Styles from Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin Fashion Week

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From the 27th of June to the 1st of July, Fashion Week Berlin transformed the city, its streets filled with an abundance of style, creativity and personality. As always, this was an exciting time for the city, with industry experts flocking to Berlin to enjoy a first look of the latest creations from these talented German and international designers. From fashion presentations to runway shows to fashion talks and lectures, this twice-yearly event is one that is always highly anticipated.

Mexico Fashion Design Presentation
The Mexico Fashion Design Presentation was one of the events that kicked off this year’s Berlin Fashion Week, and featured a number of emerging Mexican designers. Kris Goyri is a designer that really stood out here, with his dresses falling beautifully around the female body. His designs make use of delicate fabrics, but embolden them with ruffles or pleats, perfectly positioned to enhance the female form.

Marc Cain
Marc Cain showcased his Spring/Summer 2017 collection at Berlin Fashion Week, and it was not just it’s “Happy Hour” title that put the audience into a holiday frame of mind. Cain’s collection seemed to be inspired by a tropical Caribbean island and featured palm tree prints, decorative design details, and vibrant, summery colors.

Fashion Week Berlin places a strong emphasis on sustainability and green fashion, and Umasan is a brand whose ethics fall perfectly in line with this. One of the brand’s founders studied under Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto, and has taken elements of this minimalist, Japanese aesthetic and brought it into their own brand. Umasan only makes use of high-tech, natural and completely vegan materials, and this was evident in the innovative fabrics used in their collection seen at Berlin Fashion Week, showcasing never-seen-before materials such as Japanese paper and eucalyptus.

Noteworthy Trends
It is always worth taking note of the key colors that were seen on the runways at any major fashion week, as these are likely to have a global influence in time, and there were a few standout shades seen at the recent Fashion Week Berlin. In addition to the dusty rose and gray shades that were seen, there were some bold colors too, that really promise to brighten up a wardrobe, from bright reds and yellows to true pinks to contrasting stripes. Another trend that was seen in an abundance was the concept of upcycling, with a number of different designers making use of recycled clothing or reusing certain materials. When it comes to footwear, platform slippers were quite prominent on the runways, and this is reminiscent of the many other slipper styles that have recently been seen on catwalks around the world.

Every fashion week around the world lets loose a stream of creativity into the fashion industry, influencing style habits all over the world. From the tropical collection of Marc Cain to the minimalism of Umasan, these were some of the hottest styles seen at Berlin Fashion Week, and it likely will not be long before you begin to see them at stores near you.


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