Elizabeth Taylor’s Style Legacy

Elizabeth Taylor

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

While Elizabeth Taylor may be remembered for a number of different reasons, her fashion choices over the years are still proving to be inspirational for today’s generation. As a woman that managed to redefine style all over the world, Elizabeth Taylor was a true fashion icon who has left behind a one-of-a-kind style legacy.

Risk Taking
Elizabeth Taylor was known for taking risks when it came to her style choices, wearing pieces that would not have been at all conventional during those time periods. It was in the early 1950’s, when Taylor was making the transition from child starlet to an adult actress, that she began donning a few strapless numbers, which, at the time, was quite unheard of, and had never even appeared on the big screen before. Needless to say, this was something that changed quite rapidly after Taylor’s style influence, and women all over the world began to show off their shoulders in sexy strapless numbers. Taylor was also the woman that brought popularity to the plunging neckline, but did this in a way that was not at all vulgar, showing off just the right amount of cleavage in sophisticated dresses.

Considered to be one of the grandest films ever made, Cleopatra starred Elizabeth Taylor, who kickstarted a number of trends after appearing in the movie, many of which are still standing strong today. From the stormy blue shades that were applied to her brow to the graphic eyeliner that stretched out from her eyes, all of these looks still feature heavily in stylish magazine spreads today.

White and Minimal
While Elizabeth Taylor may have been a big fan of sparkling diamonds, she also proved that minimal all-white looks could be just as glamorous. From a simple white slip to a curve-enhancing white swimsuit to tailored white dresses, Elizabeth Taylor showed women that style does not need to be all about sparkle. Rather than pairing these pieces with endless strands of jewelry, Taylor instead opted for statement lips and eyes, allowing her face and makeup to be the focal point of these outfits.

Showing Off Your Curves
Elizabeth Taylor had plenty of gorgeous curves and was never afraid to show these off. While her body may have been more shapely than other stars of that time, these curves are what helped Taylor to really stand out with her fashion choices, and experiment in ways that other women were not yet doing.

While Elizabeth Taylor may have been born in the UK, she exuded an aura that made her relatable to women all over the world. Voted as the most beautiful woman in the world in the 50’s, Taylor’s sense of personal style exploded after this, and she soon set new standards for what style really is. Even in Elizabeth Taylor’s last few years, when she suffered from a number of different health conditions and was confined to a wheelchair, Taylor still displayed the ultimate in style and fashion, cementing her reputation as one of the greatest style icons that the world has ever seen.


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