Style Inspiration from Ulyana Sergeenko

Ulyana Sergeenko

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An exceptionally talented Russian designer and fashion blogger, Ulyana Sergeenko’s high-end designs have hugely contributed to the exciting fashion revolution that Russia has been experiencing in recent years. Inspired by the rich and diverse history of her native land, Ulyana Sergeenko’s pieces are innovative and avant-garde, but still extremely wearable.

The Birth of the Brand
Ulyana Sergeenko was always passionate about fashion, even at a time when there were only two fashion magazines available in the Soviet Union. Having grown up sewing all of her own clothes, Sergeenko was always breaking fashion rules, and, after marrying a Russian billionaire, became a regular couture client of Valentino, Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel and Galliano, with each brand teaching her about the fashion industry. After many of her own customized creations, which came about after she collaborated with her favorite designers, experienced tremendous success when sold by these other brands, Sergeenko decided that it was time to launch her own label, and did exactly that in 2011 at the haute couture shows in Paris, receiving some extremely positive feedback.

Traditional Russian Craftsmanship
All of Ulyana Sergeenko’s designs are produced in Russia, by a team of 100 seamstresses employed by the brand. Using traditional Russian sewing techniques, the way in which each of the garments fits the body is, without a doubt, truly beautiful, and each piece is always impeccably crafted. Native handiwork is something that the brand always emphasizes, and, in their most recent collection, details such as the handmade lace and mosaic fur coats, which would have taken countless hours to piece together, are all a nod to the modest needlepoint techniques that used to be utilized in Soviet homes all over the country.

Fall/Winter 2016
Ulyana Sergeenko’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection was recently showcased at the Natural History Museum in Paris, with the collection being primarily¬†inspired by the Soviet Union in the 60’s, particularly when it came to technology and science. Focusing on the importance of idealism and never giving up on your dreams, the collection was extremely opulent, and even the more basic of looks featured incredibly luxurious details upon closer inspection. While the brand’s collections usually end up taking on quite a theatrical feel, this one took a step away from that, not only with its more subdued tone, but also with the daywear pieces that were featured on the runway. In addition to the brand’s signature fairytale-like dresses, the Fall/Winter 2016 collection also saw a number of wearable day items, from the professional tweed pants suit to the ribbed knit tights to the co-ed leather motorcycle jacket.

Having been around for nine seasons of Paris’ fashion calender, Ulyana Sergeenko’s collections have been inspired by everything from the Soviet-era architecture and apartments of St. Petersburg to the Orient Express, highlighting the diversity of Russian history. While a number of the brand’s couture pieces in the past would have been difficult to incorporate into the average wardrobe, Ulyana Sergeenko’s latest collection has addressed this, producing pieces that are professional and wearable, yet completely contemporary and avant-garde.


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