The Best Type of Gold for Your Skin Tone

Women wearing gold dresses

Any piece of jewelry will always look quite different depending on who is wearing it, and this is largely due to skin tone. Since gold is most often worn against the skin, the easiest way to choose the most flattering type of gold is by taking your skin tone into account, and then opting for a shade that will best complement it.

Learning More About Your Skin Tone
Before choosing a type of gold, you need to first learn a bit more about your skin tone, which is something that is completely different from skin color. The easiest way to figure this out is by looking at an area of skin, in natural light, where the veins are most visible, which is usually on the wrist. Those with a cool skin tone will notice blue-ish veins, with a pink or red undertone, while those with a warm skin tone will have veins that look green, and have yellow or gold undertones. If you seem to have both warm and cool undertones, then your skin tone can be classified as neutral.

Cool Skin Tones
White metals and cooler types of gold will usually work best with cool skin tones. White gold is a great option, as the lightness of this will beautifully complement you. Combination pieces that contain both silver and gold are also suitable, as are those that contain red, purple or blue gemstones. When it comes to rose gold, this can work well with all skin tones, depending on how strong the rose color is, so, if you have a cool skin tone, opt for the lighter shades of rose gold.

Warm Skin Tones
A warm skin tone is highlighted best with the use of yellow metals, which includes yellow and orange gold. Opt for rich and earthy shades whenever possible, staying away from any white metals. Warm types of rose gold will also work well with your skin tone, but be sure to choose the deepest pink shades possible.

Neutral Skin Tones
Those with more of a neutral skin tone are quite lucky, as pretty much all types of gold can be worn, although some may look better than others. From white gold to a deep orange gold, experiment with all of the different types to find one that works best for you. To make it slightly easier to narrow down your choice, make use of a color wheel, as this will help you to discover which types of gold your strongest undertones will work well with.

Wearing a type of gold that complements your skin tone will make you appear much healthier, from your eyes to your skin, and you are likely to feel much fresher and vibrant as a result. However, if you wear a type of gold that is not well-suited to your skin tone, this can often end up highlighting any imperfections that you would usually choose to hide, such as wrinkles or discoloration, making it important to choose the right type of gold if you want to be looking your very best.


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