Fall Wedding Inspiration

Bride holding a bouquet

With the natural warm colors and golden light that comes with fall, it is no surprise that this is one of the most popular seasons in which to wed. From picking the perfect location to choosing flowers, these tips will provide plenty of inspiration for a beautiful fall wedding.

Rich and Textured Flowers
While bright and pastel shades dominate the flowers chosen for a spring or summer wedding, fall provides you with the opportunity to be slightly more experimental in the flowers that you choose. Lush and textured arrangements, featuring a range of rich shades, is always popular in the fall, as is including a few non-floral elements, from hypericum berries to fiddlehead ferns to poppies that have a deep, dark center. For those that would still prefer to go with some classic roses, these can still be chosen with a fall color scheme in mind.

Open-Roof Ceremony
The gorgeous natural lighting of fall is a shame to waste, but the temperatures can often be too chilly, as well as too unpredictable, for an outdoor wedding. To make the most of the season’s beauty, try to find a location for your ceremony with an open roof, and bring in some space heaters to give your guests some extra warmth. This is also a great option for a fall wedding in the evening, as you will be able to have the stars twinkling down on you, without your hair being blown around by the wind.

Apple Bar
Apples are synonymous with fall, and bringing this element of the season into your wedding will really give the day a unique touch. An apple dipping bar is easy to set up, and will also provide plenty of fun for guests of all ages. With a couple of different dipping sauces, such as caramel and chocolate, and a colorful array of different toppings, the apple bar is bound to become a talking point at your wedding.

Fall Leaves
While you may try to replicate the colors of fall in your wedding color scheme, nothing says fall quite like the crisp texture and rusty colors of freshly fallen leaves. These can easily be added to different parts of your décor, such as bouquets and backdrops, or even sprinkled onto tables and other surfaces as a natural confetti.

Pumpkin Decor
Just like apples, pumpkins are an important part of the season, and can look stunning as part of your wedding décor. Whether you incorporate mini pumpkins into your bouquet, use freshly picked pumpkins to decorate tables, or display ornamentally carved pumpkins, this will no doubt add a fun and quirky touch to your wedding.

Fall is a gorgeous time of the year to tie the knot, and it only makes sense to bring some of the best elements of the season into your wedding. Whether this means opting for a fall-inspired color palette, making the most of the natural colors and lighting of the season when picking your venue, or using fall ingredients in unique ways, let the season truly inspire you when it comes to planning your big day.


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