Get Ready for Fall Style

While the fashion weeks in Moscow are always fantastic for taking in some of the latest high fashion designs for upcoming seasons, there is much to be learned from the looks that you see on the streets as well. From edgy leather jackets to a vibrant color palette, here is some style inspiration from the streets of Moscow.

Woman wearing a black jacket

Orange and Blue
The orange and blue color combination was one that was seen numerous times, and, when styled well, can look incredibly chic. Whether a vibrant blue scarf over a burnt orange jacket, or some bright orange outerwear over a pair of casual blue jeans, this color combination can be experimented with in so many different ways.

Black Leather Layers
The black leather jacket seems to be a popular item for this fall, and each designer has put their spin on this classic in their own way. To make your look more Moscow-esque, try to work your leather jacket into a few different layers, giving your outfit various points of interest.

Vetements Hoodies
Parisian fashion label Vetements has become immensely popular over past year, thanks to celebrities Rihanna and Kanye West being spotted in the brand’s oversized hoodie. Their oversized hoodie trend has only continued, with a number of them being spotted not only on the streets of Moscow, but also London, Paris and other major fashion capitals. After being accepted by the fashion elite, the hoodies are now in extremely high demand, making it quite hard to get hold of one, but, if you do, you will see how it contrasts with regular hoodies in the way that it manages to drape off the body. Due to this, they can be styled in many ways, whether with jeans and a pair of sneakers or a structured avant-garde skirt.

Woman wearing a neck tie

Neckties and Bows
While neckties may have previously only been worn by the elite, they are a fashion staple this season in Moscow, and can be styled in multiple ways. From a sophisticated black necktie adding some contrast to a white shirt, to an oversized chiffon bow tied at the nape of your neck, this is a great way to add some texture and individuality to your look.

Knitted Beanies
Thanks to the low temperatures that Moscow experiences each winter, accessories that keep the head warm are always needed in the city. This fall, the headgear of choice is the humble knitted beanie, which was seen in a variety of different colors. From the classic black, which can be worn with just about everything, to striking blues, pinks and yellows, beanies are going to be seen all over the streets this fall.

Cooler weather can often be difficult to dress for, which is why it is always a good idea to look for fall style inspiration in a place that experiences its fair share of the cold. From the comfortable Vetements hoodie to edgy leather jackets to a warm but colorful beanie, these are all items that you will want to add to your wardrobe to prepare for the arrival of fall.


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