearl earrings.

What Not to Wear with Pearls
While wearing neutrals or pastels with pearls can sometimes give you a delicate feminine look, this is difficult to accomplish, and outfits can often end up looking old-fashioned and matronly, making it best to avoid this unless you are truly confident in your fashion styling abilities. To keep your pearls looking youthful, always pair them with brighter colors whenever possible, although avoid anything neon or florescent, as this will make the coloring of the pearls appear quite washed out.

When it comes to accessories, pearls are a classic, whether you opt for a traditional string of pearls or a more avant-garde piece by a top contemporary jewelry designer. From the ornate to the simple, pearls can be worn with just about every outfit, instantly bringing your look some extra elegance and polish.


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