End of Summer Style

As the end of the summer season quickly approaches, so does the cooler weather, which can make putting together chic outfits slightly trickier. These end of summer style tips will help you to tackle the warm days and chilly nights, keeping you looking fabulously stylish right up to fall.

Woman wearing distressed jeans

Distressed Jeans
When the weather turns too cool for your favorite summer shorts, distressed jeans that still show a bit of skin are a great transitional piece, and can be worn right up to winter. They can be dressed both up and down, and since they will be keeping your legs warm, can easily be worn with your go-to summer tops.

Masculine and Feminine
Combining masculine and feminine qualities in one outfit immediately makes it look much edgier and stylish, and this is a great way to dress towards the end of summer. The easiest way to do this is by opting for more feminine items for your main outfit, such as florals or a pretty summer dress, and then pairing this with a masculine piece of outerwear, such as a smart tailored blazer.

Woman wearing a waistcoat

A Long Waistcoat
A long waistcoat is ideal for the end of summer, as it gives you slightly more coverage but in a light and sophisticated way. A tailored version is the easiest to style, and, once fall arrives, you will still be able to wear it with a longer sleeved top underneath.

Wide-Leg Pants
The midst of the summer months are ideal for showing some leg, but, once the season draws to a close, you will need to cover up a bit more in order to stay comfortable. Wide-leg pants are perfect for this, as their flowing structure makes them extremely breathable, and can be paired with a fitted top in order to still enhance your curves.

Woman wearing midi skirt

Midi Skirts
While the evenings may be too cool now for a short, thigh-baring skirt, midi skirts will keep you warmer, but still give you that ultra-feminine edge. Once the temperatures begin to dip even further, pair your midi skirt with some fall boots and a leather jacket, which will make it much more practical on cooler days.

Maxi Dresses
Maxi dresses are always popular during the summer, but can easily be transitioned into fall as well. To keep your arms and shoulders warm, wear a slouchy sweater over it, preferably one that hangs off the shoulder slightly, allowing the straps of your dress to still show. Maxi dresses also work well when paired with structured jackets, and can also be used to create the masculine and feminine combination mentioned above.

Now that the weather has started to turn cooler, you will need to begin utilizing layers more, as these make it easy to deal with fluctuating temperatures, and will keep you from feeling too stuffy when the sun decides to shine. Rather than bringing out your winter wardrobe earlier than necessary, work on making your summer clothes transitional for fall, as this is a great way to mix up your style and create some one-of-a-kind seasonal outfits.


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