Spa Manicure Style


A manicure ensures that your nails and hands are at their healthiest, while giving your nails some extra character and personality too. For those of you who often find themselves slightly baffled at the extensive range of different manicures available on a spa treatment menu, these are some of the most stylish manicures that you can opt for.

Hot Stone Manicure
Similar to a hot stone massage but focusing on your hands, a hot stone manicure uses hot stone therapy to soothe and relax the hands. After this, your beautician will then proceed with the actual manicure, grooming your nails to perfection.

Paraffin manicure

Paraffin Manicure
A paraffin manicure makes use of the moisture that comes from paraffin wax, infusing this with the skin to leave your hands feeling super soft and supple. Some spas will make use of other oils along with the paraffin, which will bring along some extra benefits to your skin, depending on which oils are used. After this paraffin treatment, your beautician will then proceed on to beautifying your nails.

Mixed Metals Manicure
A manicure that features a combination of gun metal, gold and silver is the perfect balance of edgy and glamorous, and is a style that does not actually take too long to achieve. After the gun metal shades that are first applied, an adhesive will then be applied, onto which gold and silver foil will be layered.

Ombre manicure

Ombre Manicure
An ombre manicure features shades that subtly change with each nail, resulting in a gorgeous gradient across the hand. Your spa beautician will likely ask you to pick one or two main shades, from which they will then mix together five similar shades to create your custom gradient.

Pampering Manicure
Most spas will offer some form of an indulgent, pampering manicure, often combined with a stress relieving shoulder massage, and this is ideal if you are hoping for some extra relaxation along with your manicure. From an exfoliation session to a hand massage to a hand hydrating mask, your hands will have never looked better after a manicure like this!

Nail Art
Nail art is extremely popular right now, but you are likely to only find a select number of spas that offer it. Since the result of your nail art manicure depends largely on the talent of the artist carrying it out, it would be a good idea to research the spa beforehand, having a look at examples of nail art that they have created in the past. Whether you want something detailed and personal, or a simple and graphic pattern, have a good chat with the nail artist beforehand so that they know exactly what you have in mind.

There are so many different manicure styles out there, and if you usually opt for the same one, it is definitely worthwhile exploring all of your other options. From manicures that pamper your hands to others that result in one-of-a-kind art pieces displayed on your nails, these manicures not only give a boost of health to your hands, but also provide them with some extra individuality.


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