Ghostbusters Singapore

Ghostbusters sign

Faiz Zaki /

June 12th was an exciting evening for the city of Singapore, as the Ghostbusters red carpet première took place at Marina Bay Sands. Attended by director Paul Feig and star Melissa McCarthy, the event was a resounding success, and even managed to set a new Guinness World Record, while the looming clouds above that had threatened a downpour all afternoon held firm, keeping the crowd dry.

The Movie
The original Ghostbusters movie had its debut in 1984, with the supernatural horror comedy receiving critical and commercial success, before moving on to winning a number of different awards. More than three decades later, the popular film has been remade, but this time with a female-centric cast, a choice that many believe was quite daring. Starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones, the movie features some of the funniest stars in the industry today, and its exciting fresh take is all down to talented director Paul Feig. Feig himself is a huge fan of the original movie, but wanted to “reboot” it, creating a version that would appeal to the youth of today.

The Red Carpet
Red carpet events are always exciting, and this one was no exception. Melissa McCarthy has a huge following, and all of her Singapore fans turned up to greet the star on the red carpet. McCarthy herself spent a large amount of time taking selfies with her loyal fans, and chatting to those who were there in the hope of setting a new Guinness World Record. While McCarthy had only arrived in the city earlier that afternoon, she made it a point to visit some of Singapore’s famous street food stalls, and enjoyed sharing this experience with her local fans.

A New Guinness World Record
In honor of the movie’s premiere, Sony Pictures Entertainment organized for Ghostbusters fans to make their way into the Guinness Book of World Records, for the Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Ghost. 263 people, dressed in white onesies, wore Ghostbusters masks, and gathered together to set the new record, which was verified by an official Guinness World Records adjudicator who was present to witness the spectacle, a testament to just how far the franchise has come since it first began thirty years ago.

Green Skyline
Singapore’s buildings burst into color once the sun goes down, and, in celebration of the Ghostbusters première, there were some buildings that turned a ghostly green on the night of the 12th of June. The ArtScience Museum, in particular, is an iconic part of modern day Singapore’s skyline, and fans all over the country were excited to see it turn a ghoulish shade of green.

The new Ghostbusters movie will be hitting big screens in Singapore on the 14th of July, and promises to be a captivating new take on the original. With a cast that contains six Oscar nominees, the quality of acting is expected to be high, and, being the first new Ghostbusters movie in 27 years, both new and old fans are excitedly anticipating this film.


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