Stylish Ways to Mix Silver and Gold

Stylish woman wearing jewelry

There are many different so-called fashion rules out there, and, for many years, mixing silver and gold has been considered to be a big no-no. However, this is far from the case today, because, if you do it right, mixing silver and gold can look exceptionally chic and stylish.

The Stacking Trend
The stacking trend has been around for a while now, and is a great way to mix and match different types of metals. Simply stack, or layer, a few different pieces of silver and gold over each other, making sure to keep each piece within a similar style, so that it is only the metal providing contrast rather than the actual design of your jewelry. Whether you do this with delicate necklaces or chunky rings, stacking is a fun way to wear silver and gold together.

Combination Pieces
Combination pieces of jewelry, meaning items that contain both silver and gold, are an easy way to wear both of these metals together. This also then means that any subsequent gold or silver items that you wear will work well with your outfit, enabling you to really mix and match your accessories. For example, if you decide to wear a necklace that contains both silver and gold, then it would be easy to then style this with a gold ring and a silver bracelet, as the necklace would tie all of the metals in the outfit together.

Experiment with Different Ratios
When wearing gold and silver together, you will end up with different looks by experimenting with different ratios of the two metals. Rather than wearing an equal amount of each metal, try using mostly one, but also wearing a single item of the other, as this will add some contrast to the main metal that you have chosen.

Aesthetically Similar
As mentioned above in relation to the stacking trend, when mixing gold and silver, you should try to make sure that the pieces that you choose are aesthetically similar. This means that if you have chosen a delicate piece of gold jewelry, any silver that you wear should also be quite delicate. Likewise, if you have opted for some chunky, graphic items, make sure that all of the other jewelry that you wear is along these lines.

Bring in a Third Color
Another great way to tie together silver and gold is by bringing in a third color. Black is a great neutral color, and contrasts beautifully with both silver and gold on jewelry, so if you can find a piece that combines silver and gold with black, the black will act as an anchor, holding the other types of metal that you wear together.

These days, there are no longer any firm rules on which metals you should, and should not, be wearing together. While you may still prefer to just stick to one metal at a time, mixing silver and gold will give your outfit some stylish contrast, and you are also likely to have plenty of fun experimenting with different looks.


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